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December 06, 2017

The hunt for the next Erik Karlsson

Potential. Like a mining corporation on the lookout for the next great vein of minerals or an oil company scrambling to find another untapped oil well, NHL organizations crave potential. Potential in the form of an electric young player that will put fans in the seats, help the franchise win games and (hopefully) have a marketable personality. If you needed further proof of that, just look to what Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby has managed to do with their respective teams in the decade since they were drafted. On-ice success notwithstanding, both have managed to cement the impression of Washington and Pittsburgh as successful franchises who are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

The beauty of potential is that it can be anything. While Ovechkin has slowed down a bit and Crosby has been hampered by injuries from time to time, as prospects they both carried the potential to eclipse even the most untouchable records and achievements. That’s what makes potential so attractive to teams and fans alike, you can make up your own ending.

The raw, unfiltered potential that resides within a 13-year old kid dangling around opponents a few years older than him in a cold hockey barn located in the middle of no and where. The same potential you see in a video – captured by cell phone – of an effortless spin move made by a talented defender in a run-of-the-mill QMJHL game in November.

These days, you can’t throw a digital stone on Twitter without hitting a fan (or expert) anointing the most talented prospects the “next” something. And why not? As we established earlier, there is always the potential that someone could develop quicker, score more and ultimately surpass the stars of today. It doesn’t matter how big of a star we are talking about, teams are always looking for his successor.

Timothy Liljegren. Photo: Bildbyrån/Ludvig Thunman

Such is the case with the most talented offensive defenders to come out of Sweden in the past few drafts. Oliver Kylington, Timothy Liljegren and Rasmus Dahlin have all – at some point – been referred to as the next Erik Karlsson. All three were, and continue to be, hailed for their tremendous skating and offensive instincts with Kylington and Liljegren also appearing similar in stature to Karlsson (Dahlin has a larger frame) when they skated the puck up the ice.

While success in the top Swedish league (SHL) at a young age is no definitive marker of a player’s pedigree, it is worth noting that Karlsson played just seven games in the SHL as an under-18 player, scoring one goal, while Kylington, Liljegren and Dahlin were given the chance to play 40-60 games over the course of two full seasons. Karlsson went on to acclimatize himself incredibly fast in the NHL as a 19-year old and has continued to prove himself every season since, but when comparing under-18 players, the trio of millennials could all be considered more successful. The potential was there, wasn’t it?

Knowing what we know now: Kylington dropping from a predicted first-round pick to being picked last in the second round, Liljegren dropping out of Top-5 contention to 17th overall due to bouts with injuries and a nagging illness – perhaps it wasn’t fair to anoint these players the next anything and just leave them to develop their own style. Perhaps that could have unburdened them of the pressure that comes with the label of being the next all-time great. Neither Kylington nor Liljegren are considered busts by any stretch of the imagination but it is becoming safe to say that neither will surpass Karlsson in their careers.

No one can really predict what will become of Rasmus Dahlin but we are already hearing about him being referred to as the future of Swedish hockey, as having the skating and offense of Karlsson with the defense of Nicklas Lidström.

Everyone craves potential but it is easy to lose yourself in what can be, forgetting what is. Let us hope that Dahlin can handle the pressure that comes with being the “next Karlsson” because in a few years, you can be sure that some new prospect will come along and be hailed as the “next Dahlin”.

I look forward to watching Karlsson, Kylington, Liljegren and Dahlin make their mark on the NHL for the next decade.

Hampus Duvefelt

24 April, 2018

Adam Boqvist looking forward to his second NHL draft

Unlike most of his peers, Adam Boqvist went to the NHL Entry Draft one summer before it was his draft year. Not because he wanted to learn about the event, take...

23 April, 2018

PROSPECT REPORT: The Coyotes are better than they seem

It was another difficult season in the desert as the Coyotes finished with the worst record in the Western Conference. But, under the radar, Arizona had a solid...

23 April, 2018

Elias Pettersson – Swedish hockey’s new golden boy

The expectations were certainly high when Växjö Lakers signed Elias Pettersson to a three-year deal in early April last year. The young forward had just finishe...

18 April, 2018

The Playoff Report – which prospects are excelling in the postseason?

The old trusted adage that you need grit and experience to succeed in the playoffs is proving less and less true every day. Every day reports filter in from var...

13 April, 2018

Swedish prospect Filip Hållander to miss the World Juniors

Team Sweden will already be without first overall pick to be, Rasmus Dahlin, when the U18 World Championships starts in Russia next week. Unfortunately for the ...

11 April, 2018

“The Black Ace” – a badge of honor for an NHL prospect

As legend has it, the origins of the term Black Ace can be traced back centuries. 1876, to be specific. That is the year in which famous Old West lawman ?Wild B...

10 April, 2018

PROSPECT REPORT: The Sabres need to win the draft lottery

The Buffalo Sabres became the first team ever to finish 31st in the NHL this year.  For their struggles, the Sabres will have the highest odds at the draft lott...

09 April, 2018

Oilers prospects turning heads during Swedish playoffs

Edmonton Oilers’ fans didn’t have a whole lot to cheer about this season. Outside of Connor McDavid‘s second straight Art Ross Trophy, which i...

05 April, 2018

The next batch – rookies that could rule the NHL in 2019

The Calder Memorial Trophy of 2018 hasn?t even been handed out yet and still you want us to take a look at next year?s candidates? Really? Fair enough then, let...

03 April, 2018

Rasmus Dahlin shut down for the season: “I need to recover”

Rasmus Dahlin won’t play any more hockey this season. The 17 year-old defenseman, destined to go first overall at the NHL entry draft in Dallas in June, m...

01 April, 2018

Prospects get their shot with the Swedish national team

Several Swedish prospects will get their chance to don the yellow and blue jersey. On Sunday, four junior aged players were named to the Swedish national team t...

28 March, 2018

A class of their own – NHL rookies of 2018

Until Brock Boeser suffered a scary back injury at the beginning of March, the race for NHL rookie of the year was an exciting one. While still not completely s...

23 March, 2018

A Russian hero – Kaprizov had a knack for scoring big goals early

Some players look like they are going to be NHL superstars as soon as they are born. Many of the players in the NHL nowadays have hockey in their bloodlines and...

22 March, 2018

A Brit in the NHL draft – Liam Kirk is reaching for the dream

We’ve seen them show up every once in a while, players with a rather exotic background in terms of hockey culture. Their stories are often filled with sac...

20 March, 2018

Boqvist and Bouchard in tight race to follow Dahlin

While it would be a stretch to call the 2018 NHL entry draft a dull affair, we do have a pretty good idea of how it will start out. It?ll be Frölunda Indians de...

19 March, 2018

Report: Connor McDavid to play at the World Championships

His Edmonton Oilers won’t reach the Stanley Cup playoffs, but that doesn’t mean Connor McDavid‘s season is over once the NHL regular season is...

15 March, 2018

Despite playoff exit – Erik Brännström hopes his season isn’t over

March 14th is no date to end your hockey season. For Vegas Golden Knights’ prospect Erik Brännström, it’s way too early. The slick defensemen experi...

13 March, 2018

The best team in junior hockey right now

The Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds have lost seven games in regulation all season. Yes, you read that right. Seven losses in regulation, total. How many games they...

11 March, 2018

Expected trade gives undrafted Swedish prospect a better shot at the NHL

It was an unique situation. Sure, Victor Ejdsell had a great season, winning the  scoring title after piling up 57 points (25+32) with Bik Karlskoga. Still, the...

07 March, 2018

Vegas’ prospect pool deepens with breakout season from Nicolas Hague

Much has been said about Vegas Golden Knights? inaugural season, and deservedly so. The team everyone deemed unlikely to even make the playoffs currently leads ...

02 March, 2018

For Dominik Kahun, strong Olympic performance could present NHL opportunity

If you found yourself growing increasingly impressed by Germany while watching the Olympic Mens’ Ice Hockey tournament unfold, I got news for you: you wer...

28 February, 2018

Capitals’ goalie-of-the-future has his eyes set on the NHL

Goalies usually peak later than other players and, hence, drafting them can be a tougher task. One of the top goalies in the world, Sergei Bobrovski, was never ...

23 February, 2018

Is Filip Zadina the best forward in the 2018 NHL Draft?

You couldn?t help but notice him out there. Shift after shift, game after game. Wearing number 18 for the Czech Republic, there was never a moment where 18-year...

21 February, 2018

A beginner’s guide to prospect development in the United States

In what is now to be considered an article series, this second edition of ?Beginner?s guide? takes us to the United States where we take a look at how domestic ...

19 February, 2018

Maple Leafs’ Russian prospect looks ready for North America

When he was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs during the second day of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, Yegor Korshkov wasn?t keen on moving overseas yet: ?I wouldn?t...

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