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Mattias Tedenby

HV71 / SHL - 18/19
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  • Position
  • Height
    5'10" / 177 cm
  • Weight
    174 lbs / 79 kg
  • Shoots
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Tedenby’s game is all about speed. He is a smallish player at about 5’9, but compensates this by having high-class acceleration and top speed along with amazing balance. Furthermore, he is also known for his excellent technical skills and willingness to challenge his opponents. A very spectacular player when he stickhandles through traffic. Hockey sense is good and he also plays with grit and is not afraid to lay a hit, despite his physical shortcomings.

Offensively, he knows how to find the net and is a capable scorer, but also a fairly skilled playmaker. In his own end, Tedenby should work with his backchecking and defensive play overall, as he sometimes is too offensive minded. Also, his physical game would be improved even more if he added more muscles and strength.

Father: Robert Tedenby
Brothers: Jonatan Tedenby, Emanuel Tedenby
Cousin: Celine Tedenby

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