Sports Betting

Betting on sports has always been a hugely popular hobby for many people. With the transition to the online platform, sports betting has continued to increase in popularity simply because it's even easier to access than ever before. This pastime is now so popular that there are billions of dollars every year spent on betting on an ever-increasing range of sports. The fact that it's fun, potentially lucrative and, above all, accessible means that new players are joining all the time. Although not everyone is into sports, there are still many people who contribute to the sports betting scene's high levels of popularity. It's also easy to understand, does not need too much prior knowledge and can be played easily, thanks to the plethora of top sports betting sites that are available online.

However, if you want to be successful in making some money via sports betting, you will need tobrush up on your sports knowledge in order to be consistent in the winnings. It will also require asignificant amount of effort to succeed over a longer period of time rather than just making occasional flutters. For those just starting out, there's no need to worry about any of this; this is just something to ponder if you enjoy sports betting enough to continue. Over the course of this article, we'll cover a variety of important information that includes the essentials for getting started and whether sports betting is for you. Also, we will outline the step-by-step of how to get involved, along with some helpful tips to get you ahead from the get-go.

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Sports Betting Essentials

Though it is easy to begin sports betting, it's still gambling. Keep in mind that there is always an inherent risk. No matter how much knowledge you have in a specific sport, you are always putting your money at risk. It's also important to accept that as a beginner, you may lose at the start. With that in mind, it would be better not to assume that the instant you play, you can win. Itmay certainly not be a sure-fire way of making a quick buck or two, but sports betting is both exciting and entertaining. Betting on sports should be an enjoyable pastime, not something that would affect you negatively. Read more as we will continue to outline the potential risks and rewards so that you can decide if sports betting really is for you.

The obvious risk here is that you will be putting money on an event that can't really be predicted.It's all very well picking the favourite, but even that is never a guarantee of a win. This is because sporting events are notoriously hard to predict. In fact, it's actually common for the unlikely event to happen. But of course, that's part of what makes sports betting so enticing and exciting. Essentially, what we are trying to tell you is that there is no such thing as a safe bet, no matter what a sports betting site tells you. The bookies will always have the advantage over you as they set the odds. The way they set these is always going to be in their favour, making it a challenge to win big money over an extended period of time

It's also important to think about your mental health in terms of participating in sports betting. It can regularly elicit different emotions, particularly if you're in the middle of a losing streak. It can also become highly addictive, which you definitely have to avoid. Now, sports betting is a mix of the good and the bad, so here are some of the rewards you can get from it. Obviously, the biggest reward is winning money if you're successful. There's also the fact that sports are not based on random events. Having a good knowledge of the particular sport you are betting on willallow you to make much more accurate predictions, increasing your advantage of actually making some money on the sport. You will also need to understand the value and create a strategy if you plan to win over the long term.

Online Betting

So you've decided to continue with sports betting, but how do you go about doing it? As we mentioned, online sports betting has made everything that much easier. All you have to do is to choose a sports betting site, make an account and get started. However, we're going to backtrack a moment here and tell you how to pick the right site. You need to make sure that the site is reputable and secure. However, how do you do this when there are so many sites available? First, you'll need to check its license. For most online betting sites in Canada, you'll want to check if they're licensed with jurisdictions such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. These are the top two jurisdictions in the industry and offer the strictest regulations.

Next, you will want to see what the payment options are like. Check whether the casino is offering a variety of payment options all from reputable providers so that you know any transactions will occur in a safe and timely fashion. Make sure to check that your preferred payment option is available at your sports betting site of choice as this will make your life a littleeasier. Now that you know all your banking details will be safe, you can then focus on what the site actually offers. Picking one with a good welcome bonus is a great starting point, but you'll also need to make sure that the sport you want to bet on is actually featured on the site too. You can go even further into this by checking the markets available as well.

This leads us on to further sports betting basics. You need to get to know the different types of wagers that are available. There are spread bets, parlays, total bets, moneyline and more. Knowing the difference will help you potentially make money. You will also need to understand what odds mean and choose a site that displays them in a format that you understand. Knowing the odds will help you calculate the potential payouts from each bet. Then you'll need to pick the sport you're betting on. Generally, we'd assume you'd choose a sport that you already watch and have a good knowledge of. It can be more lucrative to specialize in a specific sport rather than playing a variety of sporting events. Finally, there are the different bookmakers. You can make bets in land-based shops, but in our opinion, online is the best way.

Betting odds

Let's take a closer look at those betting odds. If you plan on being a top-level sports bettor, it is crucial that you understand these odds. Simply put, odds are used to calculate how much money you are going to win back if your bet is successful. However, there is more to it. As we mentioned above, odds are displayed in various formats and also that the odds given are actually representations of the likelihood of that event happening. Odds are essentially a numbered prediction for that event to occur. This will also indicate if the potential bet you're going to make is a good value one. Knowing the betting odds is something you should always be thinking aboutas these odds are the way that bookmakers will make their money, too.

Here, we'll just cover a few of the basics. First, you'll need to understand some of the terms that are used — odds on means that you will win less than the amount you have placed as a stake. Odds against, on the other hand, means that you could win more than what you have staked. Both can offer a profit because you're initial bet will also be returned, but the odds against will be more lucrative. However, odds on are bets on the favourite, which are more likely to win. There are also the three formats - decimal, moneyline or fraction. Most commonly you'll see the decimal system used online - $100 bet at 1.50 will give you $150 in winnings. In fractions, 2/1 isan odds against, and 1/2 is odds on. Everyone has their preference though, so you have to find yours.

Online Betting Canada

For Canadian players looking to bet online, there are a number of options. Some really great online betting sites are available to you. There are also four main sports that are offered consistently; these include baseball, Canadian football, basketball and, most importantly, ice hockey. However, these aren't the only sports available with other options such as F1, boxing, college sports, golf, soccer, tennis and much more. Most sites will also have a comprehensive range of odds and betting lines that include things such as parlays, point spreads, totals and moneylines. Canadian players will also be able to access a range of markets for each of the sports, which means you will be able to have a range of different betting options rather than just betting on the winner of an event.

As we mentioned above, you should always check out a variety of different options when making the choice on which site to bet at. It is not just the security features such as payment options and licensing that are important, though. You'll also need to check if there's good customer support, whether the site is user-friendly, what currencies are available, the languages (maybe you want to use it in French) and any bonuses and promotions that may be available. Of course, you don't have to stick to any one site but can sign up to a few to see which you prefer. Following the rules we've already outlined can help you on your way. However, we will also give you a few of the top sites we think are great for Canadian players.

Betway is an exciting site for Canadian players that is explicitly aimed at football, hockey, baseball and basketball followers. The site offers numerous lines as well as live betting options and top of the line bonuses. is another stellar site offering a similar range of sporting options to Betway. Again, there's live betting options and a healthy helping of bonuses. Even better, this site also works on mobile devices so you can make bets on the go. LeoVegas Sportsbook is another great Canadian-oriented site to check out. It has a huge selection of different sporting events to choose from as well as a number of different lines. There are awesome welcome offers, a VIP program and the lure of free bets, keeping you coming back time and time again.

Tips for Online Sports Betting

One of the first things we're going to tell you here is that you should listen to what we have to say. We will continue offering advice, and if you really want to succeed in the world of online sports betting, you should always heed our advice. Don't just take bits and pieces. So, the first real tip that we are going to give you is that you need to set achievable objectives. For the most part, it's easy to win a couple or even a few bets made on sporting events, but being consistent at it is the key. This second part, where making money should be consistent, is the harder part. Beginners may more likely than most to lose money at the start, but remember that it is unavoidable when you're only starting.

Why does it happen? It is because people think that with their limited sports knowledge, they will still somehow be able to beat the bookies. It would be helpful if you know that you will needmore than just a little knowledge to get ahead. Setting a goal -- one that's realistic -- will save you from a lot of frustration down the line. In line with all of this, your first objective should be in improving your sports knowledge so that you can start the path to improvement. Once you have started learning more and improving, this is when you can start to implement more complexgoals. Arguably though, as a beginner, you should focus on just having fun and enjoying the ride rather than making this a complex money-making scheme from the outset.

Once you have brushed up on your specific sports knowledge, it's time to get to grips with the very basics of sports betting. If you understand the process, this will help you to make much more informed betting decisions. We touched upon this previously in the article, but these basics will include understanding the odds, the different types of sports bets, alternative forms of betting and how to place a bet at a bookie (online and offline). The next stage is to actually decide on a budget for betting and stick to it. This is possibly the most important tip, especially ifyou want to make this hobby or money-making activity last. The budget can be daily, weekly or monthly - whichever suits you, but it needs to be affordable and not dipped into for any reason.

More Sports Betting Tips

Being selective is another important aspect to think about. There may be many different sports options available to you, but this doesn't mean you should be dabbling in all of them. Each sport often has a number of leagues, tournaments or competitions on which you can bet as well as having all those different betting options available. Just because there are so many different options, it doesn't mean that you should actually be taking all of them. Being selective, not only on the sport but on the types of bets you make and which competitions you bet on, will allow youto focus your knowledge and therefore improve your ability to make accurate predictions. You can bet on a few different things, but we would advise you to keep these to a minimum to increase your chances of success.

Finally, betting online is far and away the best way to participate in sports betting. It's highly convenient, has all the sporting events, betting options and odds in one convenient place. Better yet, many of the online sites will have blogs, tip sections and more, all with the aim of providing you with up-to-date information about that particular event, team or sport. As we detailed earlier in the article, it can be hard knowing which betting site to choose, but check back with that section, follow those rules, and you won't go wrong. Moreover, check out the few sites we already recommended. That being said, you don't have to stick with just the one site. It's easy to sign up with a few different sites so that you can compare what you get from them.


And, there you have it. While this is a very brief overview of how to start online sports betting inCanada, you're definitely going to get the right idea. At the end of the day, though, your goal when you begin sports betting should not solely to make money. You can make money if you work hard at it, but it is a job and requires patience, time and dedication. Sports betting should befun, and remain fun for the entire time you are playing. Therefore, it's important to remember that sports are unpredictable; this is part of what makes sports betting fun. It is essential to remember to follow our guide on sports betting, find yourself a good sports betting site, and start placing bets. We hope that you have fun betting.