Andrei Parfenov a.k.a. "Andrei Parfyonov"

KRS Heilongjiang / MHL - 18/19

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    1-time U18 WJC Bronze Medal 1
Team Staff History
S Team League Role on Team Notes
2005-06 CSKA Moskva-2 Russia3 Asst. Coach
2006-07 CSKA Moskva-2 Russia3 Head Coach
2008-09 CSKA Moskva-2 Russia3 Head Coach
2009-10 CSKA-Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL Head Coach
Russia U16 (all) International-Jr Head Coach
2010-11 Khimik-SKA Novopolotsk Belarus Head Coach
Russia U18 WJC-18 Asst. Coach
2011-12 HK VMF St. Petersburg VHL Asst. Coach
Russia U18 WJC-18 Head Coach
2012-13 SMS I Sosnowiec Poland2 Coach
Poland U18 WJC-18 D1B Head Coach
Poland U20 WJC-20 D1B Head Coach
2013-14 Poland U18 WJC-18 D1B Head Coach
Poland U20 WJC-20 D1A Head Coach
2014-15 PPWSZ Podhale Nowy Targ Poland2 Coach
2017-18 Academy 1928 KTH Krynica Poland2 Head Coach
Academy 1928 KTH Krynica EUHL Head Coach
Podhale Nowy Targ Poland Asst. Coach From Feb. 11, replaced Marek Raczka, for Mar. 11
Podhale Nowy Targ Poland Head Coach From Mar. 11 replaced Aleksandrs Belavskis
2018-19 Polonia Bytom Poland Head Coach Hired Jul. 5, Fired Oct. 11, replaced by Sebastian Owczarek
KRS Heilongjiang MHL Head Coach
Career Highlights
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