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This is what you get with an EP Premium subscription

We strive to offer our Premium users unique and powerful tools that takes the website experience to another level. New features are added almost on a monthly basis. Below is a full list of features included in the EP Premium package.

Your Premium subscription (billed monthly) can be cancelled at anytime with a simple button click. No additional charges will occur if you cancel your membership and your subscription will remain active for the period you have already paid for. You can re-activate your expired subscription again at any time. You will receive a receipt for your transaction.

EP Verified +

Do you wish to improve your online presence at EliteProspects.com? Increase your search rank? Add a custom Premium layout and make your profile stand out to attract teams, scouts, coaches and schools? Check out this example profile! EP Verified alllows you to add bunch of additional information about yourself, including education records, fitness results, endorsements, referrals and much more. You can also allow people within the hockey industry to easily reach out to you, hopefully resulting in interesting career opportunities.

Assuming you have signed up for EP Premium, here is how you get started with your EP Verified profile:

1) Verify your profile here (it will be sent to EP staff for review, once approved proceed below)
2) Navigate to your player profile and press the ENTER EDIT MODE button.
3) Start entering your details!

Update Player Information +

Are our records out of date? Are the stats incorrect or missing? With the Update Profile feature we will review your update request within 24 hours and update accordingly.

Player Game Logs +

Follow your favorite players in the top leagues with our game logs. Get access to stats, shots, ice-time and more on game per game basis.

Player Pronounciations +

We have several thousand player pronounciations recorded by native speakers. Impress your friends or make sure you do not butcher the names during a broadcast.

Premium Support +

Have any questions, ideas or any other type of concerns? With an EP Premium account we will get back to you within 24 hours and assist you the best way we can.

Player Agency Information +

Our unique agency records allows you to see by which agency a player is signed and how to get in touch with the agents in question. A valuable tool for teams or journalists.

Player Tracker - Daily Tracking +

Access to daily statistical updates on your favorite players. Using advanced filters and predefined lists, you can follow your team's players or prospect or even find all recent hat-trick scorers across the world.

My Roster +

Create your own custom team roster with your favorite players. You are free to share the roster online or embed it on your your website or blog.

My Line-Up +

Create your own custom line-ups consisting of your favorite players. Keep them for yourself or share and embed them online. Why not use the feature as a way to present the line-ups before a game?

Disable Widgets +

For a more clean and custom design at EP, you can customize your user experience by disabling various widgets and features on the website.

Stats Card +

With the help of the EP player profile and stats you can generate a graphical stats card, which you may share online.

Player/Staff Commenting +

Want to add some interesting trivia to a player profile? Maybe post your own scouting report? Using this feature you can publish comments under your name at the bottom of each player profile.

Custom Player Stats Table +

If you are not a fan of the standard color coding on the important player stats table, you can choose from three different layouts including a dark theme.

Advanced Search Filters +

Our advanced player search is already quite powerful, but with EP Premium you can add addtional filters such as list players based on nation, international or league experience.

Coaches Played For +

When browsing player stats, you can press the Coaches Played For tab and receive an overview listing the coaches a specific player had during his/hers career.

EP Shop Discounts +

Need hockey gear? With an EP Premium Subscription you receive unique monthly deals and 10-20% off if your order from our EP Shop

Bookmark Players +

Build your own custom shortlist of players for scouting, fantasy or other purposes and follow their statistical progress throughout the season.

Access to EPRinkside.com +

EPRinkside.com is the editorial website, and scouting outlet, of EliteProspects.com. You will find unique articles, interviews, draft rankings and much more from respected writers and scouts.

Submit Profile Photos +

Does your profile lack a photo? Submit a photo with ease using a web form and we will upload it within 48 hours. Just remember to obtain permission from the photographer/owner.

No Ads or Banners +

With an EP Premium account all of our banners and ads scripts are disabled. This results in a faster and much cleaner website experience.

Free Agency Information +

Our unique Free Agency lists are one of a kind. With EP Premium you can access complete free agency lists from the major leagues across the world. There's not a better tool out there for a GM.

Transaction Notifications +

Always want to be updated on what's happening around the hockey world? You can choose to receive notifications via email or text from your favorite leagues or teams.

Player Tracker - Aggregate Tracking +

Unique statistical summaries of your favorite players. For example; top scorers in a league during a specific time period or month, or the top scorers in the last X amount of games.

Annual NHL Entry Draft Guide +

Access to our very comprehensive and detailed NHL Draft Guide. Released annually a few weeks ahead of the draft and includes detailed scouting reports and prospect rankings.

Advanced Stats Filters +

Want to be able to filter unique stats that are impossible to find elsewhere on the web? Our Advanced Stats Filters got you covered. In this example we are listing All-Time NHL Totals for defensemen that previously played NCAA hockey and scored at least 100 goals in the NHL.

Add Player/Staff +

Do you currently lack a player or staff profile on eliteprospects.com? Add yourself or your relatives to the Elite Prospects database.

Player Connections +

Access to the unique Player Connections table available on all player pages. You can find out the most common teammates for all players throughout their careers.

Export Profiles to PDF/Excel +

With EP Premium you are able export player profiles and stats to either PDF or Excel format.

Consolidated NHL Draft Ranking +

Probably the best and most accurate NHL Draft ranking you will find, available in our draft center. This is an aggregate ranking where we have calculated the average rank for each player based on data from major scouting outlets.

Custom Left Menu +

Many use our left menu for navigational purposes. With EP Premium you can specify which teams and leagues that should be linked in the left menu.

Custom Transactions on Startpage +

We post several thousand hockey transactions each month on our startpage. Many of these may not be of interest to you. With EP Premium you can specify the exact leagues and teams to show transactions from.

Per Game Average Stats Table +

An optional view of the player stats table is available for Premium users. The per game average table allows you to view and compare a player's seasons on per game average.