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About Elite Prospects

Online since 1999, Elite Prospects is a statistical hockey resource serving roughly 1.2 million unique visitors per week. We want to offer our visitors the most informative hockey player database on the web and be the fastest and most reliable transaction tracker/ticker available.

Elite Prospects is a registred publisher with a Swedish publishing certificate. Elite Prospects is protected under Swedish law. Publisher is Everysport AB and legaly responsible publisher is Johan Nilsson. Elite Prospects is a part of Everysport Media Group.

We have offices in Växjö (main office), Stockholm and Malmö. The website crew includes a team of programmers, sales personnel and close to 100 very dedicated volunteers. For any additional information, advertisement or business/partnership inquiries etc. use the contact form link below. Note that EP Premium is required for any type of profile related updates.

Elite Prospects Contact Form

Johan Nilsson Founder, Business Manager, Developer
Peter Sibner CEO, Digital Manager
Rasmus Hult Head of CRM and Digital Marketing
Tomas Marklund Head of Ad Operations
Robert Love Sales and Business Development
Eric Frånlund Project Manager
Mattias Eriksson Senior Developer
Markus Hedlund Interaction Designer
Sean Lopes Australian hockey
Armin Biedermann Austrian hockey + transfers
Daniel Hofer Austrian lower leagues
Alexander Sechko Belarus updates
Momchil Krastev Bulgarian updates
Simon Bélanger LNAH updates
James Blocher General North American stats updates
Lucas Cundari NAHL, NA hockey in general
Jeff Desbiens General updates, focus on Quebec leagues
Curtis Joe Prospect related updates, scouting reports
Mathieu Lapointe North American updates
Guillaume Légaré North American transactions
Tyler Parchem OHL and surrounding Jr. A, Jr. B, Jr. C leagues
Steve Sheppard NHL and general updates in NA
Scott Sutherland NA hockey in general
Grant Trayner NOJHL, OHL updates
Steven Wills Asian league updates
Brian Wiebe BCHL updates
Kresimir Biskup Croatia and KHL related updates
Jan Jech Czech related updates
Robert Mic Czech Extraliga updates
Daniel Pochman Czech lower league updates
Ahti-Kullervo Jõgi Estonian hockey in general
Tom Henriksson Finnish hockey in general and other updates
Mika Honkanen Finnish hockey in general and other updates
Henri Kukkola Liiga and Finnish hockey in general
Daniel Mononen Finnish junior hockey
Sami Pyyhtiä Finnish hockey in general and other updates
Tuomas Riikonen Finnish junior hockey
Timo Savela Finnish hockey in general and other updates
Matias Strozyk Finnish hockey in general and player profiles in English
Jarno Tuokkola Finnish Women's Hockey
Jussi Viuhko Finnish lower leagues
Mikko von Hertzen Finnish hockey in general and other updates
Philippe Biller French hockey in general. Editor for the website
Sébastien Fleurance British hockey in general
Thomas Kromwell French league updates
Alex Mondin French hockey in general
Pierre Roussel French hockey in general
Chris Bendel German hockey in general
Nils Kloppmann German hockey in general
Birgit Lang German hockey in general
Chris D. Schuster German hockey in general
Szabi Zavodszky Hungarian updates
Philipp Hofer Italian hockey updates
Marco Pedrotti Italian hockey updates
Francesco Sosio Italian hockey updates
Janis Berzins Latvian hockey in general
Uldis Ozols Latvian/Ukranian/Kazak updates
Roberts Stanis KHL updates
Marius Grenaker Norwegian hockey in general
John Morken Get Ligaen updates
Adam Piernik Polish hockey + transfers
Kirill Bystrov Russian updates
Stepan Kazimirov Russian updates, women's hockey
Alexander Mukhin Soviet and Russian historical updates
Alex Smirnov Russian updates
Vladimir Kubik Slovakian updates
Rastislav Novak Slovakian updates
Miroslav Simurka Slovakian updates
David Sangho Asian/Korean hockey in general
Mats Bekkevold Women's hockey
Geibert Bengtsson General updates and former players
Olof Erikzon Swedish history, Rögle BK focus
Robin Ericsson Division 1 updates
Gert Forsberg General roster updates in Sweden
Robin Forssen Women's hockey
Adam Göransson Project Manager Women's Hockey
Rikard Hanson Photo upload and lower Swedish divisions
Simon Henriksson Division 1 updates
Staffan Hesselbäck Swedish lower divisions and retired players
William Högberg North American updates
Ludvig Motéus Swedish junior leagues
Johan Nilsson General updates
Pontus Nähr NHL updates
Erik Ohlsson General updates
Richard Ohlsson Lower Swedish divisions
Erik K. Piri Former NHL players +general updates
Emanuel Ragnar Lower Swedish divisions
Mats Tjernström General roster updates +transfers
Daniel Trapp Rosters and stats updates in North America + transfers
Anton Wännström General updates Europe and Internationally
Erik Åström Historical Swedish stats
Rafik Soliman General Swiss updates+junior league updates
Reto Grimm Switzerland historical stats
Cedric Martin NLA transfers and statistics
Michael Roth Swiss lower league updates
Michael Stark Swiss hockey in general
Mara Reynolds Various U.K. related updates
Andrey Basevich KHL/Ukraine related updates
Nate Drummond Covers several US & Canadian junior leagues.
Runs the NHL video game site
Joey Eben USPHL updates
John Goegel USHL and NCAA stats and updates
Ryan Groth AHL updates
Kevin Hartley ECHL updates
Jeremy Kohlman North American updates
Beau Marchwick USPHL and USHS updates
Vincent Pietrangelo North American updates
Brett Zenobi North American historical stats
Elin Granebrandt Takes pictures from Swedish junior hockey
Jonathan Persson Takes pictures from Swedish junior hockey
Mats Tjernström Takes pictures from Division 1
Christian Wahlgren Takes pictures from Swedish junior hockey, HockeyAllsvenskan, HockeyEttan
Peter Eggimann Takes pictures from NL and SL
Timo Savela Takes pictures from Liiga and Mestis. EP photo admin
Birgit Lang Takes pictures from Germany
Johann Pittner Takes pictures from Austria/IceHL
Andrew Fielder Takes pictures from the ECHL
Dan Hickling Takes pictures from various North American leagues
Margaret Hickling Takes pictures from various North American leagues
Doug Westcott Takes pictures from the WHL
Carola F. Semino Takes pictures from Italy, International tournaments and club tournaments
Fiorenza Zanchin Takes pictures from Italy and Switzerland
Marc Andersen Takes pictures from Denmark.Runs 
Signe Lorenzen Takes pictures from Denmark.
Daniel André Stentz Takes pictures from Denmark.
Robert Hradil Takes pictures from the NLA, NLB
Mark Tredgold Takes pictures from the U.K. Runs the website
Andrey Basevich Takes pictures from the KHL