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Why do I have to pay for EP Premium?

You don’t have to pay. Eliteprospects.com will still function pretty much the same. But if you’re a frequent visitor to our website or if you use Eliteprospects for professional purposes, you’re in for a much better, faster and significantly more powerful user experience. By supporting our Premium service, you will also help support development of a number of new features as well as our editorial coverage.

Why do I have to login?

You don’t have to login. But doing so (for free, we might add) will unlock a few valuable features, such as bookmarking players and the ability to contact players, staff and other users. By having our users log in, we can increase communication with our core audience and develop new and better features. You will also be able to receive hockey related perks and great offers from our sponsors and partners, thus help us increase revenue while maintaining ad relevancy. This will lead to less intrusive ad formats.

Why should I pay more than list price for EP Premium?

You don’t have to. Rather than locking our most advanced functions behind higher levels of a paywall, we want to give all our dedicated users access to all Premium functions at once. However, development of new features cost money and we appreciate all donations that will help us serve you even better. Oh, and you’ll also have some bragging rights when you comment on players or interact with other users.

How long do I have to sign up for?

Minimum purchase is one month. We of course hope you will appreciate our Premium service and keep your subscription throughout the season, but you are of course free to cancel your subscription at any time.