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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I update my player/staff profile?

    If you need a fast profile update, please use the "Update Profile" button available on each specific player or staff page. This is a Premium feature with the guarantee that we will review your update request within 24 hours, often within hours or minutes. You may use the form below on this page as well, but with 500 incoming emails per day, we cannot guarantee that we will manage to go through your request and a potential update may take up to a week or two.

  • How do I upload a photo?
    1. Make sure you have the photographer's permission to use the photo at Elite Prospects.
    2. Attach the photo in an email to , state how the photographer wishes to be credited.

    We will ignore all emails where the photographer's/owner's name is not mentioned and if you do not confirm that you have been granted permission to have the photo uploaded on EP.

  • Can you UPDATE my stats during the ongoing season?

    If they are not already updated, it means we do not have time or staff members assigned to that league. In these cases, we will update the stats after the season is over.

  • Can you CORRECT my previous stats?

    Yes, select the proper contact option below, fill out the form and please provide a source (URL) so we can confirm your stats.

  • Can you REMOVE my previous stats?

    No, we will never EVER remove or manipulate your stats. Our numbers are gathered from official sources (league websites, team websites) and we will not alter these unless the league/team also updates their corresponding numbers.

  • Can you DELETE my profile?

    Our policy is to never delete or manipulate any kind of data. This includes stats, official player statistics and historical records stored in our database. Thus, if you are an active or former hockey player, we will not erase your official records. We operate under Swedish law with a publishing certificate issued in Sweden. This means that our Internet publication is covered by freedom of the press, regulated in the Swedish constitution, which has priority over the GDPR regulation. If you wish for your information not to be picked up by search engines, please use the tools and processes provided by the search engines in question.

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