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Wichita Thunder

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2023-2024 Wichita Thunder Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
USA flag
291994St. Charles, MO, USA6'2"212L23/24
USA flag
261997St. Petersburg, FL, USA6'3"198LLoan
USA flag
271997Lockport, NY, USA6'2"185L23/24
Canada flag
261998Woodbridge, ON, CAN5'11"172R23/24
USA flag
251998Farmington, MN, USA6'3"216L23/24
Canada flag
241999Kelowna, BC, CAN6'0"201R23/24
USA flag
271996Grayslake, IL, USA6'1"196L23/24
USA flag
251999Phoenix, AZ, USA6'5"214L23/24
Canada flag
222002Saskatoon, SK, CAN5'8"179L24/25
Canada flag
261997Head Chezzetcook, NS, CAN6'0"194L23/24
USA flag
301993St. Paul, MN, USA6'6"231L23/24
USA flag
261997Tecumseh, KS, USA5'9"170R23/24
USA flag
232000Big Rapids, MI, USA6'3"212L23/24
USA flag
251999Rosemont, IL, USA5'10"174R23/24
Canada flag
261998Toronto, ON, CAN6'2"201R23/24
USA flag
261997Trenton, MI, USA5'11"183R23/24
Canada flag
222001Peterborough, ON, CAN6'0"194R24/25
Czechia flag
241999Decin, CZE5'11"194L23/24
USA flag
271996St. Paul, MN, USA5'10"170L23/24
Canada flag
251998Lloydminster, AB, CAN5'9"172R23/24
USA flag
251999Bakersfield, CA, USA5'11"172L23/24

2023-2024 Wichita Thunder Staff

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Wichita Thunder Facts

Plays inECHL
Team colorsBlue + Black + White

2023-2024 Wichita Thunder Roster Facts

  • USA flag13 players
  • Canada flag7 players
  • Czechia flag1 player
ExperienceAffiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena NameIntrust Bank Arena
LocationWichita, KS, USA
Capacity13 450
Construction Year2010
A photo of arena: Intrust Bank Arena

Wichita Thunder Games

2024-03-06 Thu, 07 Mar 2024 01:05:00 GMT-ECHL
2024-03-03 Sun, 03 Mar 2024 20:10:00 GMT4 - 3ECHL
2024-03-02 Sun, 03 Mar 2024 01:05:00 GMT4 - 8ECHL
2024-03-01 Sat, 02 Mar 2024 01:35:00 GMT5 - 4 (SO 65:00)ECHL
2024-02-24 Sun, 25 Feb 2024 00:00:00 GMT3 - 4 (OT 62:43)ECHL
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Wichita Thunder History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024ECHL551928--8168224460.846-Group info
2022-2023ECHL723332--7227238731.015Did not make playoffsGroup info
2021-2022ECHL722736--9202258630.887Did not make playoffsGroup info
2020-2021ECHL714122--8218190901.272Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2019-2020ECHL622430--8181233560.96Playoffs CancelledGroup info
2018-2019ECHL722931--12224251700.975Did not make playoffsGroup info
2017-2018ECHL723430--8222235761.064Division Semifinal lossGroup info
2016-2017ECHL722144--7189278490.687Did not make playoffsGroup info
2015-2016ECHL721841--13150240490.684Did not make playoffsGroup info
2014-2015ECHL723231--9213240731.015Did not make playoffsGroup info
2013-2014CHL662730--9201223630.959Did not make playoffs
2012-2013CHL663919--8240182861.32Final loss
2011-2012CHL664419--3231181911.381Final lossGroup info
2010-2011CHL663426--6249231741.125Conference QF lossGroup info
2009-2010CHL64950--5128257230.367Did not make playoffsGroup info
2008-2009CHL642041--3168230430.678Did not make playoffsGroup info
2007-2008CHL642042--2156247420.669Did not make playoffsGroup info
2006-2007CHL642828--81912136413Conference QF lossGroup info
2005-2006CHL643818--8233200841.312Conference SF lossGroup info
2004-2005CHL604017--3210158831.382Conference Final lossGroup info
2003-2004CHL643524--5194197751.172Semifinal lossGroup info
2002-2003CHL642136--7216261490.774Did not make playoffsGroup info
2001-2002CHL642434--6203262540.843Did not make playoffsGroup info
2000-2001CHL703032--8251251680.975Did not make playoffsGroup info
1999-2000CHL703726--7245231811.164Quarterfinal lossGroup info
1998-1999CHL703426--10257262781.113Quarterfinal lossGroup info
1997-1998CHL703531--4302303741.063Final lossGroup info
1996-1997CHL662531--10279324600.914Semifinal lossGroup info
1995-1996CHL642239--3270380470.736Did not make playoffs

Wichita Thunder Stars And Cult Players

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'0"192 lbs25.52
2022-2023View roster6'1"194 lbs25.45
2021-2022View roster6'1"192 lbs25.10
2020-2021View roster6'0"192 lbs25.70
2019-2020View roster6'1"194 lbs25.74
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