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NHL Mock Draft 2024: Lottery Picks

10 May 2024

The 2024 NHL Draft Lottery lacked movement for the first time since 2010, with all teams picking in the same order as their regular season finishes, allowing the San Jose Sharks the first pick to select Macklin Celebrini. 

Despite this static start, the draft promises plenty of surprises, with the second pick and beyond highly unpredictable, featuring a wide array of potential choices. This unpredictability enriches the intrigue of our mock draft of the first 16 picks. Notably, this draft also marks the first time Utah will make a selection, adding a significant moment for the new team to establish its roster.

The 2024 NHL Mock Draft:

Elite Prospects Director of Film Scouting, Cam Robinson, has produced the 2024 NHL Mock Draft for the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, providing detailed insights and reasoning behind each mock draft pick. This page offers a concise summarization of the first 16 picks as projected by the mock draft.

1. San Jose Sharks - Macklin Celebrini, C, Boston University (NCAA)

Celebrini is a top-tier, well-rounded center with a strong offensive and defensive game, fitting perfectly as the Sharks' future number one center.

2. Chicago Blackhawks - Artyom Levshunov, D, Michigan State (NCAA)

Levshunov, a mature and mobile two-way defender, is seen as the best defenseman available, filling a crucial role for the Blackhawks.

3. Anaheim Ducks - Ivan Demidov, RW, SKA St Petersburg (MHL)

Demidov combines elite hands and a powerful shot, potentially becoming the draft's most dynamic offensive player.

4. Columbus Blue Jackets - Cayden Lindstrom, C, Medicine Hat (WHL)

Despite an injury-shortened season, Lindstrom's high-end hockey sense and skills suggest he could form a formidable duo with Adam Fantilli for the Blue Jackets.

5. Montréal Canadiens - Tij Iginla, W, Kelowna (WHL)

Iginla is a high-energy winger with a great shot and defensive potential, adding a top offensive talent to the Canadiens' pipeline.

6. Utah - Zayne Parekh, D, Saginaw (OHL)

Parekh, a highly productive defenseman in the OHL, is selected to bolster Utah's defensive corps with his offensive capabilities and improving defensive work.

7. Ottawa Senators - Berkly Catton, C, Spokane (WHL)

Catton is chosen for his explosive offensive skills and potential as a first-line player, despite some concerns about his ability to play center at the NHL level.

8. Seattle Kraken - Sam Dickinson, D, London Knights (OHL)

Dickinson is expected to be a future top-pairing defender, noted for his impressive point production and solid defensive play in the OHL.

9. Calgary Flames - Zeev Buium, D, Denver (NCAA)

Buium, who produced points at an impressive rate, is seen as a versatile defender who will play in all situations for the Flames.

10. New Jersey Devils - Anton Silayev, D, Torpedo (KHL)

At 6-foot-7, Silayev brings immense size and skating ability, expected to be a significant defensive presence for the Devils.

11. Buffalo Sabres - Cole Eiserman, W, USNTDP (USHL)

Eiserman, the most decorated scorer in USNTDP history, is predicted to be a prolific goal scorer in the NHL.

12. Philadelphia Flyers - Konsta Helenius, C, (Liiga)

Helenius, known for his attention to detail and smart play, is selected for his potential as a highly useful two-way center.

13. Minnesota Wild - Michael Brandsegg-Nygård, C, Mora (HockeyAllsvenskan)

Brandsegg-Nygård is viewed as a NHL-ready, two-way center who could fill a long-term top-six role for the Wild.

14. San Jose Sharks (from Pittsburgh Penguins) - Beckett Sennecke, RW, Oshawa (OHL)

Sennecke, known for his playmaking and performance in the OHL playoffs, is picked for his offensive potential.

15. Detroit Red Wings - Liam Greentree, RW, Windsor (OHL)

Greentree is chosen for his exceptional skill set, with the potential to significantly contribute to the Red Wings' rebuilding efforts.

16. St Louis Blues - Carter Yakemchuk, D, Calgary (WHL)

Yakemchuk, a strong and skilled defender, is seen as a future cornerstone for the Blues' defense.


Thank you for exploring our 2024 NHL Mock Draft. We appreciate your interest and are just as excited as you to see how these predictions unfold during the actual draft. Stay tuned, and let’s see how these talented young players begin their promising NHL careers!