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2024-2025 HC Bolzano Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Canada flag
261998Alma, QC, CAN6'0"185L24/25
Italy flag
301993Bolzano, ITA6'1"185L24/25
Canada flag
271997Longueuil, QC, CAN6'1"198L24/25
Italy flagCanada flag
281996Mississauga, ON, CAN6'2"203R24/25
Italy flag
321991Padova, ITA6'0"183L24/25
Italy flagCanada flag
321992Ottawa, ON, CAN6'1"194R24/25
Italy flagGermany flag
251999Bolzano, ITA6'1"207L24/25
Canada flagItaly flag
271997Vancouver, BC, CAN6'0"190R24/25
Italy flag
222002Bolzano, ITA6'2"176L24/25
Canada flag
281996Hamilton, ON, CAN6'0"194L24/25
Italy flagCanada flag
261998Guelph, ON, CAN6'0"207R24/25
Italy flag
301994Merano, ITA6'2"198L24/25
Italy flag
311993Moncalieri, ITA6'0"198L24/25
Italy flagUSA flag
351988Novi, MI, USA5'8"163R24/25
Canada flag
331991Waterloo, ON, CAN5'10"187L24/25
Italy flagCanada flag
261997Thornhill, ON, CAN5'9"170L24/25
Italy flag
291994Trento, ITA6'2"203L24/25
Canada flag
301993Stratford, ON, CAN5'11"174R24/25
Italy flagCanada flag
261998Windsor, ON, CAN5'11"181L24/25

2024-2025 HC Bolzano Staff

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2024-2025 HC Bolzano Demographics

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HC Bolzano Facts

Plays in
win2day ICE Hockey League
Team Colors
Red + White
Bolzano, ITAMap

2024-2025 HC Bolzano Roster Facts

  • Italy flag13 players
  • Canada flag6 players
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Sparkasse Arenainformation
Bolzano, ITA
7 200
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Sparkasse Arena

HC Bolzano Games

date home visiting score league
09/20/2024 05:45 PM UTCHC BolzanoHC BolzanoBlack Wings LinzBlack Wings Linz-ICEHL
04/02/2024 05:30 PM UTCEC SalzburgEC SalzburgHC BolzanoHC Bolzano3 - 2 (OT 61:59)ICEHL
03/30/2024 05:00 PM UTCHC BolzanoHC BolzanoEC SalzburgEC Salzburg1 - 4 ICEHL
03/28/2024 06:30 PM UTCEC SalzburgEC SalzburgHC BolzanoHC Bolzano2 - 3 ICEHL
03/26/2024 06:45 PM UTCHC BolzanoHC BolzanoEC SalzburgEC Salzburg3 - 2 ICEHL
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HC Bolzano History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024ICEHL000-00000-9Semifinal loss
2022-2023ICEHL483211-501751051062.211Final loss
2021-2022ICEHL461919-44125143691.59Eighth Final Loss
2020-2021ICEHL843-102723182.251Final lossGroup info
ICEHL40238-4512878822.051-Group info
2019-2020EBEL871-002711212.631Playoffs CancelledGroup infoInfo
EBEL401815-5211896661.655-Group info
2018-2019EBEL1027-01254070.76Quarterfinal lossGroup info
EBEL442214-26131108761.735-Group info
2017-2018EBEL1053-203116212.12ChampionGroup infoInfo
EBEL441520-45124125581.329-Group info
2016-2017EBEL1028-00285070.76Semifinal lossGroup infoInfo
EBEL442213-36137118781.774-Group info
2015-2016EBEL1044-203832161.64Quarterfinal lossGroup info
EBEL442015-45120111731.665-Group info
2014-2015EBEL1062-113725191.91Quarterfinal lossGroup infoInfo
EBEL441621-521191224417-Group info
2013-2014EBEL1043-212722141.42ChampionGroup infoInfo
EBEL442412-17135126571.34-Group info
2012-2013Italy442612-3314688491.113Quarterfinal lossInfo
2010-2011Italy402211-3413994761.93Semifinal loss
2009-2010Italy401914-52127110691.734Semifinal loss
2006-2007Italy321985--135109431.341Quarterfinal loss
2005-2006Italy42151710--115110400.956Qualification loss
2004-2005Italy3620115--141101451.254Semifinal loss
2003-2004Italy422697--15179651.553Quarterfinal lossInfo

HC Bolzano Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024Champions HL605-0172610.1722Did not make playoffs
2021-2022Champions HL642-122013132.172Eighth Final LossGroup info
2018-2019Champions HL622-202016101.672Eighth Final LossGroup info
2014-2015Champions HL633-00122291.53Did not make playoffsGroup info
2012-2013Cont Cup302-0111010.334Final groupGroup info
Cont Cup320-108482.671PromotedGroup info
Italian Supercup100-1043221Champion
2011-2012Italian Cup210-0144422Final loss
2010-2011Italian Cup101-0025003Semifinal loss
2009-2010Italian Cup320-0115772.333Semifinal loss
Cont Cup320-0113672.332-Group info
Italian Supercup101-0015002Final loss
2008-2009Italian Cup440-001571231Champion
Cont Cup321-00139623Final groupGroup info
Cont Cup330-00104931PromotedGroup info
Italian Supercup110-0063331Champion
2007-2008Italian Cup211-006631.57Quarterfinal loss
Italian Supercup110-0010331Champion
2006-2007Italian Cup320-108582.671ChampionGroup info
2004-2005Italian Cup211-004531.52Final loss
Italian Supercup110-0053331Champion
2003-2004Italian Cup220-0085631Champion
2001-2002Italian Cup101-0015004Semifinal loss
2000-2001Italian Cup101-0047004Semifinal loss
1998-1999Euro HL615-00142530.54Did not make playoffsGroup info
1997-1998Euro HL605-10112920.334Did not make playoffsGroup info
1995-1996European Cup3210--18741.333-Group info
1990-1991European Cup3102--161341.332-Group info
1988-1989European Cup3120--91520.673-Group info
1985-1986European Cup4220--2524--8Semifinal lossGroup info

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