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EP Connect

Elite Prospects is proud to present EP Connect - a brand-new career network for hockey players, coaches and staff. Check out all the exciting features under the EP Connect tab!

EP Connect


Pick your role below and we will tell you more about how to use EP Connect.

Player +

Creating and maintaining a strong EP Connect profile offers a long list of benefits for active hockey players looking to advance their careers. With EP Connect, you can now add a number of new categories of information to you Elite Prospects profile.


Creating a custom video and photo gallery allows for personalization of your EP profile and better promotion of your skills.

Linking your profile to social media accounts and providing EP users with contact information allows teams and friends to connect with you and follow your career, as well as potentially getting you more followers.

Submitting information about your style of play, education level, fitness results, equipment preferences, and injury history will make sure your hockey career is well-documented and visible to teams, coaches and other EP users, with increased transparency.

EP Connect lets you publicly endorse friends and teammates for skills and qualities, as well as getting endorsements back. It also allows you to submit referrals from coaches, scouts or teammates to strengthen your online presence.

Being able to connect and interact with other EP Connect users will build up and strengthen your personal network.

Get Started

In order to set up your Connect profile, three things are necessary. Bear with us here; this is a quick, simple process.

  1. A valid EliteProspects Premium subscription. For only $9/€9 a month, you gain access to a list of features numbered in the dozens. Click here to sign up for Premium.
  2. A public player or staff profile on Are you already on EP? Great, move on to step No. 3. If not – click here to ask to be added.
  3. Get verified to link your Premium account to your player profile. This is a straightforward process, necessary for upholding the security and integrity of the platform. Click here to get verified!

For suggestions on how to set up your profile and get the most possible out of your EP Connect page, check out our good friend Johnny Hockey

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Team Staff +

EP Connect will provide your team’s Front Office with a great tool to help you make better decisions when recruiting players or coaches.

Finding, tracking, and scouting players is an easier process when you have access to more information about every player. Along with other EP Premium features such as advanced search and Custom Rosters, your talent management will gain a competitive advantage.

EP Connect allows you to interact with and contact players, coaches or staff who could be of interest to available positions in your organization.

EP Connect will provide you with contact info to a player’s agent or representative.

As an active staff member of a team (coach, trainer, scout, analyst etc), you will be able to create your own EP Connect profile to help promote your own career and expand your network.

For suggestions on how to set up your profile and get the most possible out of your EP Connect page, check out our good friend Johnny Hockey

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Agent +

As a player agent or agency representative, EP Connect will allow you to create and manage EP Connect profiles for all the players you represent through our Agency License.

Make sure your players and coaches are always promoted in the best possible, transparent fashion on Elite Prospects by continuously updating and refreshing their EP Connect profiles with current information.

You can help your players to contracts through adding a wide variety of information. Submit scouting reports or detailed player descriptions, endorse them for skills, update and provide further detail on their injury history or education achievements, update their fitness level progression, and upload awards or letters of references from past coaches or GM’s to make them more desirable to teams. You can also add video links and make sure fans and teams have access to their social media channels for better promotion.

For suggestions on how to set up your profile and get the most possible out of your EP Connect page, check out our good friend Johnny Hockey

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Fan +

EP Connect lets fans keep better track of their favorite players or interesting prospects by offering more information. Want to know more about a player your team is looking to sign? Go to EP Connect to check out video gallery, endorsements, scouting reports or detailed player descriptions of interesting players.

Fans can endorse players for skills and qualities and connect and interact with players or staff in the hockey world.

Along with other EP Premium features, hockey fans can search, find and keep track of interesting players and prospects.

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Media +

EP Connect allows members of the media to learn more about current players, interesting prospects or new signings to the teams or leagues they cover.

Features like video gallery, social media links and all the other information presented by players allow media members to gain more information for their stories, podcasts or shows.

Added information from players or coaches helps you create better content! Along with other EP Premium features, your job will become easier.

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