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2023-2024 Mississauga Steelheads Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Canada flag
172007Mississauga, ON, CAN6'0"154L
Canada flag
182006Nanticoke, ON, CAN6'2"179L
Canada flag
172007Stoney Creek, ON, CAN6'1"170L
Czechia flag
172006Unicov, CZE6'0"172L
Canada flag
182006Kingston, ON, CAN5'11"174L
Canada flag
192005Toronto, ON, CAN6'1"201R
Canada flag
192004Cambridge, ON, CAN6'4"198L23/24
Canada flag
202003Orillia, ON, CAN6'3"194R25/26
Canada flag
182006Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"183R
Canada flag
212003Toronto, ON, CAN6'2"181L
Canada flag
172006Hamilton, ON, CAN5'9"163R
Canada flag
182006Toronto, ON, CAN5'11"154L
Canada flag
172006Brantford, ON, CAN5'11"174L
USA flag
212003Calumet, MI, USA5'10"181R23/24
Canada flag
192005Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"181L
Canada flag
172006Peterborough, ON, CAN6'3"170R
Canada flag
182005Oakville, ON, CAN5'10"165L
Canada flag
172006Richmond Hill, ON, CAN5'7"159R
Canada flag
182006Whitby, ON, CAN6'1"187L
Canada flag
172007Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"157L
Canada flag
182005Oakville, ON, CAN6'1"185L
Czechia flag
192005Praha, CZE6'0"170L

2023-2024 Mississauga Steelheads Staff

2023-2024 Mississauga Steelheads Demographics

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Mississauga Steelheads Facts

Plays in
Ontario Hockey League
Team Colors
Blue + White
Mississauga, ON, CANMap

2023-2024 Mississauga Steelheads Roster Facts

  • Canada flag19 players
  • Czechia flag2 players
  • USA flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

    Arena Information

    Arena Name
    Paramount Food Centreinformation
    Mississauga, ON, CAN
    5 800
    Construction Year
    A photo of arena: Paramount Food Centre

    Mississauga Steelheads Games

    date home visiting score league
    04/05/2024 11:00 PM UTCMississauga SteelheadsMississauga SteelheadsSudbury WolvesSudbury Wolves2 - 6 OHL
    04/03/2024 11:05 PM UTCSudbury WolvesSudbury WolvesMississauga SteelheadsMississauga Steelheads5 - 3 OHL
    04/01/2024 11:05 PM UTCSudbury WolvesSudbury WolvesMississauga SteelheadsMississauga Steelheads2 - 4 OHL
    03/30/2024 08:00 PM UTCMississauga SteelheadsMississauga SteelheadsSudbury WolvesSudbury Wolves5 - 6 OHL
    03/28/2024 11:00 PM UTCMississauga SteelheadsMississauga SteelheadsSudbury WolvesSudbury Wolves0 - 3 OHL
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    Mississauga Steelheads History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    Mississauga Steelheads
    2023-2024OHL683822--8248212841.242First round lossGroup info
    2022-2023OHL683131--62262586814First round lossGroup info
    2021-2022OHL683723--8229189821.212Conference SF lossGroup info
    2020-2021OHL000--0000--Season Cancelled
    2019-2020OHL612729--5223227590.973Playoffs CancelledGroup info
    2018-2019OHL683229--7239250711.043First round lossGroup info
    2017-2018OHL683332--3251250691.014First round lossGroup info
    2016-2017OHL683421--13240219811.191Final lossGroup info
    2015-2016OHL683330--5215229711.044First round lossGroup info
    2014-2015OHL682540--3178265530.784Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2013-2014OHL682438--6167267540.795Conference QF lossGroup info
    2012-2013OHL682134-58179221600.888Conference QF lossGroup info
    Mississauga St. Michael's Majors
    2011-2012OHL682628-77201219731.076Conference QF lossGroup info
    2010-2011OHL684713-622871701081.591Final lossGroup info
    2009-2010OHL683620-66222175901.323Conference Final lossGroup info
    2008-2009OHL682826-113229208811.194Conference SF lossGroup info
    2007-2008OHL682632-55203243670.995Conference QF lossGroup info
    Toronto St. Michael's Majors
    2006-2007OHL682041--7225325470.6918Did not make playoffs
    2005-2006OHL683226--10259285741.0911Conference QF loss
    2004-2005OHL6829306-3177202670.9914Conference SF loss
    2003-2004OHL6838217-2210187851.253Conference Final loss
    2002-2003OHL6832247-5207214761.128Conference Final loss
    2001-2002OHL6840198-1230177891.312Conference Final loss
    2000-2001OHL6835238-2213198801.187Conference Final loss
    1999-2000OHL6818442-4203281420.6219Did not make playoffs
    1998-1999OHL6820426--214316460.6818Did not make playoffs
    1997-1998OHL6615429--154265390.5917Did not make playoffs
    1961-1962MTJAHL332571--17091551.672Final loss
    1959-1960OHA-Jr.4823196--149150521.084Final loss

    Mississauga Steelheads Tournament Statistics

    season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2010-2011Memorial Cup321---8641.332Final lossInfo

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    Recent OHL Priority Selection Selections

    rnd # player born birthplace height weight
    1#13undefined flagAdam Valentini (F)04/11/2008Toronto, ON, CAN5'11"183 lbs
    2#34undefined flagTroy Patton (F)06/12/2008Mulmur Township, ON, CAN5'10"168 lbs
    3#61undefined flagOwen Cartwright (D)03/28/2008Holland Landing, ON, CAN6'0"161 lbs
    5#94undefined flagZachary Nyman (D)02/12/2008Toronto, ON, CAN5'9"165 lbs
    6#109undefined flagPeter Koukouves (D)07/10/2008Markham, ON, CAN5'11"181 lbs
    6#115undefined flagSean Matthew Goyette (D)05/15/2008Hawkesbury, ON, CAN5'11"174 lbs
    7#135undefined flagTy Daniels (F)04/07/2008Grimsby, ON, CAN5'8"134 lbs
    8#155undefined flagJack Yates (F)05/02/2008Gloucester, ON, CAN6'1"176 lbs
    9#171undefined flagJacob Bultje (F)03/24/2008Toronto, ON, CAN5'9"165 lbs
    10#195undefined flagPeter Chlebowski (G)09/03/2008Schiller Park, IL, USA6'1"179 lbs
    11#215undefined flagRonan Clarke (D)05/21/2008Port Credit, ON, CAN6'0"170 lbs
    12#231undefined flagColton Woods (F)08/19/2008Burlington, ON, CAN5'8"157 lbs
    13#255undefined flagManuel Amado (F)02/04/2008London, ON, CAN6'2"170 lbs
    13#262undefined flagCalum Murphy (F)01/16/2008Oshawa, ON, CAN6'0"170 lbs
    14#275undefined flagNate Burlock (F)08/09/2008Toronto, ON, CAN6'1"170 lbs
    15#292undefined flagTheodore Harris (D)02/04/2008Toronto, ON, CAN6'3"183 lbs
    15#295undefined flagPeter Sampson (D)02/03/2008Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"196 lbs
    1#7undefined flagJack Ivankovic (G)05/22/2007Mississauga, ON, CAN6'0"154 lbs
    2#35undefined flagKieran Witkowski (F)02/07/2007Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"157 lbs
    2#40undefined flagLuke Dragusica (D)02/16/2007Stoney Creek, ON, CAN6'1"170 lbs
    4#79undefined flagAlex Valade (D)06/01/2007Sudbury, ON, CAN5'10"168 lbs
    4#80undefined flagAiden Lane (F)02/04/2007Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"183 lbs
    6#115undefined flagKieran Riley (D)01/08/2007King City, ON, CAN6'2"190 lbs
    7#128undefined flagJared Harding (D)12/05/2007Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"161 lbs
    9#168undefined flagTrent Vaillancourt (D)01/22/2007Niagara Falls, ON, CAN6'0"190 lbs
    11#208undefined flagMatteo Sabatini (D)00/00/2007Toronto, ON, CAN5'8"161 lbs
    13#248undefined flagJustin Vlassis (F)05/11/2007Ashburn, VA, USA6'0"165 lbs
    14#268undefined flagWyatt Jinman (F)10/11/2007Sion, SUI6'1"150 lbs
    15#288undefined flagIvan Kastelan (G)06/18/2007Burlington, ON, CAN6'1"161 lbs
    1#13undefined flagLucas Karmiris (F)09/27/2006Brantford, ON, CAN5'11"174 lbs
    2#32undefined flagRyerson Leenders (G)06/01/2006Nanticoke, ON, CAN6'2"179 lbs
    3#51undefined flagParker Von Richter (D)05/17/2006Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"183 lbs
    4#76undefined flagLiam Spencer (D)01/19/2006London, ON, CAN6'3"190 lbs
    4#81undefined flagWilliam Eggleton (F)02/19/2006Toronto, ON, CAN5'11"154 lbs
    6#116undefined flagMacgregor Richmond (F)08/06/2006Richmond Hill, ON, CAN5'7"159 lbs
    7#136undefined flagGabe Chiarot (F)09/17/2006Hamilton, ON, CAN5'9"163 lbs
    9#176undefined flagZach Mascard (F)04/10/2006Toronto, ON, CAN6'0"185 lbs
    10#196undefined flagCoben Bryan (D)03/12/2006Clearwater, FL, USA6'0"179 lbs
    10#198undefined flagEero Butella (F)02/21/2006Chicago, IL, USA6'4"181 lbs
    10#203undefined flagBeau Reade (F)05/24/2006Yarker, ON, CAN6'2"181 lbs
    11#216undefined flagJake Peters (F)02/15/2006Ancaster, ON, CAN5'10"139 lbs
    12#236undefined flagHarrison Smith (F)02/07/2006Wellington, FL, USA5'8"141 lbs
    13#256undefined flagMax Kimelman (F)08/10/2006Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"150 lbs
    14#276undefined flagAnthony Paolini (G)07/28/2006Cookstown, ON, CAN5'7"154 lbs
    14#284undefined flagCalem Yorke (G)12/05/2006Toronto, ON, CAN6'3"154 lbs
    15#296undefined flagCameron Robillard (D)01/14/2006St. Catharines, ON, CAN5'11"161 lbs
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    Elite Prospects Notes and Trivia

    Franchise history
    - Toronto St. Michael's Majors (1906-1962)
    - Toronto St. Michael's Majors (1996-2007)
    - Mississauga St. Michael's Majors (2007-2012)
    - Mississauga Steelheads (2012-present).