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2023-2024 Hammarby IF Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Youth Team HT WT S CTRCT
Sweden flag
202003Vendelsö IK6'0"183L24/25
Sweden flag
242000Bureå IF5'11"187L24/25
Sweden flag
212003Trångsunds IF6'2"172L
Sweden flag
232001Trångsunds IF5'10"165L24/25
Sweden flag
212002Nordia HC6'3"183L23/24
Sweden flag
222002Älta IF--R
Sweden flag
202003Hammarby IF--L23/24
Sweden flag
212003Hanvikens SK--L24/25
Sweden flag
Sweden flagNetherlands flag
232001Nynäshamns IF6'0"172R23/24
Sweden flag
192005Hanvikens SK6'1"176L
Sweden flag
251999IFK Täby5'10"154R
Sweden flag
232000Järpens IF5'9"161R24/25
Sweden flag
242000Halmstad HF6'0"172L23/24
Sweden flag
242000Sävar HT5'11"183L24/25
Sweden flag
242000Östersunds IK5'11"176L24/25
Sweden flag
212002Djurgårdens IF6'1"176L24/25
Germany flag
212003Kölner EC5'9"176R23/24
Sweden flag
222001Älta IF5'7"170L
Sweden flag
212002Nacka HK6'1"183R
Sweden flag
242000Järpens IF5'10"154R
Sweden flag
Sweden flag
232001Gävle GIK5'10"165L
Sweden flag
291995Stocksunds IF6'4"218L24/25
Sweden flag
232000Järpens IF6'0"165L24/25
Sweden flag
212003Trångsunds IF5'11"163L24/25
Sweden flag
212002Halmstad HF6'4"203L23/24
Estonia flag
291995Hammarby IF6'3"198R

2023-2024 Hammarby IF Staff

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2023-2024 Hammarby IF Demographics

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Hammarby IF Facts

Plays in
Team Colors
Stockholm, SWEMap

2023-2024 Hammarby IF Roster Facts

  • Sweden flag26 players
  • Germany flag1 player
  • Estonia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Kärrtorps IP
Stockholm, SWE
Construction Year
Secondary Arena
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Hammarby IF Games

date home visiting score league
04/02/2021 02:00 PM UTCHammarby IFHammarby IFWings HC ArlandaWings HC Arlanda1 - 3 HockeyEttan
03/31/2021 05:00 PM UTCSegeltorps IFSegeltorps IFHammarby IFHammarby IF4 - 3 (SO)HockeyEttan
03/28/2021 02:00 PM UTCHammarby IFHammarby IFSollentuna HCSollentuna HC2 - 6 HockeyEttan
03/26/2021 06:00 PM UTCSollentuna HCSollentuna HCHammarby IFHammarby IF6 - 2 HockeyEttan
03/24/2021 06:00 PM UTCHammarby IFHammarby IFSegeltorps IFSegeltorps IF2 - 1 (OT 61:41)HockeyEttan
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Hammarby IF History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
Hammarby IF
2023-2024Division 2301316-10109123411.3710Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
2022-2023Division 218611-106774201.117-Group info
2021-2022Division 21694-2165563222-Group info
2020-2021Kval D1604-11112330.54RelegatedGroup info
HockeyEttan1849-234660191.067Relegation PlayGroup info
HockeyEttan22217-214993110.512-Group info
2019-2020HockeyEttan1877-135250261.446Relegation Play CancelledGroup infoInfo
HockeyEttan22315-135197140.6412-Group info
2018-2019HockeyEttan1896-216464341.893-Group info
HockeyEttan22813-016382251.1410-Group info
2017-2018HockeyEttan1273-114435282.331Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
HockeyEttan22712-216371261.188-Group info
2016-2017HockeyEttan1265-014635252.084-Group info
HockeyEttan22118-217469381.736-Group info
2015-2016HockeyEttan14103-015232372.642Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
HockeyEttan2298-147375331.56-Group info
2014-2015HockeyEttan1467-013841221.575-Group info
HockeyEttan22811-126064281.279-Group info
2013-2014HockeyEttan1584-125437322.133-Group info
HockeyEttan27915-1286107311.157-Group info
Bajen Fans IF
2012-2013Kval D1650-013221162.671PromotedGroup info
Division 214111-116125362.571PromotedGroup info
2011-2012Kval D1613-111619613-Group info
Division 21492-125335312.211Promotion PlayGroup info
2010-2011Division 3222200--196374421PromotedGroup info
2009-2010Division 3242400--256514821-Group info
2008-2009Division 4161510--13024301.881PromotedGroup info
Hammarby IF
2005-2006Kvalserien AS843-102524141.753Saved in relegation

Hammarby IF Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
1975-1976Ahearne Cup5041--132610.26-
1960-1961Spengler Cup4130--162120.54No playoffs held

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'0"176 lbs22.75
2022-2023View roster6'0"174 lbs21.29
2021-2022View roster5'10"172 lbs21.14
2020-2021View roster6'0"185 lbs21.90
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