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2022-2023 Russia U20 Roster

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2022-2023 Russia U20 Staff

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2022-2023 Russia U20 Demographics

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Russia U20 Facts

Plays in
WJC-20 Expelled
WJC-20 Expelled
WJC-20 Bronze game loss
WJC-20 Silver

2022-2023 Russia U20 Roster Facts

    Affiliated Team(s)

    Russia U20 Games

    date home visiting score league
    01/05/2021 10:30 PM UTCFinland U20Finland U20Russia U20Russia U204 - 1 U20 WJC
    01/04/2021 11:00 PM UTCCanada U20Canada U20Russia U20Russia U205 - 0 U20 WJC
    01/02/2021 07:00 AM UTCRussia U20Russia U20Germany U20Germany U202 - 1 U20 WJC
    12/30/2020 02:30 AM UTCRussia U20Russia U20Sweden U20Sweden U204 - 3 (OT 64:54)U20 WJC
    12/29/2020 02:30 AM UTCAustria U20Austria U20Russia U20Russia U201 - 7 U20 WJC
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    Latest Transactions

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    Russia U20 History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2022-2023WJC-20-----------ExpelledGroup infoInfo
    2021-2022WJC-20-----------ExpelledGroup infoInfo
    2020-2021WJC-20421-10169822Bronze game lossGroup info
    2019-2020WJC-20422-0016861.53Final lossGroup info
    2018-2019WJC-20440-00156123bronzeBronze game winGroup info
    2017-2018WJC-20421-01171371.753Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2016-2017WJC-20422-0016961.5bronzeBronze game winGroup info
    2015-2016WJC-20430-10147112.75silverFinal lossGroup info
    2014-2015WJC-20412-1013951.25silverFinal lossGroup infoInfo
    2013-2014WJC-20422-0021861.5bronzeBronze game winGroup infoInfo
    2012-2013WJC-20721-402518142bronzeBronze game winInfo
    2011-2012WJC-20740-123112162.29silverFinal lossInfo
    2009-2010WJC-20632-011915101.676Placement game lossInfo
    2008-2009WJC-20751-013218162.29bronzeBronze game winInfo
    2007-2008WJC-20751-012719162.29bronzeBronze game winInfo
    2006-2007WJC-20651-00269152.5silverFinal lossInfo
    2005-2006WJC-206510--2611101.67silverFinal lossInfo
    2004-2005WJC-206420--291781.33silverFinal lossInfo
    2003-2004WJC-206321--171671.175Placement game winInfo
    2000-2001WJC-207331--2717717Placement game winInfo
    1999-2000WJC-207610--377121.71silverFinal lossInfo
    1997-1998WJC-207511--3013111.57silverFinal lossInfo
    1996-1997WJC-206411--26991.5bronzeBronze game winInfo
    1995-1996WJC-207421--321991.29bronzeBronze game winInfo
    1994-1995WJC-207520--3624101.43silverNo playoffs heldInfo
    1993-1994WJC-207511--2317111.57bronzeNo playoffs heldInfo

    Russia U20 Tournament Statistics

    season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2021-2022WJC-20 Cancelled312-0079314Tournament CancelledGroup info

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