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2023-2024 Cracovia Krakow Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Poland flagUSA flag
232000Krynica Zdroj, POL5'9"154L24/25
Czechia flagSlovakia flag
261998Plzen, CZE6'4"214RTry-out
Canada flag
281996Mississauga, ON, CAN6'3"190L23/24
Poland flag
232001Opole, POL6'0"181L24/25
Finland flag
401984Oulu, FIN5'11"203L23/24
Poland flag
212002Skawina, POL5'9"176L24/25
Czechia flag
331990Tabor, CZE6'2"220L23/24
Czechia flag
261997Orlova, CZE6'3"207L23/24
Czechia flag
251999Praha, CZE5'11"216L23/24
Czechia flag
281996Vsetin, CZE5'11"183L23/24
Sweden flag
271997Jönköping, SWE6'1"190L24/25
Czechia flag
222001Liberec, CZE6'4"185L24/25
Finland flag
251998Keminmaa, FIN5'11"176L23/24
Sweden flag
301994Ängelholm, SWE6'4"209L23/24
Poland flag
222001Krakow, POL5'10"143L24/25
Poland flag
232001Nowy Targ, POL6'1"174L24/25
Poland flag
232000Krakow, POL6'2"183L24/25
Poland flag
212002Nowy Targ, POL5'8"161R23/24
Czechia flag
311993Karvina, CZE5'9"172L24/25
Sweden flag
291995Helsingborg, SWE5'11"187L23/24
Poland flag
241999Gdansk, POL6'0"174R24/25
Czechia flag
291994Koprivnice, CZE5'11"187L23/24
Poland flag
281995Sanok, POL5'11"181L23/24
Czechia flag
301993Brno, CZE6'1"174R
Poland flag
212003Katowice, POL5'9"168L23/24
Czechia flag
251998Karlovy Vary, CZE5'8"168LAug.31+1
Poland flagCzechia flag
271997Cieszyn, POL6'1"174L23/24

2023-2024 Cracovia Krakow Staff

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2023-2024 Cracovia Krakow Demographics

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Cracovia Krakow Facts

Plays in
Tauron Polska Hokej Liga
Team Colors
Krakow, POLMap

2023-2024 Cracovia Krakow Roster Facts

  • Poland flag11 players
  • Czechia flag10 players
  • Sweden flag3 players
  • Finland flag2 players
  • Canada flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Sztuczne Lodowiski A. R. Kowalskiego
4 500
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Sztuczne Lodowiski A. R. Kowalskiego

Cracovia Krakow Games

No Data Found

Cracovia Krakow History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024Poland401016-68123149501.256Quarterfinal loss
2022-2023Poland40265-4516591912.281Bronze game lossInfo
2021-2022Poland402014-51140112711.784Quarterfinal lossInfo
2020-2021Poland361818-16128100591.646Final lossInfo
2019-2020Poland472311-310160121851.815Quarterfinal lossGroup infoInfo
2018-2019Poland422113-17150103721.715Final lossGroup infoInfo
2017-2018Poland382210-3316490751.973Bronze game loss
2016-2017Poland40288-1317999892.232ChampionGroup infoInfo
Poland20163-0110543492.452-Group info
2015-2016Poland42316-32190851012.41ChampionGroup infoInfo
Poland22173-1111638542.451-Group info
2014-2015Poland462715-22204128871.894Quarterfinal lossGroup infoInfo
Poland36239-2217591752.084-Group info
2013-2014Poland482815023210148911.94Quarterfinal lossInfo
2011-2012Poland422513-31210130821.952Final lossInfo
2010-2011Poland36266-4017883862.391ChampionGroup infoInfo
2009-2010Poland483111-512121251042.171Final lossGroup infoInfo
Poland18105-3066443622-Group info
2008-2009Poland462714-50187112901.962ChampionGroup infoInfo
Poland362210-4015484742.062-Group info
2007-2008Poland46289-45184110962.092ChampionGroup infoInfo
Poland36235-4414479812.251-Group info
2006-2007Poland38211133014094721.891Bronze game winGroup infoInfo
Poland18952207852331.834-Group info
2004-2005Poland351912211127103621.775Bronze game winInfo
2003-2004Poland23624840024195762.112Champion | Promoted
2002-2003Poland22116211112658532.522Semifinal loss

Cracovia Krakow Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2022-2023Champions HL624-001323613Did not make playoffsGroup info
2021-2022Cont Cup220-0061631ChampionGroup info
Cont Cup301-208841.332PromotedGroup info
2019-2020Cont Cup303-0049004-Group info
Cont Cup311-106751.672PromotedGroup info
2017-2018Champions HL606-00831004Did not make playoffsGroup info
2016-2017Champions HL404-00724003Did not make playoffsGroup info
2013-2014Cont Cup321-0075622-Group info
2011-2012Cont Cup312-00510313-Group info
2010-2011Cont Cup311-10101251.673-Group info
Cont Cup330-00246931PromotedGroup info
2009-2010Cont Cup302-1091220.674-Group info
Cont Cup330-001910931PromotedGroup info
2008-2009Cont Cup321-001110622-Group info
2006-2007Cont Cup321-00148622-Group info

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