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2021-2022 Niagara IceDogs Player Stats

All Positions
# N Skater GP G A TP DESCPIM +/- GP G A TP PIM +/-

2021-2022 Niagara IceDogs Staff

2021-2022 Niagara IceDogs Demographics

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Niagara IceDogs Facts

Plays in
Ontario Hockey League
Team Colors
St. Catharines, ON, CANMap

2021-2022 Niagara IceDogs Roster Facts

  • Canada flag27 players
  • USA flag5 players
  • Switzerland flag1 player
  • Russia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Meridian Centre
St. Catharines, ON, CAN
5 300
Construction Year
No arena photo is available right now. Click here to submit an arena photo.

Niagara IceDogs Games

date home visiting score league
03/23/2024 11:00 PM UTCNiagara IceDogsNiagara IceDogsSudbury WolvesSudbury Wolves2 - 9 OHL
03/21/2024 11:00 PM UTCNiagara IceDogsNiagara IceDogsMississauga SteelheadsMississauga Steelheads1 - 3 OHL
03/20/2024 11:00 PM UTCBrantford BulldogsBrantford BulldogsNiagara IceDogsNiagara IceDogs7 - 1 OHL
03/19/2024 11:00 PM UTCBarrie ColtsBarrie ColtsNiagara IceDogsNiagara IceDogs5 - 4 (SO)OHL
03/17/2024 06:00 PM UTCNiagara IceDogsNiagara IceDogsBarrie ColtsBarrie Colts3 - 0 OHL
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Niagara IceDogs History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024OHL681743--8193323420.625Did not make playoffsGroup info
2022-2023OHL681247--9199357330.495Did not make playoffsGroup info
2021-2022OHL682242--4218316480.715Did not make playoffsGroup info
2020-2021OHL000--0000--Season Cancelled
2019-2020OHL631839--6194320420.674Playoffs CancelledGroup info
2018-2019OHL684417--7326209951.41Conference SF lossGroup info
2017-2018OHL683523--10240235801.182Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2016-2017OHL682335--10207274560.823First round lossGroup info
2015-2016OHL683526--7213198771.133Final lossGroup info
2014-2015OHL683727--4274237781.153Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2013-2014OHL682435--9223284570.844Conference QF lossGroup info
2012-2013OHL682134-94227250640.946Conference QF lossGroup info
2011-2012OHL684518-23291169971.431Final lossGroup info
2010-2011OHL683817-76273197961.413Conference Final lossGroup info
2009-2010OHL682134-58191233600.887Conference QF lossGroup info
2008-2009OHL682131-511213264620.916Conference SF lossGroup info
2007-2008OHL683525-71272222851.254Conference SF lossGroup info

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Recent OHL Priority Selection Selections

rnd # player born birthplace height weight
1#4undefined flagBraidy Wassilyn (F)05/28/2008Puslinch, ON, CAN6'2"194 lbs
2#30undefined flagMaximus Crete (F)04/24/2008Ottawa, ON, CAN5'9"165 lbs
3#44undefined flagMatthew Humphries (G)07/28/2008Newmarket, ON, CAN6'4"192 lbs
3#56undefined flagNick Frasca (D)05/04/2008Caledon, ON, CAN6'1"174 lbs
4#68undefined flagJacob McMahon (D)02/06/2008Peterborough, ON, CAN6'2"185 lbs
6#113undefined flagCharlie Hotles (F)07/05/2008Markham, ON, CAN6'2"174 lbs
7#123undefined flagChase McDougall (F)03/26/2008St. Mary's, ON, CAN6'2"190 lbs
8#159undefined flagBrady Real (D)03/27/2008Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN6'2"187 lbs
8#160undefined flagMateo Craievich (D)02/29/2008Bright's Grove, ON, CAN6'0"161 lbs
9#163undefined flagMatthew Ross (F)01/05/2008Oakville, ON, CAN5'7"141 lbs
9#181undefined flagReece Matier (F)06/12/2008Thorold, ON, CAN6'0"134 lbs
10#183undefined flagEvan Akerman (G)08/02/2008Montréal, QC, CAN6'2"176 lbs
11#219undefined flagLuke Wachowiak (D)08/22/2008London, ON, CAN5'10"165 lbs
12#223undefined flagTeagan Hartnett (D)02/25/2008Peterborough, ON, CAN6'1"194 lbs
12#227undefined flagJerry Wang (D)01/17/2008Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"157 lbs
13#243undefined flagCarter Owen-Speelziek (D)08/19/2008Brantford, ON, CAN5'9"154 lbs
14#263undefined flagNicholas Muzzatti (F)09/14/2008Toronto, ON, CAN5'8"134 lbs
14#266undefined flagBrady McConnell (D)01/21/2008Stoney Creek, ON, CAN5'7"146 lbs
1#2undefined flagRyan Roobroeck (F)09/25/2007London, ON, CAN6'2"185 lbs
1#5undefined flagEthan Czata (F)05/29/2007Brampton, ON, CAN6'0"157 lbs
2#28undefined flagArtyom D. Frolov (D)05/05/2007Volgograd, RUS6'0"185 lbs
3#50undefined flagHayden Reid (F)06/21/2006Orono, ON, CAN5'11"181 lbs
4#68undefined flagIvan Galiyanov (F)10/16/2007Ajax, ON, CAN5'7"134 lbs
7#123undefined flagDouglas Mitchell (F)04/26/2007Toronto, ON, CAN6'1"170 lbs
8#143undefined flagMaasilan Etchart (D)03/30/2007Ottawa, ON, CAN6'0"170 lbs
8#145undefined flagEric He (F)10/15/2007Nobelton, ON, CAN6'2"183 lbs
9#163undefined flagDarcy Dewachter (D)03/01/2007London, ON, CAN5'9"161 lbs
10#183undefined flagFinn Moffett (G)02/06/2007-6'3"157 lbs
11#203undefined flagBenjamin Arnold (D)02/18/2007St. Catharines, ON, CAN6'2"176 lbs
12#228undefined flagCaden Okovita (F)06/30/2007Toronto, ON, CAN5'7"154 lbs
13#243undefined flagRafek Dianov (F)02/26/2007Moskva, RUS5'11"165 lbs
14#263undefined flagJack Ferras (D)05/11/2007Brantford, ON, CAN6'1"181 lbs
15#283undefined flagGavin Ramkissoon (D)03/25/2007Vaughan, ON, CAN5'10"161 lbs
15#292undefined flagJohnny Li (D)10/25/2007Toronto, ON, CAN6'4"190 lbs
1#4undefined flagSam Dickinson (D)06/07/2006Toronto, ON, CAN6'3"194 lbs
2#25undefined flagKevin He (F)04/30/2006Nobelton, ON, CAN6'0"183 lbs
4#71undefined flagAndrew Vermeulen (F)07/01/2006Selkirk, ON, CAN6'1"190 lbs
6#121undefined flagMilo Tian (F)01/17/2006Beijing, CHN5'10"174 lbs
7#127undefined flagOscar Wu (D)10/16/2006Vaughan, ON, CAN6'0"187 lbs
8#147undefined flagQuishi Han (F)08/29/2006Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"161 lbs
9#167undefined flagCharlie Burns (G)01/29/2006Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN6'2"179 lbs
10#187undefined flagBraeden John Vis (D)02/01/2006Hanmer, ON, CAN6'3"181 lbs
11#207undefined flagMatthew Little (F)02/03/2006Toronto, ON, CAN5'10"192 lbs
12#227undefined flagLuis Valencia (F)02/01/2006Toluca, MEX5'8"157 lbs
14#267undefined flagMichael Yu (F)06/23/2006North York, ON, CAN5'10"187 lbs
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