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2011-2012 Sweden U19 Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Youth Team HT WT S League
Sweden flag
301994Väsby IK6'2"201LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Kungälvs IK5'10"183LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994HC Lugano6'3"207RJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Hanvikens SK6'2"214LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Modo HK6'1"172LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291995Gimo IF6'2"209LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994Jonstorps IF6'2"216LHockeyAllsvenskan
Sweden flag
291994Flemingsbergs IK5'9"192RJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994IF Sundsvall Hockey5'10"185LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Enebybergs IF5'11"181LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994Fellingsbro/Frövi IK5'10"168LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291995Arvika HC6'2"209LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994FoC Farsta5'10"176RJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994Huddinge IK5'7"172LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Lerums BK5'11"170LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994Enebybergs IF6'0"185LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Gävle GIK6'0"194RJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994Huddinge IK6'1"192LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994IFK Tumba6'0"183LJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994AIK5'9"181RJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
301994Jonstorps IF6'2"201RJ20 Nationell
Sweden flag
291994Boo IF6'1"196LJ20 Nationell

2011-2012 Sweden U19 Staff

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2011-2012 Sweden U19 Demographics

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Sweden U18/19 Facts

Plays in
WJAC-19 Bronze game loss
WJAC-19 Placement game win
WJAC-19 Placement game loss

2011-2012 Sweden U19 Roster Facts

  • Sweden flag22 players
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Sweden U18/19 Games

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Latest Transactions

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Sweden U18/19 History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
Sweden U19
2011-2012WJAC-19220-0030631Bronze game lossGroup info
Sweden U18/19
2010-2011WJAC-19202-00311003Placement game winGroup infoInfo
2009-2010WJAC-19201-015910.53Placement game lossGroup infoInfo

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