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2023-2024 Oshawa Generals Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Canada flag
172006Waterloo, ON, CAN6'4"194R
Canada flag
202004Manotick, ON, CAN6'3"187L23/24
Canada flag
172006Toronto, ON, CAN6'4"203R
Canada flag
192004Maple, ON, CAN5'8"154R23/24
Canada flag
182006Madoc, ON, CAN6'0"176R
Canada flag
182005Toronto, ON, CAN6'2"179R
Canada flag
182006Williamstown, ON, CAN6'5"201L
Canada flag
202003North Bay, ON, CAN6'2"198L26/27
Canada flag
182006Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"174R
Canada flag
182005Toronto, ON, CAN6'1"190L
Canada flag
192005Oakville, ON, CAN5'11"172R
Canada flag
172007Cornwall, ON, CAN5'9"150L
Canada flag
182006London, ON, CAN6'5"163R
Canada flag
172006Cambridge, ON, CAN5'11"203L
Canada flag
172007Markham, ON, CAN5'10"161R
Canada flagUSA flag
182006Vero Beach, FL, USA6'0"170L
Finland flag
182005Lahti, FIN6'2"194L26/27
Canada flag
212003Ottawa, ON, CAN5'9"161R23/24
USA flag
182006Sylvania, OH, USA6'1"168L
Canada flag
192005Brampton, ON, CAN6'2"187R
Canada flag
212003Kitchener, ON, CAN6'2"201L23/24
Canada flag
192004London, ON, CAN6'7"205L23/24
Canada flag
182006Toronto, ON, CAN6'2"181R
Canada flag
182006Norwood, ON, CAN5'10"161L
Canada flag
202004Oshawa, ON, CAN6'0"209L23/24

2023-2024 Oshawa Generals Staff

2023-2024 Oshawa Generals Demographics

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Oshawa Generals Facts

Plays in
Ontario Hockey League
Team Colors
Red + White + Blue
Oshawa, ON, CANMap

2023-2024 Oshawa Generals Roster Facts

  • Canada flag23 players
  • USA flag1 player
  • Finland flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
General Motors Centre
Oshawa, ON, CAN
5 113
Construction Year
A photo of arena: General Motors Centre

Oshawa Generals Games

date home visiting score league
05/15/2024 11:00 PM UTCOshawa GeneralsOshawa GeneralsLondon KnightsLondon Knights1 - 7 OHL
05/13/2024 11:00 PM UTCOshawa GeneralsOshawa GeneralsLondon KnightsLondon Knights6 - 7 OHL
05/11/2024 11:00 PM UTCLondon KnightsLondon KnightsOshawa GeneralsOshawa Generals9 - 1 OHL
05/09/2024 11:00 PM UTCLondon KnightsLondon KnightsOshawa GeneralsOshawa Generals8 - 1 OHL
05/06/2024 11:05 PM UTCOshawa GeneralsOshawa GeneralsNorth Bay BattalionNorth Bay Battalion6 - 1 OHL
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Oshawa Generals History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024OHL684019--9273204891.311Final lossGroup info
2022-2023OHL682636--6235290580.854First round lossGroup info
2021-2022OHL683031--7215240670.993First round lossGroup info
2020-2021OHL000--0000--Season Cancelled
2019-2020OHL623120--11229227731.183Playoffs CancelledGroup info
2018-2019OHL684420--4288216921.352Conference Final lossGroup info
2017-2018OHL683629--3250243751.13First round lossGroup info
2016-2017OHL684023--5228215851.252Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2015-2016OHL682733--8197235620.914First round lossGroup info
2014-2015OHL685111--62921571081.591ChampionGroup info
2013-2014OHL684220--6232187901.321Conference Final lossGroup info
2012-2013OHL683622-64235192881.293Conference SF lossGroup info
2011-2012OHL682630-57242241691.018Conference QF lossGroup info
2010-2011OHL683219-710273240881.294Conference SF lossGroup info
2009-2010OHL681039-146216299530.789Did not make playoffsGroup info
2008-2009OHL682035-58213283580.859Did not make playoffsGroup info
2007-2008OHL683117-713290262891.313Conference Final lossGroup info
2006-2007OHL683129--8292320701.0311Conference SF loss
2005-2006OHL681845--5233330410.619Did not make playoffs
2004-2005OHL6815483-2173289350.5120Did not make playoffs
2003-2004OHL6830298-1188206691.0113Conference QF loss
2002-2003OHL6834302-2243225721.0610Conference SF loss
2001-2002OHL6823337-5205247580.8517Conference QF loss
2000-2001OHL6820367-5184254520.7619Did not make playoffs
1999-2000OHL6832304-2227224701.0312Conference QF loss
1998-1999OHL6839245--280217831.226Conference Final loss
1997-1998OHL6626328--214247580.8812Division QF loss
1995-1996OHL6630288--248238681.039Division QF loss
1994-1995OHL6640215--300242851.296Division QF loss

Oshawa Generals Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2014-2015Memorial Cup330---118621Champion
1996-1997Memorial Cup321---71241.333Semifinal loss
1989-1990Memorial Cup330---1812621Champion
1986-1987Memorial Cup330---148621Final lossInfo
1982-1983Memorial Cup321---181341.332Final loss

Where Are They Now?

Played in the team during season

Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'1"181 lbs18.44
2022-2023View roster6'1"187 lbs18.43
2021-2022View roster6'1"187 lbs18.63
2020-2021View roster6'0"185 lbs18.79
2019-2020View roster6'1"190 lbs18.64
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Recent OHL Priority Selection Selections

rnd # player born birthplace height weight
1#17undefined flagBrady Smith (F)04/13/2008Mississauga, ON, CAN6'0"181 lbs
2#38undefined flagBrooks Rogowski (F)06/28/2008Brighton, MI, USA6'4"190 lbs
3#47undefined flagBrady Blaseg (D)07/21/2008Ottawa, ON, CAN6'3"190 lbs
4#65undefined flagAnthony Figliomeni (F)09/08/2008Mississauga, ON, CAN5'11"196 lbs
6#119undefined flagJalen Lobo (F)02/09/2008Milton, ON, CAN6'0"163 lbs
7#139undefined flagCooper Otterman (D)02/04/2008LaSalle, ON, CAN6'1"181 lbs
9#179undefined flagNick Voisey (D)02/15/2008Nepean, ON, CAN6'2"168 lbs
10#199undefined flagJohnathon Herrington (F)04/30/2008Hamilton, ON, CAN6'2"146 lbs
12#239undefined flagOwen Maclean (G)01/19/2008Ottawa, ON, CAN6'1"185 lbs
13#259undefined flagZekun Zhang (D)01/06/2008-6'2"190 lbs
14#279undefined flagMichael Marrelli (D)03/08/2008Toronto, ON, CAN5'9"172 lbs
15#299undefined flagMatthew Spencer (F)04/11/2008Windsor, ON, CAN5'7"146 lbs
1#6undefined flagOwen Griffin (F)04/08/2007Markham, ON, CAN5'10"161 lbs
2#27undefined flagIsaac Gravelle (G)01/18/2007Fenwick, ON, CAN6'0"161 lbs
3#51undefined flagTristan Delisle (F)05/15/2007Cornwall, ON, CAN5'9"150 lbs
5#83undefined flagHaoxi Wang (D)07/27/2007Beijing, CHN6'2"187 lbs
5#87undefined flagShawn Costello (F)01/20/2007Brampton, ON, CAN6'3"190 lbs
6#103undefined flagTristan Boudreau (D)02/08/2007Nepean, ON, CAN6'2"194 lbs
8#147undefined flagRyan Hedley (F)08/09/2007Raleigh, NC, USA6'0"176 lbs
9#167undefined flagVasily Serov (F)07/18/2007Moskva, RUS6'3"207 lbs
10#187undefined flagCole Tuminaro (D)01/24/2007South Beloit, IL, USA6'4"209 lbs
10#198undefined flagJason Zhou (F)02/16/2007Beijing, CHN6'0"190 lbs
11#207undefined flagDeven Jones-McDonald (F)11/19/2007Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN6'1"181 lbs
13#247undefined flagBrody Jones (D)06/19/2007-6'2"174 lbs
14#267undefined flagBen Kozyra (F)06/05/2007Ottawa, ON, CAN--
15#287undefined flagJesse Orlowsky (F)03/27/2007Brooklyn, NY, USA6'2"201 lbs
1#8undefined flagBeckett Sennecke (F)01/28/2006Toronto, ON, CAN6'2"181 lbs
1#14undefined flagBen Danford (D)02/06/2006Madoc, ON, CAN6'0"176 lbs
2#36undefined flagDavid Bedkowski (D)12/07/2006Toronto, ON, CAN6'4"203 lbs
3#47undefined flagTyler Graham (F)08/10/2006Cambridge, ON, CAN5'11"203 lbs
4#67undefined flagEthan Toms (F)01/19/2006Norwood, ON, CAN5'10"161 lbs
5#87undefined flagLucas Rodriguez (D)04/26/2006Mississauga, ON, CAN6'1"174 lbs
6#111undefined flagCaeden Heins (F)02/06/2006Vero Beach, FL, USA6'0"170 lbs
7#131undefined flagAidan Souligny (D)01/02/2006Navan, ON, CAN6'3"205 lbs
8#151undefined flagGavin McGahey-Smith (F)04/21/2006London, ON, CAN5'11"174 lbs
9#171undefined flagHarrison Franssen (F)05/04/2006London, ON, CAN6'5"163 lbs
10#191undefined flagJack Genovese (F)02/09/2006New York, NY, USA5'11"165 lbs
11#211undefined flagFraser McDonell (D)03/02/2006Williamstown, ON, CAN6'5"201 lbs
12#231undefined flagNoah Bender (G)06/30/2006Waterloo, ON, CAN6'4"194 lbs
13#251undefined flagRyan Hodkinson (F)03/19/2006St. Mary's, ON, CAN6'3"165 lbs
14#271undefined flagAlexander Visnapuu (D)01/11/2006East Chatham, NY, USA6'1"170 lbs
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