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2016-2017 Windsor Spitfires Player Stats

All Positions
# N Skater GP G A TP DESCPIM +/- GP G A TP PIM +/-

2016-2017 Windsor Spitfires Staff

2016-2017 Windsor Spitfires Demographics

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Windsor Spitfires Facts

Plays in
Ontario Hockey League
Team Colors
Windsor, ON, CANMap

2016-2017 Windsor Spitfires Roster Facts

  • Canada flag26 players
  • USA flag4 players
  • Russia flag1 player
  • Finland flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Windsor Family Credit Union Centre
Windsor, ON
6 500
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Windsor Family Credit Union Centre

Windsor Spitfires Games

date home visiting score league
03/23/2024 11:05 PM UTCSaginaw SpiritSaginaw SpiritWindsor SpitfiresWindsor Spitfires8 - 5 OHL
03/22/2024 11:00 PM UTCLondon KnightsLondon KnightsWindsor SpitfiresWindsor Spitfires4 - 3 OHL
03/21/2024 11:05 PM UTCWindsor SpitfiresWindsor SpitfiresErie OttersErie Otters5 - 6 OHL
03/17/2024 08:05 PM UTCWindsor SpitfiresWindsor SpitfiresLondon KnightsLondon Knights4 - 7 OHL
03/16/2024 11:00 PM UTCFlint FirebirdsFlint FirebirdsWindsor SpitfiresWindsor Spitfires7 - 4 OHL
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Windsor Spitfires History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024OHL681842--8247360440.655Did not make playoffsGroup info
2022-2023OHL684418--6320265941.381First round lossGroup info
2021-2022OHL684417--7305248951.41Final lossGroup info
2020-2021OHL000--0000--Season Cancelled
2019-2020OHL623420--8256233761.233Playoffs CancelledGroup info
2018-2019OHL682533--10216257600.884First round lossGroup info
2017-2018OHL683230--6214224701.033First round lossGroup info
2016-2017OHL684119--8232185901.322First round lossGroup info
2015-2016OHL684021--7253200871.282First round lossGroup info
2014-2015OHL682440--4223305520.765Did not make playoffsGroup info
2013-2014OHL683728--3249235771.132Conference QF lossGroup info
2012-2013OHL682333-39212278610.99Did not make playoffsGroup info
2011-2012OHL682232-77213258650.968Conference QF lossGroup info
2010-2011OHL683123-86280247841.244Conference Final lossGroup info
2009-2010OHL684412-663312031061.561ChampionGroup info
2008-2009OHL685010-713111711151.691ChampionGroup info
2007-2008OHL683515-612279205941.383Conference QF lossGroup info
2006-2007OHL681843--7209311430.6319Did not make playoffs
2005-2006OHL683229--7247253711.0414Conference QF loss
2004-2005OHL6826296-7223253650.9615Conference SF loss
2003-2004OHL6827303-8201219650.9614Conference QF loss
2002-2003OHL6837255-1259221801.185Conference QF loss
2001-2002OHL6833246-5253229771.1311Conference Final loss
2000-2001OHL6834228-4257221801.186Conference SF loss
1999-2000OHL6835302-1213231731.0711Conference SF loss
1998-1999OHL6823396--203294520.7615Conference QF lossInfo
1997-1998OHL6619425--261340430.6516Did not make playoffs
1996-1997OHL6629298--3032856619Division QF loss
1995-1996OHL6621414--256312460.715Division QF loss
1994-1995OHL6641223--303232851.295Quarterfinal loss

Windsor Spitfires Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2016-2017Memorial Cup330---145621ChampionInfo
2009-2010Memorial Cup330---198621Champion
2008-2009Memorial Cup312---8920.674Champion
1987-1988Memorial Cup330---189621Final loss

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Recent OHL Priority Selection Selections

rnd # player born birthplace height weight
1#1undefined flagEthan Belchetz (F)03/30/2008Oakville, ON, CAN6'4"231 lbs
2#22undefined flagJean-Cristoph Lemieux (F)06/19/2008Ottawa, ON, CAN6'0"179 lbs
2#24undefined flagCarter Hicks (D)02/20/2008London, ON, CAN6'2"161 lbs
3#57undefined flagMax Brocklehurst (F)12/30/2008Halifax, NS, CAN5'9"154 lbs
3#58undefined flagAndrew Robinson (D)01/08/2008Oakville, ON, CAN6'0"176 lbs
4#71undefined flagGrady Spicer (D)07/17/2008Brockville, ON, CAN6'3"179 lbs
5#96undefined flagSam Wathier (D)05/17/2008Des Moines, IA, USA6'2"154 lbs
7#124undefined flagJake Windbiel (G)02/11/2008Elk Grove Village, IL, USA6'4"192 lbs
8#144undefined flagDrake Gram (D)01/16/2008Grosse Pointe Park, MI, USA5'10"161 lbs
9#164undefined flagEthan Garden (F)04/13/2008Belleville, MI, USA5'9"165 lbs
11#204undefined flagRyan Cranny (F)02/12/2008Owen Sound, ON, CAN5'11"148 lbs
11#210undefined flagNicolas Rosati (F)08/26/2008Windsor, ON, CAN5'7"154 lbs
13#244undefined flagCameron Ingram (G)11/07/2008Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN6'0"187 lbs
14#264undefined flagGeorge Matsos (F)02/18/2008St. Thomas, ON, CAN5'8"137 lbs
15#284undefined flagAidan Ostrovski (D)10/08/2008Toronto, ON, CAN6'4"181 lbs
1#20undefined flagJack Nesbitt (F)01/12/2007Sarnia, ON, CAN6'4"174 lbs
5#95undefined flagAdrian Manzo (D)08/28/2007Woodbridge, ON, CAN6'1"165 lbs
6#120undefined flagMichael Lavigne (D)01/17/2007Scarborough, ON, CAN6'5"198 lbs
7#140undefined flagEaston Pace (F)01/12/2007Chesterfield, MI, USA5'10"170 lbs
8#160undefined flagMickael Tissier (F)05/09/2007Mississauga, ON, CAN5'9"146 lbs
9#180undefined flagMarcus Lagana (F)00/00/2007---
10#200undefined flagGabe Donohue (G)12/05/2007Caledon, ON, CAN6'1"181 lbs
11#220undefined flagMaxime Morin (F)06/17/2007Pickering, ON, CAN5'10"163 lbs
12#240undefined flagKyle Butt (F)09/14/2007Ajax, ON, CAN5'11"183 lbs
14#266undefined flagJulian Gignac (F)00/00/2007---
15#295undefined flagLuke Laevens (D)05/30/2007Bright's Grove, ON, CAN6'0"190 lbs
1#22undefined flagAnthony Cristoforo (D)02/23/2006Vaughan, ON, CAN5'11"181 lbs
2#34undefined flagLiam Greentree (F)01/01/2006Oshawa, ON, CAN6'2"198 lbs
3#62undefined flagAJ Spellacy (F)02/24/2006Westlake, OH, USA6'3"190 lbs
4#65undefined flagCole Davis (F)06/22/2006Sutton, ON, CAN5'10"174 lbs
6#107undefined flagCarter Froggett (G)04/07/2006Thorndale, ON, CAN6'3"198 lbs
6#122undefined flagJack Dean (F)03/28/2006Greenbank, ON, CAN5'9"187 lbs
7#142undefined flagTrevor O'Dell (D)07/17/2006Stouffville, ON, CAN6'2"176 lbs
8#162undefined flagJacob English (D)05/14/2006Cookstown, ON, CAN6'2"165 lbs
9#182undefined flagJoseph Delaurentis (F)05/16/2006Hartsdale, NY, USA6'0"161 lbs
10#202undefined flagCarson Woodall (D)05/26/2006Belle River, ON, CAN5'11"161 lbs
11#222undefined flagPaolo Frasca (G)09/03/2006Toronto, ON, CAN5'11"196 lbs
12#242undefined flagCaeleb Bowler (F)07/06/2006Goderich, ON, CAN6'0"190 lbs
13#262undefined flagEvan Sofikitis (D)12/02/2006Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA5'8"179 lbs
14#282undefined flagGage Evans (D)06/30/2006Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN6'3"187 lbs
15#286undefined flagNathan Gaymes (F)02/03/2006Brampton, ON, CAN5'11"165 lbs
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