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2015-2016 Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Player Stats

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# N Skater GP G A TP DESCPIM +/- GP G A TP PIM +/-

2015-2016 Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Staff

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2015-2016 Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Demographics

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Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Facts

Plays in
Québec Major Junior Hockey League
Team Colors
Red + Black
Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CANMap

2015-2016 Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Roster Facts

  • Canada flag33 players
  • Switzerland flag1 player
  • Latvia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

    Arena Information

    Arena Name
    Aréna Iamgold
    Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CAN
    3 700
    Construction Year
    A photo of arena: Aréna Iamgold

    Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Games

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    Rouyn-Noranda Huskies History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2023-2024QMJHL684715--63011921001.471Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2022-2023QMJHL683724--7240227811.192Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2021-2022QMJHL682835--5190256610.93Eighth Final LossGroup info
    2020-2021QMJHL401718--5100146390.985Eighth Final LossGroup info
    2019-2020QMJHL632930--4180209620.982Playoffs CancelledGroup info
    2018-2019QMJHL68598--13201381191.751ChampionGroup info
    2017-2018QMJHL683919--10239179881.293First round lossGroup info
    2016-2017QMJHL684318--7272181931.371Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2015-2016QMJHL68549--53021811131.661ChampionGroup info
    2014-2015QMJHL683330--5246245711.044First round lossGroup info
    2013-2014QMJHL683528--5254243751.15Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2012-2013QMJHL684024--4283255841.242Semifinal lossGroup info
    2011-2012QMJHL682436--8227296560.825First round lossGroup info
    2010-2011QMJHL681250--4151339300.446Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2009-2010QMJHL684121--6256205881.295Quarterfinal loss
    2008-2009QMJHL683030--821024568111First round loss
    2007-2008QMJHL704720--3294238971.391Final loss
    2006-2007QMJHL703627--7265266791.1311Semifinal loss
    2005-2006QMJHL704322--5305259911.35Conference QF loss
    2004-2005QMJHL70312311-5266244781.116Semifinal loss
    2003-2004QMJHL7030279-4260265731.048Quarterfinal loss
    2002-2003QMJHL7231330-8268273700.9711Conference QF loss
    2001-2002QMJHL7226366-4232281620.8613Conference QF loss
    2000-2001QMJHL7243225-2318251931.294Conference SF loss
    1999-2000QMJHL7233334-22722887219Conference SF loss
    1998-1999QMJHL70362311--314261831.195Conference Final loss
    1997-1998QMJHL7043234--338245901.292Conference QF loss
    1996-1997QMJHL7016495--174324370.5313Did not make playoffs

    Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Tournament Statistics

    season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2018-2019Memorial Cup321-00121110.333Champion
    2015-2016Memorial Cup312---91320.673Final loss

    Rouyn-Noranda Huskies Retired Numbers

    Where Are They Now?

    Played in the team during season

    Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

    2023-2024View roster6'0"181 lbs19.13
    2022-2023View roster6'0"183 lbs18.38
    2021-2022View roster6'0"183 lbs18.29
    2020-2021View roster6'0"181 lbs18.52
    2019-2020View roster6'0"181 lbs18.53
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    Recent QMJHL Entry Draft Selections

    rnd # player born birthplace height weight
    2#28undefined flagAnthony Allain-Samaké (D)09/10/2007Gatineau, QC, CAN6'0"165 lbs
    2#36undefined flagSamuel Meloche (G)07/22/2007Les Cèdres, QC, CAN6'2"194 lbs
    3#48undefined flagCharles Desmet (F)04/13/2007Mirabel, QC, CAN6'0"170 lbs
    3#51undefined flagWill Reynolds (D)08/11/2007Nasonworth, NB, CAN6'3"170 lbs
    4#68undefined flagAntoine St-Laurent (D)11/30/2007Sherbrooke, QC, CAN5'10"161 lbs
    6#107undefined flagCharles-Éric Tremblay (F)05/31/2007Saguenay, QC, CAN6'1"176 lbs
    7#125undefined flagWilliam Vézina (F)06/06/2007Québec, QC, CAN6'3"161 lbs
    9#155undefined flagCharles Laforest (F)04/18/2007Boischâtel, QC, CAN5'9"150 lbs
    10#171undefined flagAlexandre Raymond (G)11/13/2007Sherbrooke, QC, CAN6'3"183 lbs
    10#179undefined flagMathieu Tessier (F)11/13/2007Mont-St-Hilaire, QC, CAN5'9"143 lbs
    11#197undefined flagElliott Duguay (D)01/25/2007Trois-Rivières, QC, CAN6'2"185 lbs
    11#198undefined flagMathis Landry (F)09/08/2007Trois-Rivières, QC, CAN5'11"172 lbs
    12#215undefined flagLiam Lécuyer (F)08/09/2007St-Colomban, QC, CAN5'11"150 lbs
    12#217undefined flagSimon Dupras (F)01/30/2007Laval, QC, CAN6'0"161 lbs
    14#251undefined flagSimon Leblanc (D)10/09/2007Blainville, QC, CAN6'2"170 lbs
    1#6undefined flagBill Zonnon (F)10/03/2006Montréal, QC, CAN6'2"179 lbs
    2#20undefined flagJustin Carbonneau (F)11/25/2006Lévis, QC, CAN6'0"183 lbs
    2#31undefined flagÉmile Beaunoyer (G)10/11/2006Drummondville, QC, CAN5'10"165 lbs
    3#42undefined flagGuillaume Fillion (D)05/12/2006Sherbrooke, QC, CAN6'0"194 lbs
    4#55undefined flagSamuel Léonard (F)01/28/2006L'Assomption, QC, CAN5'11"154 lbs
    4#56undefined flagConnor Arsenault (F)03/01/2006Saint John, NB, CAN6'2"209 lbs
    5#78undefined flagSamuel Beauchemin (F)06/28/2006St-Robert, QC, CAN5'10"141 lbs
    6#92undefined flagWilliam Cossette (F)01/27/2006Laval, QC, CAN5'11"170 lbs
    6#96undefined flagTyler Wood (F)02/15/2006Cornwall, PE, CAN6'1"172 lbs
    6#106undefined flagSamuel Carreiras-Pata (G)07/23/2006Laval, QC, CAN5'11"170 lbs
    7#126undefined flagJustin Smith (D)07/23/2006Stratford, PE, CAN5'11"165 lbs
    8#132undefined flagCole MacPhee (D)08/29/2006Hammonds Plains, NS, CAN6'0"163 lbs
    9#150undefined flagAlexis Lemire (D)04/27/2006Nicolet, QC, CAN5'11"161 lbs
    9#159undefined flagRylan Benner (G)02/09/2006Moncton, NB, CAN6'2"194 lbs
    11#186undefined flagDrew Lutz (F)09/26/2006Kentville, NS, CAN5'10"154 lbs
    12#200undefined flagNathan Carruthers (F)04/29/2006Laval, QC, CAN6'0"172 lbs
    13#222undefined flagNathan Langlois (F)05/26/2006Lévis, QC, CAN5'8"148 lbs
    13#224undefined flagTy Richardson (F)09/27/2006Pincourt, QC, CAN5'7"161 lbs
    14#243undefined flagBenjamin Lessard (F)04/03/2006Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CAN5'8"163 lbs
    3#44undefined flagLouis-Félix Charrois (G)02/03/2005Drummondville, QC, CAN6'0"170 lbs
    3#46undefined flagThomas Verdon (F)07/07/2005Cleveland, OH, USA5'11"174 lbs
    3#51undefined flagMathieu Pelletier (F)03/01/2005St. Jacques, NB, CAN5'6"165 lbs
    4#61undefined flagAxel Dufresne (D)05/10/2005Boisbriand, QC, CAN5'11"170 lbs
    4#64undefined flagBenjamin Brunelle (F)06/07/2005Trois-Rivières, QC, CAN6'3"192 lbs
    4#71undefined flagThéo Lemieux (D)04/30/2005Ste-Claire, QC, CAN5'10"170 lbs
    5#76undefined flagTully Peter Grant (F)05/17/2005Whitehorse, YT, CAN6'0"161 lbs
    6#100undefined flagAnthony Clutchey (D)06/17/2005Gatineau, QC, CAN5'11"183 lbs
    7#118undefined flagRémi Lapalme (F)04/05/2005Varennes, QC, CAN5'11"201 lbs
    7#124undefined flagMylan Hamel (D)06/16/2005Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CAN6'4"209 lbs
    8#132undefined flagEliot Séguin-Lescarbeau (G)09/14/2005St-Jérôme, QC, CAN6'3"183 lbs
    11#190undefined flagOlivier Dubois (F)02/15/2005Lévis, QC, CAN5'7"148 lbs
    12#208undefined flagSamuel Rousseau (F)06/08/2005St-Eustache, QC, CAN5'10"179 lbs
    14#244undefined flagMathis Pilon (G)03/17/2005Rouyn-Noranda, QC, CAN5'8"181 lbs
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