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Players - Place of Birth

The following table shows all players that according to our database entries were born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GER.

Currently sorted by: player last name

      Player Pos Born Youth Team
   Robert Altenhofen D 1995-03-12
   Christoph Altstetter D 1989-06-02 SC Riessersee
   Anton Bader D 1981-01-25 SC Riessersee
   Thomas Berndaner D 1969-11-01 SC Riessersee
   Ignaz Berndaner D 1954-07-04 SC Riessersee
   Tobias Biersack F 1990-03-20 SC Riessersee
   Toni Biersack D 1927-07-14
   Florian Bindl D 1983-09-13
   Martin Buchwieser F 1989-05-28 SC Riessersee
   Hubert Buchwieser F 1976-01-25 SC Riessersee
   Florian Buchwieser F 1980-07-28 SC Riessersee
   Alfred Burkhard D 1968-03-31
   Leonardo Conti G 1978-09-15 Augsburger EV
   Hans Diepold F 1958-06-23 SC Riessersee
   Christoph Echtler F 1989-11-13 SC Riessersee
   Manfred Eichberger F 1983-05-24 SC Riessersee
   Sebastian Eickmann D 1989-09-03 SC Riessersee
   Nick Endress D 1997-05-22
   Andreas Feuerecker D 1991-12-28 SC Riessersee
   Maximilian Fink F 1985-01-22 SC Riessersee
   Sean Fischer F 1985-09-21
   Christoph Frankenberg D 1998-03-02
   Georg Gailer F 1971-08-14
   Peter Gailer D 1956-02-06
   Josef Gerstmeir F 1996-08-19
   Thomas Gödtel D 1983-07-04 SC Riessersee
   Ludwig Grünauer F 1982-05-21 SC Riessersee
   Helmut Grzesiczek F 1969-07-11
   Bertholt Hartelt F 1948-02-23 SC Riessersee
   Herbert Heinrich D 1958-04-15
   Robert Heinrich F 1956-08-11
   Joseph Heiß G 1963-06-13
   Andreas Hellweger G 1994-01-25
   Benjamin Henn G 1985-05-05 SC Riessersee
   Martin Hinterstocker F 1989-09-03
   Martin Hinterstocker F 1954-07-28
   Michael Hobelsberger G 1935-09-25 SC Riessersee
   Anton Hofherr F 1947-12-20 SC Riessersee
   Franz Hofherr F 1949-03-15 SC Riessersee
   Martin Holzer F 1975-09-15
   Florian Imminger F 1995-05-31 SC Riessersee
   Thomas Joner D 1998-07-16
   Sebastian Kastner D 1985-01-25 SC Riessersee
   Maximilian Kastner F 1993-01-03 SC Riessersee
   Benedikt Kastner D 1986-12-28 SC Riessersee
   Fabian Kimpel D 1996-11-21
   Alois Kirmaier D 1998-10-05
   Maximilian Kislinger F 1998-02-11
   Sebastian Klöck D 1984-06-11 SC Riessersee
   Christoph Klotz D 1979-11-02 SC Riessersee
   Florian Kraus D 1995-09-12
   Benjamin Kronawitter F 1991-03-05 SC Riessersee
   Mark Ledlin F 1997-12-20
   Josef Lehner D 1972-02-15 SC Riessersee
   Niklas Marschall G 1989-05-26 SC Riessersee
   Stefan Marschall F 1985-07-03 SC Riessersee
   Uli Maurer F 1985-01-19 SC Riessersee
   Andreas Maurer F 1962-01-08
   Andreas Maurer F 1996-10-22
   Vincenz Mayer F 1990-09-27 SC Riessersee
   Christian Mayr F 1979-02-17 SC Riessersee
   Matthias Mayr D 1989-04-09 SC Riessersee
   Lorenz Mittermaier D 1998-05-20
   Jacey Moore G 1975-12-26
   Alexander Müller F -
   Hubert Müller F 1956-03-12 SC Riessersee
   Tobias Netter F 1977-07-04 SC Riessersee
   Martin Niefnecker D 1990-03-05 SC Riessersee
   Karl Ostler F 1974-02-07
   Martin Pfohmann F 1988-09-24 SC Riessersee
   Günther Preuß F 1964-03-03
   Josef Preuß D 1965-04-05 SC Riessersee
   Michael Pump D 1970-01-15 SC Riessersee
   Anton Radu F 1995-06-10
   Andreas Raubal D 1974-09-28 SC Riessersee
   Anton Raubal D 1968-04-20
   Michael Raubal F 1970-07-11 SC Riessersee
   Joachim Reil D 1955-05-17
   Maximilian Reindl D 1991-09-09 SC Riessersee
   Franz Reindl F 1954-11-24
   Florian Reindl F 1995-02-27 SC Riessersee
   Jürgen Reindl F 1964-11-09 SC Riessersee
   Michael Rimbeck F 1989-08-11 SC Riessersee
   Martin Salzmann D 1993-01-07
   Gerhard Schaaf D 1960-01-22 SC Riessersee
   Marie-Kristin Schmid F 1996-12-15
   Richard Schmid G 1996-12-15
   Florian Schnitzer F 1981-01-28 SC Riessersee
   Christian Schönmoser D 1979-05-14
   Hubert Schöpf D 1985-09-21 SC Riessersee
   Thomas Schott D 1993-03-29 SC Riessersee
   Manuel Schwaiger F 1998-09-17
   Philipp Seelmann F 1996-11-29
   Matthias Seidl G 1976-06-25
   Alexander Simon F 1989-10-16 SC Riessersee
   Florian Simon F 1987-04-25 SC Riessersee
   Florian Stauder F 1991-12-16 SC Riessersee
   Florian Steck G 1996-02-19
   Robert Sterflinger D 1964-04-07
   Thomas Sterflinger F 1967-03-01
   Florian Storf D 1972-01-23 SC Riessersee
   Gerhard Stranka G 1962-08-29
   Elisabeth Summer F 1996-07-23
   Andreas Tanzer G 1989-04-03 SC Riessersee
   Nico Tolle F 1996-12-03
   Florian Vollmer F 1984-05-23 SC Riessersee
   Ann-Kathrin Voog D 1995-06-03
   Philipp Wachter F 1995-05-20 SC Riessersee
   Valentin Wackerle D 1997-05-17
   Florian Wasl F 1994-02-16 TSV Peißenberg
   Josef Wassermann F 1967-05-15
   Marcus Weber D 1992-11-02 SC Riessersee
   Leonhard Wild G 1979-11-02 SC Riessersee
   Stephan Wilhelm D 1983-07-12 SC Riessersee
   Florian Wimberger F 1989-02-05 SC Riessersee
   Alois Witting D 1993-06-02