All Winners (Players)
Season Award winner Born Birthplace Drafted by
2022-2023 Rorke Applebee (G) 2003 Châteauguay, QC, CAN
Nolan Gagnon (D) 2003 Metcalfe, ON, CAN
Nicholas Paone (D) 2003 Niagara Falls, ON, CAN
Derek Hamilton (F) 2002 Kingston, ON, CAN
Elvis Slack (F) 2002 Jasper, AB, CAN
Matteo Disipio (F) 2003 Nepean, ON, CAN
2021-2022 William Desmarais (G) 2001 Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
Coleman Bennett (D) 2002 London, ON, CAN
Johnny Howie (D) 2001 Carp, ON, CAN
Philippe Jacques (F) 2002 Québec, QC, CAN
Brody Fournier (F) 2003 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Rylee Hlusiak (F) 2002 Barrie, ON, CAN
2019-2020 Rico DiMatteo (G) 2001 Brasher Falls, NY, USA
Simon Kerr (D) 1999 Kingston, ON, CAN
Jack Sullivan (D) 1999 Elmhurst, IL, USA
Trevor Poeze (F) 1999 Mississauga, ON, CAN
Fletcher Anderson (F) 2000 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Cole Craft (F) 2001 North Bay, ON, CAN
2018-2019 Seth Carter (G) 1998 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Simon Mack (D) 2001 Brockville, ON, CAN
Brett Thorne (D) 1999 Brampton, ON, CAN
Connor Sleeth (F) 1999 Markham, ON, CAN
Darcy Walsh (F) 1999 Gloucester, ON, CAN
Brendan Browne (F) 1998 Markham, ON, CAN
2017-2018 Justin Evenson (G) 1999 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Andrew Jarvis (D) 1997 Morrisburg, ON, CAN
Zach Salloum (D) 1997 Orleans, ON, CAN
Owen Guy (F) 1998 Mountian, ON, CAN
Chiwetin Blacksmith (F) 1997 Waswanipi, QC, CAN
Travis Broughman (F) 1997 Richmond, VA, USA
2016-2017 Michael Cullen (G) 1996 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Will Cullen (D) 1996 Pelham Manor, NY, USA
Quinn Wichers (D) 1997 Metcalfe, ON, CAN
Connor Merkley (F) 1996 Portland, ON, CAN
Bobby Dow (F) 1998 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Nick Lalonde (F) 1998 Brooklin, ON, CAN
2015-2016 Francis Marotte (G) 1995 St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, CAN
Andrew Jarvis (D) 1997 Morrisburg, ON, CAN
Zach Salloum (D) 1997 Orleans, ON, CAN
Bryce Van Horn (F) 1996 Kimball, MI, USA
Neil Robinson (F) 1995 Pointe-Claire, QC, CAN
Martin Fréchette (F) 1997 Rockland, ON, CAN
2014-2015 Alexandre Savard-Bélanger (G) 1994 Brossard, QC, CAN
Eric Israel (D) 1995 Huntington Woods, MI, USA
Andrew Peski (D) 1997 Orleans, ON, CAN
Marly Quince (F) 1994 Sioux Lookout, ON, CAN
Mathieu Foget (F) 1997 Orleans, ON, CAN
Anthony Nellis (F) 1994 Lévis, QC, CAN
2013-2014 Darren Smith (G) 1995 Barrie, ON, CAN
Larry Smith (D) 1993 Buffalo, NY, USA
Marly Quince (F) 1994 Sioux Lookout, ON, CAN
Nathan Todd (F) 1995 Kemptville, ON, CAN
David Bennett (F) 1995 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Stefano Momesso (F) 1993 North Vancouver, BC, CAN
2012-2013 Charlie Millen (G) 1992 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Tyler Akeson (D) 1993 Orleans, ON, CAN
Holden Anderson (D) 1993 Pincourt, QC, CAN
Ryan Collins (F) 1993 Newton, MA, USA
Alex Globke (F) 1993 Waterford Township, MI, USA
Chris Maniccia (F) 1994 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
2011-2012 Lukas Hafner (G) 1992 Toledo, OH, USA
Ben Hutton (D) 1993 Brockville, ON, CAN Vancouver Canucks (2012)
MacKenzie Weegar (D) 1994 Nepean, ON, CAN Florida Panthers (2013)
Mike McMurtry (F) 1992 Greely, ON, CAN
Shayne Morrissey (F) 1992 St. John's, NL, CAN
Michael Borkowski (F) 1992 Kanata, ON, CAN
2010-2011 Scott Shackell (G) 1990 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Zach Carriveau (D) 1990 Hollis, ME, USA
Tyson Wilson (D) 1991 Brockville, ON, CAN
Mike McNamee (F) 1992 Perth, ON, CAN
Matthew Peca (F) 1993 Petawawa, ON, CAN Tampa Bay Lightning (2011)
Tyson Spink (F) 1992 Williamstown, ON, CAN
2009-2010 Niels-Erik Ravn (G) 1989 Aix-en-Provence, FRA
Sean Blunden (D) 1990 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Sébastien Gingras (D) 1991 Pierrefonds, QC, CAN
Shayne Stockton (F) 1989 Rochester, NY, USA
Mathieu Ouellette (F) 1989 Clarence Creek, ON, CAN
Mark Williamson (F) 1989 Centennial, CO, USA
2008-2009 Adam Laderoute (G) 1989 Nepean, ON, CAN
Darcy Rees (D) 1988 Kingston, ON, CAN
Ryan Sullivan (D) 1988 Cardinal, ON, CAN
Jacob Laliberte (F) 1990 Rockland, ON, CAN
Shayne Thompson (F) 1989 Stittsville, ON, CAN
Marc-André Labelle (F) 1989 St-Jérôme, QC, CAN
2007-2008 Jody O'Neill (G) 1988 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Mike Bergin (D) 1988 Kanata, ON, CAN Dallas Stars (2008)
Josh Jones (D) 1987 Scenery Hill, PA, USA
Stefan Lachapelle (F) 1987 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Eric Selleck (F) 1987 Spencerville, ON, CAN
Chris Bryson (F) 1987 Schreiber, ON, CAN
2006-2007 Adam Courchaine (G) 1989 Kanata, ON, CAN
André Chénier (D) 1986 Gatineau, QC, CAN
Mark Smith (D) 1986 Stittsville, ON, CAN
Mike Byrd (F) 1988 Kemptville, ON, CAN
Chris Kushneriuk (F) 1986 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Ian Boots (F) 1986 Akwesasne, NY, USA
2005-2006 Ian Dams (G) 1986 Manotick, ON, CAN
Matt Cowie (D) 1986 Nepean, ON, CAN
Mathieu Desjardins (D) 1985 Orleans, ON, CAN
Matt Ward (F) 1985 Kemptville, ON, CAN
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All Winners (Team Staff)
Season Award winner Born Birthplace
2022-2023 GM Jamie Mayo -
HC Dustin Traylen 1981 Kirkland, QC, CAN
2019-2020 General Manager of the Year Rick Dorval 1983 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Daniel Sauvé 1989 Ottawa, ON, CAN
2011-2012 Ian Henderson 1978 Avonmore, ON, CAN