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2023-2024 Univ. of Waterloo Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Canada flag
232000Burlington, ON, CAN6'3"170L
Canada flag
242000Waterford, ON, CAN6'1"192L
Canada flag
222002Waterloo, ON, CAN6'3"181L
Canada flag
222002Ottawa, ON, CAN6'0"187R
Canada flag
232000Vancouver, BC, CAN6'1"192R23/24
Canada flag
212002Surrey, BC, CAN5'9"170R
Canada flag
261998Mount Brydges, ON, CAN6'1"190R23/24
Canada flag
251999Kitchener, ON, CAN6'1"185L23/24
Canada flag
222001Mono, ON, CAN6'4"209L
Canada flag
261997London, ON, CAN6'1"190L23/24
Canada flag
212002Burton, NB, CAN5'10"159L
Canada flag
212003Burlington, ON, CAN6'2"194R
Canada flag
232001North Bay, ON, CAN6'0"185L
Canada flag
232001Waterloo, ON, CAN6'3"209L
Canada flag
232001Calgary, AB, CAN5'10"170L
Canada flag
232001Burlington, ON, CAN5'10"174R
Canada flag
251998Waterloo, ON, CAN5'9"170R23/24
Canada flag
242000Mississauga, ON, CAN5'9"181R
Canada flag
222002Pattsville, ON, CAN6'9"249L
Canada flag
232001Oakville, ON, CAN6'4"198L
Canada flag
212003Thornhill, ON, CAN5'8"165R
Canada flag
232001Quispamsis, NB, CAN6'6"225L
Canada flagUSA flag
212002Bakersfield, CA, USA6'0"190L
Canada flag
222002Kitchener, ON, CAN6'0"201L
USA flag
232000Cranberry Township, PA, USA6'0"181L
Canada flag
241999Trail, BC, CAN5'11"174-23/24
Canada flag
232001Calgary, AB, CAN6'1"183L
Canada flag
232001Portage la Prairie, MB, CAN6'1"190L
Canada flag
251999Hagersville, ON, CAN6'0"183L23/24
Canada flag
232001Napanee, ON, CAN6'6"214R
Canada flag
242000Brandon, MB, CAN5'11"179L
Canada flag
222001Richmond Hill, ON, CAN6'1"192R

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Univ. of Waterloo Facts

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2023-2024 Univ. of Waterloo Roster Facts

  • Canada flag31 players
  • USA flag1 player
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    Arena Information

    Arena Name
    Columbia Icefield
    Waterloo, ON
    Construction Year
    No arena photo is available right now. Click here to submit an arena photo.

    Univ. of Waterloo Games

    date home visiting score league
    02/10/2024 12:30 AM UTCUniv. of WindsorUniv. of WindsorUniv. of WaterlooUniv. of Waterloo3 - 2 (OT 60:39)USports
    02/09/2024 12:00 AM UTCUniv. of WaterlooUniv. of WaterlooUniv. of Western OntarioUniv. of Western Ontario4 - 6 USports
    01/27/2024 12:00 AM UTCUniv. of Western OntarioUniv. of Western OntarioUniv. of WaterlooUniv. of Waterloo2 - 4 USports
    01/24/2024 12:00 AM UTCWilfrid Laurier Univ.Wilfrid Laurier Univ.Univ. of WaterlooUniv. of Waterloo5 - 2 USports
    01/20/2024 07:00 PM UTCBrock Univ.Brock Univ.Univ. of WaterlooUniv. of Waterloo4 - 3 USports
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    Univ. of Waterloo History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2023-2024USports28419--571116130.4610Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2022-2023USports27618--362108150.5610Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2021-2022USports1688--045411613Conference SF lossGroup info
    2020-2021USports000---000--Season CancelledGroup info
    2019-2020USports281115--276105240.869Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2018-2019USports281013--1082110250.8910Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2017-2018USports28915--480110220.7910Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2016-2017USports281212--469882818Division QF lossGroup info
    2015-2016CIS281611--19793331.183Division QF lossGroup info
    2014-2015CIS27178--210485361.333Division QF lossGroup info
    2013-2014CIS281212--496952819Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2012-2013CIS281211--598104291.046Conference Final lossGroup info
    2011-2012CIS28159--49385341.213Division QF lossGroup info
    2010-2011CIS281512--18691311.116Division Semifinal lossGroup info
    2009-2010CIS28207--110180411.462Division QF lossGroup info
    2008-2009CIS28187--311285391.393Playoffs Qualifier lossGroup info
    2007-2008CIS2818100-011987361.293Playoffs Qualifier lossGroup info
    2006-2007CIS282142-111973451.611Conference SF lossGroup info
    2005-2006CIS241563-08979331.382Conference QF lossGroup info
    2004-2005CIS241383-08164291.213Conference QF lossGroup info
    2003-2004CIS248140-262102180.753Division Semifinal lossGroup info
    2002-2003CIS241221--5714430.134Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2001-2002CIS243201--5912270.294Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2000-2001CIAU241572--10275321.332Division Final lossGroup info
    1999-2000CIAU269161--81101190.734Did not make playoffsGroup info
    1998-1999CIAU261187-010083291.123Division Final lossGroup info
    1997-1998CIAU261574--9166341.312Division Final lossGroup info
    1996-1997CIAU261880--11577361.381Division Final lossGroup info
    1995-1996CIAU262150--15589421.621Conference ChampionGroup infoInfo
    1994-1995CIAU241392--9786281.173Division Final lossGroup info

    Univ. of Waterloo Tournament Statistics

    season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2012-2013Univ. Cup211---36213Did not make playoffsGroup info

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