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Univ. of Regina

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2023-2024 Univ. of Regina Roster

2023-2024 Univ. of Regina Staff

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2023-2024 Univ. of Regina Roster Facts

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Univ. of Regina Facts

Plays inUSports
Team colors-

2023-2024 Univ. of Regina Roster Facts

  • Canada flag25 players
ExperienceAffiliated Team(s)

    Univ. of Regina Games

    2024-02-10 Sun, 11 Feb 2024 01:00:00 GMT7 - 2USports
    2024-02-09 Sat, 10 Feb 2024 02:00:00 GMT8 - 0USports
    2024-02-03 Sat, 03 Feb 2024 23:00:00 GMT4 - 1USports
    2024-02-02 Sat, 03 Feb 2024 01:00:00 GMT8 - 0USports
    2024-01-27 Sat, 27 Jan 2024 23:00:00 GMT6 - 2USports
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    Univ. of Regina History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2023-2024USports28620--265124140.57-Group info
    2022-2023USports28817--384121190.686First round lossGroup info
    2021-2022USports20109--16969211.056Conference QF lossGroup info
    2020-2021USports000---000--Season CancelledGroup info
    2019-2020USports28817-3365117190.687Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2018-2019USports28423-115513790.328Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2017-2018USports28422--275143100.368Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2016-2017USports28322--36013190.328Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2015-2016CIS28721--073134140.55Conference QF lossGroup info
    2014-2015CIS28817--35985190.687Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2013-2014CIS281115--27099240.867Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2012-2013CIS281312--37693291.046Conference QF lossGroup info
    2011-2012CIS28520--357116130.467Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2010-2011CIS28818--254103180.647Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2009-2010CIS28917--272100200.716Did not make playoffsGroup info
    2008-2009CIS281115--26583240.866Conference SF lossGroup info
    2007-2008CIS281014--46077230.826Conference QF lossGroup info
    2006-2007CIS281312--384101291.042Conference QF lossGroup info
    2005-2006CIS2810162--7996220.793Division Semifinal lossGroup info
    2004-2005CIS286175--75114170.613Division Semifinal lossGroup info
    2003-2004CIS2810144--92106240.862Division Final lossGroup info
    2002-2003CIS2811161--75103230.823Conference SF lossGroup info
    2001-2002CIS2812124--78982813Conference QF lossGroup info
    2000-2001CIAU289145--94108230.823Division Semifinal lossGroup info
    1999-2000CIAU284213--88178110.394Did not make playoffsGroup info
    1998-1999CIAU344264--96158120.354Did not make playoffsGroup info
    1997-1998CIAU284222--75145100.364Did not make playoffsGroup info
    1996-1997CIAU267172--82103160.623Division Semifinal lossGroup info
    1995-1996CIAU2812115--105104291.042Conference Final lossGroup info
    1994-1995CIAU281792--123107361.292Conference SF lossGroup info

    Where Are They Now?

    Played in the team during season

    Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

    2023-2024View roster6'0"185 lbs22.76
    2022-2023View roster6'0"190 lbs23.12
    2021-2022View roster6'0"194 lbs23.22
    2020-2021View roster6'0"194 lbs22.88
    2019-2020View roster6'0"192 lbs22.50
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