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2017-2018 TUTO Hockey Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S
Finland flag
261997Turku, FIN6'1"172L
Finland flag
281996Kaarina, FIN5'10"154L
Finland flag
261997Jyväskylä, FIN6'2"176L
Finland flag
241999Gislaved, SWE6'0"165L
Finland flag
281995Imatra, FIN6'0"187L
Romania flagFinland flag
281996Riihimäki, FIN5'7"159L
Finland flag
261998Tampere, FIN6'0"207R
Finland flag
341990Turku, FIN5'8"181L
Finland flag
281995Turku, FIN5'10"176L
Finland flag
251999Raisio, FIN6'0"187L
Finland flag
261997Turku, FIN6'3"205R
Finland flag
291995Orivesi, FIN6'0"207L
Finland flag
271996Espoo, FIN6'2"198L
Finland flag
281996Forssa, FIN6'1"207L
Finland flag
281995Turku, FIN6'0"185L
Finland flag
341990Turku, FIN6'3"209L
Finland flag
351989Savonlinna, FIN6'2"209L
Slovakia flag
241999Spisska Nova Ves, SVK5'11"187L
Finland flag
281996Tampere, FIN5'10"168L
Finland flag
301993Rauma, FIN6'0"198R
Finland flag
301994Hartola, FIN5'11"185R
Finland flag
301994Vantaa, FIN5'9"172R
Finland flag
241999Tampere, FIN6'0"194L
Finland flag
281996Turku, FIN6'0"198R
Finland flag
331991Kuopio, FIN5'9"168L
Finland flag
381986Lemu, FIN5'9"187L
Finland flag
331991Rauma, FIN6'2"207L
Czechia flag
251999Tabor, CZE6'2"198L
Finland flag
351989Rauma, FIN6'3"216L
Finland flag
281995Lappeenranta, FIN5'10"176L
Finland flag
401984Kuopio, FIN5'8"176R
Finland flag
311993Kaarina, FIN6'0"194L
Finland flag
291995Helsinki, FIN6'3"209L
Finland flag
271996Kokkola, FIN6'0"198L
Finland flag
291995Kiukainen, FIN5'11"187L
Finland flag
281995Turku, FIN6'0"174L
Finland flag
351989Turku, FIN6'0"203L
Finland flag
271997Turku, FIN6'3"209R
Finland flag
281996Huittinen, FIN5'11"192L
Finland flag
261997Vantaa, FIN5'11"225L
Finland flag
281996Somero, FIN5'9"192L
Finland flag
301993Eurajoki, FIN5'9"181L
Finland flag
311993Helsinki, FIN6'5"231R
Finland flag
321991Turku, FIN6'2"198L
Finland flag
281995Merimasku, FIN5'9"165L
Finland flag
281996Turku, FIN6'3"209L
Finland flag
311993Nokia, FIN5'11"190R

2017-2018 TUTO Hockey Staff

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2017-2018 TUTO Hockey Demographics

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TUTO Hockey Facts

Plays in
Team Colors
Blue + White + Red
Turku, FINMap

2017-2018 TUTO Hockey Roster Facts

  • Finland flag44 players
  • Slovakia flag1 player
  • Romania flag1 player
  • Czechia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Rajupaja Areenainformation
Turku, FIN
2 985
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Rajupaja Areena

TUTO Hockey Games

date home visiting score league
03/25/2024 04:30 PM UTCKiekko-EspooKiekko-EspooTUTO HockeyTUTO Hockey4 - 1 Mestis
03/23/2024 03:00 PM UTCTUTO HockeyTUTO HockeyKiekko-EspooKiekko-Espoo2 - 1 (OT 74:07)Mestis
03/22/2024 04:30 PM UTCKiekko-EspooKiekko-EspooTUTO HockeyTUTO Hockey3 - 5 Mestis
03/20/2024 04:30 PM UTCTUTO HockeyTUTO HockeyKiekko-EspooKiekko-Espoo2 - 0 Mestis
03/18/2024 04:30 PM UTCKiekko-EspooKiekko-EspooTUTO HockeyTUTO Hockey2 - 1 Mestis
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TUTO Hockey History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
TUTO Hockey
2023-2024Mestis482213-67145142851.775Quarterfinal loss
2022-2023Mestis521724-74164174691.3310Quarterfinal loss
2021-2022Mestis1091-004720272.71Saved in relegationGroup info
Mestis521824-55145145691.3311Relegation Play
2020-2021Mestis301113-3398104421.48Playoffs Qualifier loss
2019-2020Mestis502525-57167160771.547Playoffs CancelledInfo
2018-2019Mestis502018-84151130801.65Bronze game win
2017-2018Mestis502117-48166129791.585Final loss
2016-2017Mestis502817-32167114921.842Bronze game loss
2015-2016Mestis501718-96148149751.57Quarterfinal loss
2014-2015Mestis562820-71177143991.773Bronze game loss
2013-2014Mestis562812-12418112911221Bronze game win
2012-2013Mestis482413-65161128891.852Bronze game win
2011-2012Mestis461620-64132150641.396Quarterfinal loss
TuTo Hockey
2010-2011Mestis491331-00137185440.912Saved in relegation
2009-2010Mestis452116-35153145741.646Quarterfinal loss
2008-2009Mestis452316-33156110781.735Bronze game loss
2006-2007Mestis4529932217193671.492Bronze game loss
2005-2006Mestis4524165--157123551.223Bronze game win
2004-2005Mestis4416176141231314416Bronze game win
2003-2004Mestis451323603121162350.7811Saved in relegation
2002-2003Mestis4418214-1158160410.939Did not make playoffs
2001-2002Mestis4421185--172137491.115Quarterfinal loss
2000-2001Mestis442798--201126621.411Final loss
1999-2000I-divisioona4826193--152151551.154Qualification loss
1998-1999I-divisioona4817265--158182390.816Qualification loss
1997-1998I-divisioona4418188--1511564415Qualification loss
1996-1997I-divisioona4419223--182156410.938Did not make playoffs

TUTO Hockey Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
TUTO Hockey
2022-2023Suomen Cup------------
2021-2022Suomen Cup211-0010731.52Qualification lossGroup infoInfo
2019-2020Suomen Cup200-116631.5-RelegatedInfo
2018-2019Suomen Cup210-01135---RelegatedInfo
2017-2018Suomen Cup550---215--1Champion
1971-1972Toronto Cup4130--172620.56-

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Elite Prospects Notes and Trivia


The club was founded in 1929 as Turun Toverit. In 1946 the club formed an ice hockey team, which started to play competitively in 1950. In 1988 the team adopted the name TuTo Hockey, while the team is commonly known simply as TuTo. The team name echoes its origins as a team founded by left-leaning moderate social democrats.

From 1965 to 1975 the team played in SM-sarja and enjoyed moderate success in the late 1960s. in 1975 the team placed last in SM-sarja and was thus relegated to newly formed I-divisioona. However, the team never participated in I-divisioona and sold its players to its local rival TPS. The team continued playing in lower divisions.

In 1983 TuTo was promoted to I-divisioona. After playing for over ten seasons in I-divisioona, TuTo, coached by Juhani Tamminen, was promoted to SM-liiga in 1994. Team's tenure in SM-liiga was, however, rather short-lived as the team was relegated back to I-divisioona only after two seasons in SM-liiga.

In 2000 I-divisioona was renamed to Mestis due to the closure of SM-liiga, which prevented promotion and relegation between the two leagues. During the decade, TuTo both endured relegation in 2004 and was crowned the league champion in 2008.

After peaking in 2008, the core of the team dispersed to other teams as the top players were signed by SM-liiga teams. Furthermore, during the triumphant 2007-08 season, the team board had a disagreement regarding the development and ownership of the team, which led to the resignation of two board members, including the team chairman. Subsequently, one of the key actors behind the team's success, coach Ismo Lehkonen announced that he would not continue as the team coach in 2008-09. Lehkonen returned to coach the team in 2013-14.

TuTo has traditionally been a rival team to TPS. However, due to the teams playing on different levels, TuTo has loaned some of its rival's players at times. In 2009 the teams entered into an affiliation agreement, which displeased some of the fans.

In 2011, after a troublesome season, the team ownership changed, capital was infused and a new chairman was elected. The team ownership change once more in 2014.

Behind the name

The original name of the team was Turun Toverit, shortened to TuTo. The word 'Toverit', comrades in English, echoes working class roots.

Team colours and jerseys

The team colours of TuTo are white, blue and red. The team has traditionally worn jerseys with a TUTO wordmark instead of a team logo in front of the jersey, but this changed in 2011 when the team adopted its current logo. Since season 1999-00 the team has worn jerseys that are very similar to the New York Rangers jerseys in design and colors. For a long time TUTO played its home games in white jerseys, unlike the other teams in Mestis, but this changed when TUTO started to use the team logo on the jerseys.