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Rouen U22

France flagNot Active (France)
22 162
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2015-2016 Rouen U22 Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S
France flag
251998Rouen, FRA5'5"126R
France flagBelgium flag
271996Niort, FRA5'11"176R
France flag
251998Abidjan, CI6'1"198L
France flag
261997Rouen, FRA5'10"174L
France flag
271995Colombes, FRA6'0"165L
France flag
291994Dunkerque, FRA5'7"172L
France flag
291994Mont-Saint-Aignan, FRA6'4"207L
France flag
271996Rennes, FRA5'7"154L
France flag
261997Longjumeau, FRA5'11"176R
France flag
271996Mont-Saint-Aignan, FRA5'11"168L
France flag
271996Créteil, FRA6'2"174R
France flag
281995Caen, FRA6'4"190R
France flag
261997Angers, FRA5'10"165L
France flag
241999Rouen, FRA6'0"170R
France flag
261997Reims, FRA6'1"203L
France flag
251998Rouen, FRA6'0"172R
France flag
241999Rouen, FRA5'11"187L
France flag
251998Clermont-Ferrand, FRA6'6"249L
Belgium flagFrance flag
241999Liege, BEL6'0"183L
France flag
241999Mont-Saint-Aignan, FRA5'9"198L
France flag
261997La Roche-sur-Yon, FRA5'10"170L
France flag
271996Saint-Martin-d'Hères, FRA5'10"179L
France flag
271996Pontoise, FRA5'8"176L
France flag
241999Paris, FRA5'10"170L
France flag
261996Caen, FRA5'6"139R
France flag
261997Ourgou, BUR6'2"223L
France flag
271996Chaumont, FRA6'2"190L
France flag
281995Rouen, FRA5'10"165L
France flag
261997Nantes, FRA6'0"176R
France flag
251998Amiens, FRA6'0"194L
France flag
271996Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole, FRA5'8"152R
France flag
261997La Garenne-Colombes, FRA5'7"165R
France flag
261997Montmorency, FRA5'10"170L

2015-2016 Rouen U22 Staff

2015-2016 Rouen U22 Demographics

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Rouen U22 Facts

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2015-2016 Rouen U22 Roster Facts

Arena Information

Arena NameL'ïle Lacroix
LocationRouen, FRA
Capacity3 279
Construction Year1992
A photo of arena: L'ïle Lacroix

Rouen U22 Games

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Rouen U22 History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2015-2016France U2218113-317953402.223Final loss
2014-2015France U2218143-019952432.392Champion
2013-2014France U2220163-019952492.451Bronze game win
2012-2013France U2220134-307947452.253Champion
2011-2012France U2220154-019648462.32Final loss
2010-2011France U2220191-0010731572.851Champion
2009-2010France U2220152-2113355502.51Bronze game win
2008-2009France U2218114-309440392.173Champion
2007-2008France U2220154-1010044321.63Final loss
2006-2007France U22222200--125314421Final loss
2005-2006France U226600--3261221Final groupGroup info
2005-2006France U22161510--9221301.881ChampionGroup info
2004-2005France U22121110--9216221.831Final groupGroup info
2004-2005France U22141031--6629211.53Final lossGroup info
2003-2004France U22141400--138132821Final groupGroup info
2003-2004France U22141400--94222821ChampionGroup info

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2015-2016View roster5'11"176 lbs19.48
2014-2015View roster5'11"176 lbs19.50
2013-2014View roster5'10"172 lbs19.21
2012-2013View roster5'10"176 lbs19.66
2011-2012View roster5'11"172 lbs19.39
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