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Mora IK J20

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2023-2024 Mora IK J20 Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Youth Team HT WT S CTRCT
Norway flag
Sweden flag
182005Partille HK6'0"163LJunior
Czechia flag
172006BK Mlada Boleslav5'11"154LJunior
Sweden flag
182005IK Oskarshamn6'4"209LJunior
Czechia flag
182005HC Zlin6'0"183LJunior
Sweden flag
192004Mora IK6'2"203L23/24
Sweden flag
192004Älta IF5'9"165L23/24
Sweden flag
182005Svegs IK6'1"194LJunior
Sweden flag
202003Linköpings HC6'1"187L24/25
Sweden flag
182006Mora IK5'11"192LJunior
Sweden flag
192004Falu IF6'1"205R24/25
Sweden flag
182005IF Malmö Redhawks6'2"187LJunior
Sweden flag
182005Falu IF6'1"170LJunior
Sweden flag
172006IK Oskarshamn6'3"172LJunior
Sweden flag
192004Orsa IK--L23/24
Sweden flag
182005Borlänge HF6'0"179LJunior
Norway flag
Norway flagSweden flag
192004Lørenskog IK6'0"187L23/24
Sweden flag
192005Mora IK6'0"176LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Ånge IK5'11"172LJunior
Sweden flag
192004Orsa IK6'1"187L25/26
Sweden flag
192004Malungs IF5'11"185L23/24
Sweden flag
182005Sunderby SK5'10"185LJunior
Sweden flagCzechia flag
182005Mora IK5'10"176LJunior
Hungary flag
Sweden flag
182005Mora IK5'11"165LJunior
Norway flag
Sweden flag
192004Partille HK6'0"185L23/24
Sweden flag
182005Älvdalens HK--LJunior
Norway flag
192004Manglerud Star6'1"187L24/25
Norway flag

2023-2024 Mora IK J20 Staff

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2023-2024 Mora IK J20 Demographics

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Mora IK J20 Facts

Plays inJ20 Nationell
Team colors-

2023-2024 Mora IK J20 Roster Facts

  • Sweden flag22 players
  • Norway flag6 players
  • Czechia flag2 players
  • Hungary flag1 player
ExperienceAffiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Smidjegrav Arenainformation
LocationMora, SWE
Capacity4 500
Construction Year1967
A photo of arena: Smidjegrav Arena

Mora IK J20 Games

2024-03-09 Sat, 09 Mar 2024 14:00:00 GMT-J20 Nationell
2024-03-03 Sun, 03 Mar 2024 11:00:00 GMT2 - 6J20 Nationell
2024-03-02 Sat, 02 Mar 2024 11:30:00 GMT4 - 5 (OT)J20 Nationell
2024-02-25 Sun, 25 Feb 2024 13:00:00 GMT5 - 2J20 Nationell
2024-02-24 Sat, 24 Feb 2024 11:00:00 GMT4 - 3 (OT)J20 Nationell
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Mora IK J20 History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024J20 Nationell27913-329299351.38-Group info
2023-2024J20 Nationell1786-215551291.714-Group info
2022-2023J20 Nationell27144-36102845421Eighth Final LossGroup info
2021-2022J20 Nationell27158-3110275521.932Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2020-2021J20 Nationell1486-004746241.714Season CancelledGroup info
2019-2020J20 SuperElit27416-2556110210.7810Playoffs CancelledGroup info
2018-2019J20 SuperElit27218-3472134160.5910Saved in relegationGroup info
2017-2018J20 SuperElit27517-2361106220.819Saved in relegationGroup info
2016-2017J20 SuperElit27619-1161118210.789Saved in relegationGroup info
2015-2016J20 SuperElit2710116157794371.378Saved in relegationGroup info
2014-2015J20 SuperElit27817-11651012719Saved in relegationGroup info
2013-2014J20 SuperElit27319-2374138160.5910Saved in relegationGroup info
2012-2013J20 SuperElit27917-1068101281.049Saved in relegationGroup info
2011-2012J20 SuperElit27520-1157111180.679Saved in relegationGroup info
2010-2011J20 SuperElit2761701372101230.859Did not make playoffsGroup info
2009-2010J20 SuperElit2751803170113220.819Did not make playoffsGroup info
2008-2009J20 SuperElit2771703066862717Did not make playoffsGroup info
2007-2008J20 SuperElit278172008392260.969Did not make playoffsGroup info
2006-2007J20 SuperElit271391319075471.744Playoffs Qualifier lossGroup info
2005-2006J20 SuperElit278145008185291.078Playoffs Qualifier lossGroup info
2004-2005J20 SuperElit34161322111391551.627Quarterfinal loss
2003-2004J20 SuperElit3613149--124123541.59Did not make playoffs
2002-2003J20 SuperElit307221--81124220.7315Saved in relegation
2001-2002J20 SuperElit3713195--123144471.277Did not make playoffsGroup info
2000-2001J20 SuperElit21975--8278231.13Bronze game winGroup info
1999-2000J20 SuperElit3618108--12395441.224Quarterfinal loss
1998-1999J20 SuperElit362376--14395521.441Final loss
1997-1998J20 SuperElit301497--13494351.177-
1996-1997J20 SuperElit3011145--110112270.912-
1995-1996J20 SuperElit307167--100131210.713-

Mora IK J20 Stars And Cult Players

Where Are They Now?

Played in the team during season

Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'0"181 lbs18.42
2022-2023View roster5'11"181 lbs18.33
2021-2022View roster6'0"179 lbs18.43
2020-2021View roster6'0"179 lbs18.75
2019-2020View roster5'11"179 lbs18.38
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