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2024-2025 Södertälje SK J20 Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Youth Team HT WT S CTRCT
Sweden flag
172007Nyköpings SK6'0"172LJunior
Latvia flag
172006HS Riga6'4"176LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Borås HC6'0"150LJunior
Sweden flag
182006Brinkens IF6'2"172LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Södertälje SK6'2"187LJunior
Sweden flag
182006Järfälla HC6'5"181LJunior
Sweden flag
182006Trångsunds IF6'1"201LJunior
Sweden flag
182006Södertälje SK6'0"190LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Flens HC6'1"187LJunior
Sweden flag
182006Södertälje SK6'1"176LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Järna SK--LJunior
Slovenia flag
182005HD Jesenice Mladi6'1"187RJunior
Sweden flag
162007IFK Mariefred5'10"172LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Åker/Strängnäs HC--LJunior
Sweden flag
182006Södertälje SK6'0"185RJunior
Sweden flag
182006Linden Hockey5'11"174RJunior
Sweden flag
192005Södertälje SK6'2"203LJunior
Sweden flag
192005Södertälje SK6'0"165LJunior
Slovakia flag
192005HOBA Bratislava5'10"165RJunior
Sweden flag
192005Gnesta IK5'9"154LJunior
Sweden flagFinland flag
172006IFK Tumba6'2"203RJunior
Sweden flag
192005Huddinge IK--RJunior
Sweden flag
192005Nordia HC6'1"176RJunior
Sweden flag
182005USA Patriots Hockey6'0"176LJunior
Sweden flag
172006IFK Mariefred6'2"203RJunior
Sweden flag
182006Trångsunds IF5'10"154LJunior
Sweden flag
172006Bålsta HC5'10"159LJunior
Sweden flag
172006Clemensnäs HC5'11"183RJunior

2024-2025 Södertälje SK J20 Staff

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2024-2025 Södertälje SK J20 Demographics

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Södertälje SK J20 Facts

Plays in
J20 Nationell
Team Colors
Södertälje, SWEMap

2024-2025 Södertälje SK J20 Roster Facts

  • Sweden flag25 players
  • Slovenia flag1 player
  • Slovakia flag1 player
  • Latvia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Södertälje, SWE
6 200
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Scaniarinken

Södertälje SK J20 Games

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Södertälje SK J20 History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2024-2025J20 Nationell------------Group info
2023-2024J20 Nationell20107-217056351.753Quarterfinal lossGroup info
J20 Nationell301313-4010799471.576-Group info
2022-2023J20 Nationell30616-44821173019Relegation PlayGroup info
2021-2022J20 Nationell301014-24104104381.277Eighth Final LossGroup info
2020-2021J20 Nationell2077-338586301.56Season CancelledGroup info
2019-2020J20 SuperElit27420-1273141160.5910Playoffs CancelledGroup info
2018-2019J20 SuperElit27915-0378100301.118Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2017-2018J20 SuperElit271310-229379451.674Eighth Final LossGroup info
2016-2017J20 SuperElit27714-427183311.159Did not make playoffsGroup info
2015-2016J20 SuperElit279117437177381.417Eighth Final LossGroup info
2014-2015J20 SuperElit27815-045886281.047Did not make playoffsGroup info
2013-2014J20 SuperElit27518-2268110210.7810Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2012-2013J20 SuperElit27129-2410895441.635Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2011-2012J20 SuperElit301412-229693481.65Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2010-2011J20 SuperElit2710140218087351.37Eighth Final LossGroup info
2009-2010J20 SuperElit2771502398121281.048Did not make playoffsGroup info
2008-2009J20 SuperElit2715702310783521.934Playoffs Qualifier lossGroup info
2007-2008J20 SuperElit2791032310096371.377Did not make playoffsGroup info
2006-2007J20 SuperElit27131120111196421.565Playoffs Qualifier lossGroup info
2005-2006J20 SuperElit271077127067411.526Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2004-2005J20 SuperElit34179611135106601.765Quarterfinal loss
2003-2004J20 SuperElit3620106--139100711.972Quarterfinal loss
2002-2003J20 SuperElit308157--107128341.1313Saved in relegation
2001-2002J20 SuperElit3721124--177132681.843Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2000-2001J20 SuperElit211083--7482231.14Did not make playoffsGroup info
1999-2000J20 SuperElit3617145--125117391.088Semifinal loss
1998-1999J20 SuperElit3616128--142118401.118Quarterfinal loss
1997-1998J20 SuperElit301785--123104391.35-
1996-1997J20 SuperElit3014115--135141331.17Bronze game loss

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