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2023-2024 Hanhals IF Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Youth Team HT WT S CTRCT
Sweden flag
212002Hanhals IF6'1"181L23/24
Sweden flag
232001Stenungsunds HF6'3"196L23/24
Sweden flag
Sweden flag
222002HK Kings6'2"181R23/24
Sweden flag
192005Hanhals IF--L
Sweden flag
182005Hanhals IF--L
Sweden flag
182005Hanhals IF6'0"172L
Sweden flag
202004Kållereds SK--L24/25
Sweden flag
232000Visby AIK6'0"209R24/25
Canada flag
Sweden flag
212003IF Sundsvall Hockey6'2"207L24/25
Sweden flag
251999Tegs SK5'11"196L24/25
Sweden flag
192004Hanhals IF--L
Sweden flag
222002Hanhals IF5'8"146L24/25
Sweden flag
202004Hanhals IF--L24/25
Sweden flag
242000Åker/Strängnäs HC6'0"181L23/24
Sweden flag
212003Järnbrotts HK--L
Sweden flag
212002IF Troja-Ljungby6'1"148R23/24
Sweden flag
182005Hanhals IF6'1"187RJunior
Sweden flag
Sweden flag
232000HC Lidköping6'1"187L24/25
Sweden flag
202003HK Kings--L23/24
Sweden flag
202004IF Mölndal Hockey6'2"185L24/25
Sweden flag
202003Fotskäls HC6'4"198L24/25
Sweden flag
222002Hanhals IF5'10"163L23/24

2023-2024 Hanhals IF Staff

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2023-2024 Hanhals IF Demographics

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Hanhals IF Facts

Plays in
Team Colors
Kungsbacka, SWEMap

2023-2024 Hanhals IF Roster Facts

  • Sweden flag24 players
  • Canada flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Kungsbacka ishallinformation
Kungsbacka, SWE
2 400
Construction Year
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Hanhals IF Games

date home visiting score league
03/13/2022 03:00 PM UTCTranås AIFTranås AIFHanhals IFHanhals IF3 - 1 HockeyEttan
03/02/2022 06:00 PM UTCVisby/RomaVisby/RomaHanhals IFHanhals IF6 - 3 HockeyEttan
03/01/2022 06:00 PM UTCSegeltorps IFSegeltorps IFHanhals IFHanhals IF0 - 1 (OT 63:19)HockeyEttan
02/23/2022 06:00 PM UTCHanhals IFHanhals IFMörrums GoISMörrums GoIS2 - 4 HockeyEttan
02/20/2022 03:00 PM UTCNyköpings SKNyköpings SKHanhals IFHanhals IF4 - 3 HockeyEttan
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Hanhals IF History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024Division 21886-316555311.722Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
Division 21847-345371221.228-Group info
2022-2023Division 218414-003577120.679Relegation PlayGroup info
2021-2022Kval D11045-012428131.33RelegatedGroup info
HockeyEttan1859-134854201.118Relegation PlayGroup info
HockeyEttan18311-042275130.7210-Group info
2020-2021HockeyEttan1896-305454351.943-Group info
HockeyEttan22512-326383231.0510-Group info
2019-2020HockeyEttan1889-104157271.55-Group info
HockeyEttan22214-425790160.7311-Group info
2018-2019HockeyEttan18410-2250631819Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
HockeyEttan22126-138475411.865-Group info
2017-2018HockeyEttan1247-103238181.54-Group info
HockeyEttan2289-236061311.418-Group info
2016-2017HockeyEttan1566-215047251.674-Group info
HockeyEttan20412-224864180.910-Group info
2015-2016Kval D11042-224029181.82PromotedGroup info
Division 222210-1010426652.951PromotedGroup info
2014-2015Kval D11026-11262990.95-Group info
Division 222152-419344542.451Promotion PlayGroup info
2013-2014Division 232217-2213267692.163Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
2012-2013Division 233206-3414288702.123Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
2011-2012Division 230169-2310391551.834Promotion PlayGroup infoInfo
2010-2011Division 233126-5168181140.4212Relegation PlayGroup info
2009-2010Division 23621105--182120471.312Promotion PlayGroup info
2008-2009Division 2271845--14281411.521Promotion PlayGroup info
2007-2008Division 22711106--10590281.045-Group info
2006-2007Division 2268171--73107170.6512-Group info
2005-2006Division 3201820--13148361.81PromotedGroup info
2004-2005Division 3271863--15072391.442-Group info

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'0"181 lbs21.56
2022-2023View roster6'0"181 lbs22.53
2021-2022View roster6'0"183 lbs21.78
2020-2021View roster6'0"181 lbs21.39
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