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2023-2024 HC Panter Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Estonia flag
331990Tallinn, EST5'11"183L24/25
Canada flag
232001East Vancouver, BC, CAN6'4"220L23/24
Estonia flag
162008Tallinn, EST6'1"154LJunior
Estonia flag
182006Tallinn, EST5'10"168LJunior
Estonia flag
182006Tallinn, EST5'11"157RJunior
Estonia flag
222001Tallinn, EST5'11"185L
Estonia flag
172006Tallinn, EST5'6"128RJunior
Estonia flag
291994Tallinn, EST6'0"192L23/24
Japan flagUSA flag
261997Berkeley, CA, USA6'4"216R23/24
Estonia flag
202003Tallinn, EST6'0"201R23/24
Ukraine flag
391984Izhevsk, RUS5'11"183L23/24
Estonia flag
182006Tallinn, EST6'2"174RJunior
Estonia flag
251999Tallinn, EST6'8"212L24/25
Ukraine flag
202003Kharkov, UKR5'9"168L
Estonia flag
192005Tallinn, EST6'1"176RJunior
Estonia flag
192005Tallinn, EST6'4"165L24/25
Estonia flag
212002Tartu, EST6'4"187R23/24
Estonia flag
172007Kohtla-Järve, EST6'0"176LJunior
Estonia flag
172006Tallinn, EST5'10"161L24/25
Estonia flag
182006Tallinn, EST6'0"172LJunior
Estonia flag
Estonia flag
222002Kohtla-Järve, EST6'0"181L23/24
Estonia flag
172007Tallinn, EST6'0"168RJunior
Estonia flag
271997Tallinn, EST5'11"187L23/24
Estonia flag
Estonia flag
222002Narva, EST5'11"176L24/25
Estonia flag
182006Tallinn, EST6'0"207-Junior
Estonia flag
182005Tallinn, EST6'0"159LJunior
Estonia flag
232000Tallinn, EST6'1"214L24/25
Estonia flag
182006Tallinn, EST5'9"159LJunior
Estonia flag
251999Tallinn, EST6'2"183R24/25
Estonia flag
202003Tallinn, EST5'10"183L23/24
Estonia flag
331991Tallinn, EST5'9"165L24/25
Estonia flag
192004Tallinn, EST5'9"137LJunior
Estonia flag
291994Tallinn, EST5'9"154L23/24
Estonia flag
182005Tallinn, EST5'11"159LJunior
Estonia flag
242000Tallinn, EST5'9"159L
Estonia flag
232001Narva, EST6'2"190R23/24
Estonia flag
232000Kohtla-Järve, EST6'0"185L23/24
Estonia flag
411983Tallinn, EST6'1"198L24/25
Estonia flag
172007Tallinn, EST6'0"181LJunior
Ukraine flag
202003Kyiv, UKR6'0"168L24/25
Estonia flag
172006Tallinn, EST5'7"154RJunior
Estonia flag
162007Tallinn, EST5'7"154LJunior
Estonia flag
341990Tallinn, EST5'9"185L24/25

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2023-2024 HC Panter Demographics

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HC Panter Facts

Plays in
Optibet hokeja liga
Team Colors
Red + Black + White
Tallinn, ESTMap

2023-2024 HC Panter Roster Facts

  • Estonia flag41 players
  • Ukraine flag3 players
  • Japan flag1 player
  • Canada flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

HC Panter Games

date home visiting score league
09/24/2023 10:00 AM UTCKHL ZagrebKHL ZagrebHC PanterHC Panter4 - 6 Continental Cup
09/23/2023 01:30 PM UTCHC PanterHC PanterKaunas CityKaunas City4 - 9 Continental Cup
09/22/2023 12:00 PM UTCHC PanterHC PanterSkautafélag ReykjavikurSkautafélag Reykjavikur14 - 0 Continental Cup
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HC Panter History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
HC Panter
2023-2024Estonia15114000388820.135Did not make playoffs
Latvia321713-20122106381.194Quarterfinal loss
2022-2023Estonia24194-0113267391.632Final loss
2021-2022Estonia24139-1110390291.214Bronze game win
HC Panter Tallinn
2020-2021Estonia1686-026962181.133No playoffs held
HC Panter/Purikad
2015-2016Estonia1457-025753171.212No playoffs held
2014-2015Estonia16510-0161791614Bronze game win
2013-2014Estonia20713-0094105211.054Bronze game loss
HC Panter
2012-2013Estonia16511---9580150.944Semifinal loss
2011-2012Estonia16114-107564352.192Bronze game loss
HC Purikad
2007-2008Estonia20713-0087132211.054No playoffs held
HC Panter
2005-2006II-divisioona301411122122119351.174-Group info
HC Panter Tallinn
2002-2003Estonia201181--8875231.154Quarterfinal loss
HC Panter
2001-2002Estonia10271--213350.55Did not make playoffsGroup info
Estonia10631--5544131.33Clinched Play-Off SpotGroup info

HC Panter Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024Cont Cup321-002413622-Group info

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- 2001-2003 HC Panter
- 2003-04 HC Panter/Hansa Sport.
- 2004-2011 HC Panter
- 2011- HC Panter Purikad