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2023-2024 Brest Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
France flag
222002Autrans, FRA5'9"172L23/24
Slovenia flag
242000Jesenice, SLO5'9"161L23/24
France flag
361987Orléans, FRA6'0"209R23/24
France flag
291994Grenoble, FRA6'1"179L23/24
France flag
441980Saint-Martin-d'Hères, FRA5'10"183R23/24
Belarus flag
271996Minsk, BLR5'6"154L23/24
France flag
341989Rouen, FRA6'4"218L23/24
France flag
232001Cagnes-sur-Mer, FRA6'1"187L24/25
France flag
341989Annecy, FRA6'1"207R
France flag
222001Briançon, FRA5'5"134R23/24
Canada flag
321992St-Mathieu, QC, CAN6'0"190L24/25
France flag
222001Le Chesnay, FRA6'2"194R24/25
Canada flag
212002Mascouche, QC, CAN6'0"194R23/24
France flag
232000Brest, FRA5'11"154L
Russia flagUkraine flag
411982Kyiv, UKR6'6"262L23/24
France flag
222002Valenciennes, FRA6'2"181L23/24
France flag
281995Brest, FRA5'10"172R23/24
France flag
202003Brest, FRA5'10"176L23/24
Canada flag
281996Saskatoon, SK, CAN5'8"165L23/24
France flag
182005Brest, FRA5'8"163LJunior
France flagBelarus flag
381985Minsk, BLR5'9"198L

2023-2024 Brest Staff

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2023-2024 Brest Demographics

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Brest Facts

Plays in
FFHG, Division 1
Team Colors
Blue + White
Brest, FRAMap

2023-2024 Brest Roster Facts

  • France flag16 players
  • Canada flag3 players
  • Slovenia flag1 player
  • Russia flag1 player
  • Belarus flag1 player
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Arena Information

Arena Name
Rïnkla Stadium
Brest, FRA
1 400
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Rïnkla Stadium

Brest Games

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Brest History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024France21265-104045191.5812Saved in relegationGroup infoInfo
France226813-3284116321.2311Relegation Play
2022-2023France226146-158069491.883Quarterfinal lossInfo
2020-2021France21228-11256380.677Did not make playoffsGroup infoInfo
2019-2020France226139-138078441.693Playoffs CancelledInfo
2018-2019France226154-2511181542.081Semifinal lossInfo
2017-2018France226156-5010861552.122Final loss
2016-2017France224118-419277421.755Final lossInfo
2015-2016Ligue Magnus261210-407282441.696Quarterfinal loss
2014-2015Ligue Magnus26814--47398200.7712Playoffs Qualifier loss
2013-2014Ligue Magnus26817-1081115180.6913RelegatedInfo
2012-2013France226146-3313285371.421Champion | Promoted
2011-2012France226155-5113574411.583Semifinal loss
2010-2011France226183-5019579461.771Final loss
2009-2010France226224-0016957441.692Final loss
2008-2009France3181602--20944341.891Champion | PromotedGroup info
2007-2008France3181512--16647321.781Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2006-2007France314734--8055181.293Qualification lossGroup info
France314941--9055191.364Final groupGroup info
2005-2006France410820--9539161.61Final groupGroup info
France4321--0201141.332PromotedGroup info
France410811--10643171.71QualificationGroup info
2004-2005France410622--7937141.42-Group infoInfo
2003-2004France14760104947161.144Bronze game lossGroup info
France12840005536161.333QualificationGroup info
2002-2003France14572004657120.865Did not make playoffsGroup info
France14851005546171.213QualificationGroup info
2001-2002France3222020--24840381.732Champion | PromotedGroup infoInfo

Brest Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2015-2016French League Cup633-00262091.53Did not make playoffsGroup info
2014-2015French League Cup642-00162181.332Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2013-2014French League Cup623-01222550.833Did not make playoffsGroup info
1995-1996European Cup3210--23641.332-Group info

Brest Retired Numbers

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster5'11"183 lbs27.88
2022-2023View roster5'11"183 lbs27.81
2021-2022View roster5'11"185 lbs27.52
2020-2021View roster5'11"183 lbs28.26
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Elite Prospects Notes and Trivia

The number 22 was retired on January 27th 2024, the club announced that descendants of Sergei Tukmachev will have the option of wearing the 22 like his son Maxime at the time of retirement. Tukmachev never play for Brest but was in coaching staff for over 30 years when his number was retired