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2024-2025 Miami Univ. (Ohio) Staff

Team Staff History

2024-2025 Miami Univ. (Ohio) Demographics

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Miami Univ. (Ohio) Facts

Plays in
NCAA Division I
Team Colors
Red + White
Oxford, OH, USAMap

2024-2025 Miami Univ. (Ohio) Roster Facts

  • USA flag10 players
  • Canada flag3 players
  • Sweden flag2 players
  • Austria flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

    Arena Information

    Arena Name
    Steve Cady Arena at the Goggin Ice Center
    Oxford, OH, USA
    3 642
    Construction Year
    A photo of arena: Steve Cady Arena at the Goggin Ice Center

    Miami Univ. (Ohio) Games

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    Miami Univ. (Ohio) History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2023-2024NCAA000-00000-7Conference QF lossGroup info
    2022-2023NCAA368244--73137140.398Conference QF lossGroup info
    2021-2022NCAA367272--94153170.478Conference QF lossGroup info
    2020-2021NCAA255182--4889180.728-Group info
    2019-2020NCAA348215--92127200.597-Group info
    2018-2019NCAA3811234--87122180.477-Group info
    2017-2018NCAA3712205--103128240.658-Group info
    2016-2017NCAA369207--91113230.647-Group info
    2015-2016NCAA3615183--8697310.865-Group info
    2014-2015NCAA4025141--130100441.12First round lossGroup infoInfo
    2013-2014NCAA3815203--111115200.538-Group info
    2012-2013NCAA4225125--10673591.41Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2011-2012NCAA4124152--12286481.174First round lossGroup info
    2010-2011NCAA3923106--14685521.333First round lossGroup infoInfo
    2009-2010NCAA442987--14786701.591Frozen FourGroup info
    2008-2009NCAA4123135--12889400.982Final lossGroup info
    2007-2008NCAA423381--16978431.022Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2006-2007NCAA4224144--135107360.863Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    2005-2006NCAA392694--12279421.081First round lossGroup info
    2004-2005NCAA3815185--120104260.687-Group info
    2003-2004NCAA4123144--137106370.92First round lossGroup info
    2002-2003NCAA4121173--132101290.715-Group info
    2001-2002NCAA3612222--89121200.5610-Group info
    2000-2001NCAA3820162--120108350.922-Group info
    1999-2000NCAA3613203--99122230.649-Group info
    1998-1999NCAA3611205--98130220.619-Group info
    1997-1998NCAA3719144--134114320.865-Group info
    1996-1997NCAA4027121--174119390.982First round lossGroup info
    1995-1996NCAA3610224--119168220.617-Group info
    1994-1995NCAA3918156--129132320.824-Group info

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