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RB Hockey Juniors

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2023-2024 RB Hockey Juniors Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Germany flag
182005Rosenheim, GER6'0"161LJunior
Austria flag
182006Hall in Tirol, AUT6'0"165LJunior
Austria flag
162007Zell am See, AUT5'11"152RJunior
Austria flag
212003Salzburg, AUT5'10"161L23/24
Austria flag
172006Salzburg, AUT5'10"141LJunior
Germany flag
192004Schwabach, GER6'2"196LJunior
Austria flag
172006Salzburg, AUT6'2"194RJunior
Germany flag
182005Prien am Chiemsee, GER6'0"163LJunior
Germany flag
212003Berlin, GER6'2"196R23/24
Austria flag
202003Salzburg, AUT6'2"196R23/24
Germany flagFinland flag
192004Hannover, GER6'0"181LJunior
Austria flag
182005Innsbruck, AUT6'0"183RJunior
Germany flag
182005Bad Nauheim, GER5'9"154RJunior
Austria flag
182005Salzburg, AUT6'3"205RJunior
Austria flag
241999Salzburg, AUT5'10"172L
Germany flag
202004Mannheim, GER6'2"192LJunior
Austria flagUSA flag
232000Durango, CO, USA6'1"190R
Austria flag
222001Wien, AUT6'4"212L
Germany flag
192004Karaganda, KAZ5'11"183LJunior
Austria flag
192004Graz, AUT6'1"192L
Austria flag
192004Salzburg, AUT5'9"174LJunior
Austria flag
192005Salzburg, AUT5'11"165RJunior
Austria flag
172006Feldkirch, AUT5'10"168LJunior
Austria flag
172006Linz, AUT6'3"187LJunior
Finland flag
202003Alavus, FIN5'7"172L23/24
Austria flag
182006Feldkirch, AUT5'9"143LJunior
Germany flag
192004Weingarten, GER6'0"174LJunior
Austria flag
202003Salzburg, AUT5'7"150LJunior
Germany flag
172006Deggendorf, GER5'11"187RJunior
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT6'1"205R23/24
Finland flag
212002Pori, FIN5'10"176L23/24
Austria flag
192005Klagenfurt, AUT6'2"201LJunior
Germany flag
172006Weingarten, GER5'11"159LJunior
Germany flagItaly flag
222002Bolzano, ITA6'1"187L
Germany flagCanada flag
182005Erding, GER6'1"172LJunior
Austria flag
182005Dornbirn, AUT5'11"187RJunior
Germany flag
182005Kaufbeuren, GER5'11"181LJunior
Germany flag
182005Pegnitz, GER5'11"174RJunior
Austria flag
192004Zell am See, AUT6'0"159LJunior
Russia flag
182006Moskva, RUS5'11"170LJunior

2023-2024 RB Hockey Juniors Staff

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2023-2024 RB Hockey Juniors Demographics

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RB Hockey Juniors Facts

Plays inAlps Hockey League
Team colors-

2023-2024 RB Hockey Juniors Roster Facts

  • Austria flag21 players
  • Germany flag15 players
  • Finland flag2 players
  • Russia flag1 player
  • Latvia flag1 player
ExperienceAffiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena NameVolksgarten
LocationSalzburg, AUT
Capacity3 200
Construction Year1960
Secondary ArenaOlympia-Eisstadion
A photo of arena: Volksgarten

RB Hockey Juniors Games

2024-03-05 Tue, 05 Mar 2024 18:15:00 GMT-Alps Hockey League
2024-02-24 Sat, 24 Feb 2024 18:30:00 GMT0 - 1Alps Hockey League
2024-02-22 Thu, 22 Feb 2024 18:30:00 GMT4 - 2Alps Hockey League
2024-02-17 Sat, 17 Feb 2024 18:15:00 GMT7 - 0Alps Hockey League
2024-02-15 Thu, 15 Feb 2024 19:00:00 GMT2 - 1Alps Hockey League
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RB Hockey Juniors History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024AlpsHL30179-2211786571.93-Group info
2023-2024AlpsHL1045-102719161.63-Group infoInfo
2022-2023AlpsHL28138-529382511.825-Group info
2022-2023AlpsHL852-0134211621Semifinal lossGroup info
2022-2023Austria21261-324933262.171Final lossInfo
2021-2022AlpsHL321412-3311392511.597-Group info
2021-2022Austria21677-205442251.564Semifinal lossInfo
2021-2022AlpsHL851-023418232.881Eighth Final LossGroup infoInfo
2020-2021AlpsHL30169-05131100561.876Eighth Final LossInfo
2020-2021Austria21281-034420272.251Final lossInfo
2019-2020AlpsHL341512-2513590541.5911-Group info
2019-2020Austria2440-001781231ChampionGroup infoInfo
2019-2020AlpsHL1072-014031242.41Playoffs CancelledGroup infoInfo
2018-2019AlpsHL40266-4416997902.253Quarterfinal loss
2017-2018AlpsHL401915-42126110671.687Quarterfinal loss
2016-2017AlpsHL301015-328587381.2710-Group info
2016-2017AlpsHL852-012825192.382Did not make playoffsGroup infoInfo
2014-2015MHL561613-710177203721.299Did not make playoffsGroup info
2013-2014MHL562125-73151169811.45616th final lossGroup info

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'0"179 lbs19.15
2022-2023View roster6'0"181 lbs18.92
2021-2022View roster6'0"181 lbs19.24
2020-2021View roster6'0"181 lbs18.89
2019-2020View roster6'0"185 lbs19.70
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