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2014-2015 TPS Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S
Russia flagBulgaria flag
281996Ruse, BUL6'1"179L
Finland flag
311992Turku, FIN5'11"170L
Finland flag
401983Helsinki, FIN6'0"185L
Finland flag
271996Kaarina, FIN5'10"154L
Finland flag
271996Turku, FIN6'0"201L
Finland flag
291995Turku, FIN5'9"192R
Finland flag
301993Rauma, FIN6'2"194L
Canada flag
361987Richmond Hill, ON, CAN6'4"201R
Finland flag
301993Turku, FIN6'4"220L
Finland flag
281996Vantaa, FIN6'2"187L
Finland flag
431980Espoo, FIN5'11"183L
Finland flag
301994Turku, FIN6'0"196L
Czechia flag
411982Kolin, CZE6'0"183L
Czechia flag
361987Hradec Kralove, CZE6'2"198R
Czechia flag
281995Plzen, CZE6'4"209L
Finland flag
511972Turku, FIN5'10"194L
Finland flag
281995Raisio, FIN5'10"176R
Canada flag
331990Edenwold, SK, CAN6'0"187R
Finland flag
411982Laitila, FIN6'2"194R
Finland flag
331990Turku, FIN6'1"209L
Finland flag
331990Vantaa, FIN6'2"187L
Finland flag
291994Turku, FIN6'0"194L
Finland flag
391984Paimio, FIN6'1"203L
Hungary flagFinland flag
291994Alastaro, FIN5'9"165L
Lithuania flag
331990Elektrenai, LTU6'3"203R
USA flag
371987Lake Forest, CA, USA5'7"157R
Finland flag
291994Salo, FIN6'0"185L
Finland flag
341989Turku, FIN6'0"203L
Finland flag
281996Turku, FIN6'3"198R
Finland flag
291994Turku, FIN6'1"198L
Finland flag
321992Turku, FIN6'2"209L
Finland flag
271996Somero, FIN5'9"192L
Finland flag
421981Sonkajärvi, FIN6'2"207R
Finland flag
271996Nousiainen, FIN6'4"216L
Finland flagUSA flag
311992Chicago, IL, USA6'2"196R
Finland flag
291994Somero, FIN5'7"154L
Finland flag
331991Kokkola, FIN5'8"174R
Finland flag
281995Turku, FIN6'0"185L
Switzerland flagSlovakia flag
361987Presov, SVK6'0"196L
Czechia flag
371986Praha, CZE6'3"203L
Finland flag
341990Tampere, FIN5'10"165L
Finland flag
371986Hyvinkää, FIN6'2"198R
Finland flag
381985Rauma, FIN6'2"198L
Finland flag
381985Uusikaupunki, FIN5'9"172L
Finland flag
271996Turku, FIN6'3"209L
Finland flag
281995Vahto, FIN6'5"192L

2014-2015 TPS Staff

2014-2015 TPS Demographics

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TPS Facts

Plays inLiiga
Team colorsBlack + White

2014-2015 TPS Roster Facts

  • Finland flag35 players
  • Czechia flag4 players
  • Canada flag2 players
  • USA flag1 player
  • Switzerland flag1 player
  • Russia flag1 player
  • Lithuania flag1 player
  • Hungary flag1 player
ExperienceAffiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Gatorade Centerinformation
LocationTurku, FIN
Capacity11 820
Construction Year1990
A photo of arena: Gatorade Center

TPS Games

2024-03-08 Fri, 08 Mar 2024 16:30:00 GMT-Liiga
2024-03-02 Sat, 02 Mar 2024 14:00:00 GMT0 - 4Liiga
2024-02-28 Wed, 28 Feb 2024 16:30:00 GMT9 - 1Liiga
2024-02-25 Sun, 25 Feb 2024 13:00:00 GMT1 - 4Liiga
2024-02-23 Fri, 23 Feb 2024 16:30:00 GMT3 - 2 (OT 61:16)Liiga
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TPS History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2022-2023Liiga602121-108141140911.529Playoffs Qualifier loss
2021-2022Liiga602922-631511371021.74Final loss
2020-2021Liiga592714-7111651401061.83Final loss
2019-2020Liiga592237-58149185691.1711Did not make playoffs
2018-2019Liiga602920-561641521031.724Quarterfinal loss
2017-2018Liiga603015-781871471121.872Bronze game loss
2016-2017Liiga603014-881671231141.92Quarterfinal loss
2015-2016Liiga602322-69150152901.57Quarterfinal loss
2014-2015Liiga601732-38122172651.0813Did not make playoffs
2013-2014Liiga601231-611135197590.9813Did not make playoffs
2012-2013SM-liiga601228-812144181641.0713Did not make playoffs
2011-2012SM-liiga602130-63134180781.310Playoffs Qualifier loss
2010-2011SM-liiga601232-8813418660113Did not make playoffs
2008-2009SM-liiga582127-73133159801.3810Quarterfinal loss
2007-2008SM-liiga561827-29130164671.210Playoffs Qualifier loss
2006-2007SM-liiga562322-65167155861.547Playoffs Qualifier loss
2005-2006SM-liiga561423-118119135721.2910Playoffs Qualifier loss
2004-2005SM-liiga562216-810146142921.646Quarterfinal loss
2003-2004SM-liiga56301115--169112801.431Final loss
2002-2003SM-liiga5624266--1381385618Quarterfinal loss
2001-2002SM-liiga5631196--154111691.234Bronze game loss
1997-1998SM-liiga4830126--162111661.381Quarterfinal loss
1996-1997SM-liiga5032117--191105711.422Final loss
1995-1996SM-liiga5033125--216141711.422Final loss

TPS Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2022-2023Champions HL624-001323613Did not make playoffsGroup info
2021-2022Champions HL615-01101640.674Did not make playoffsGroup info
2019-2020Spengler Cup211-004631.52Semifinal lossGroup info
2018-2019Champions HL624-001521613Did not make playoffsGroup info
2017-2018Champions HL633-00121591.53Did not make playoffsGroup info
2016-2017Champions HL430-10153112.75116th final lossGroup info
2015-2016Champions HL420-1115992.251Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2014-2015Champions HL631-112112122216th final lossGroup infoInfo
2013-2014ET832-122322131.632Did not make playoffsGroup info
2012-2013ET833-111817121.54Did not make playoffsGroup info
2011-2012ET823-211920111.384Did not make playoffsGroup info
2010-2011ET842-112525151.884Quarterfinal lossGroup info
2002-2003Spengler Cup412-01131630.754Did not make playoffs
2001-2002Spengler Cup422-001413413Did not make playoffs
1999-2000Euro HL641-102213142.332Bronze game winGroup info
1997-1998Euro HL604-11101930.54Did not make playoffsGroup info
1996-1997Euro HL6501--206111.831ChampionGroup info
1995-1996European Cup3021--91210.334-Group info
1994-1995European Cup3201--12451.672Bronze game winGroup info
1993-1994European Cup3201--24551.671PromotedGroup info
1993-1994European Cup3210--15841.331ChampionGroup info
1991-1992European Cup3120--131120.673-Group info
1990-1991European Cup3300--115621PromotedGroup info
1990-1991European Cup3210--1110--3Bronze game winGroup info
1989-1990European Cup3210--12841.332PromotedGroup info
1989-1990European Cup3120--91020.673Final groupGroup info
1976-1977European Cup4211--2015--3Semifinal loss
1971-1972Expolaris Cup5140--142820.45-
1971-1972TuT Pokal5311--231671.43-
1955-1956Suomen Cup----------1-

Where Are They Now?

Played in the team during season

Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster6'0"187 lbs24.77
2022-2023View roster6'0"187 lbs24.81
2021-2022View roster6'1"192 lbs23.90
2020-2021View roster6'1"192 lbs24.31
2019-2020View roster6'0"192 lbs26.24
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