Juha Juujärvi

Tappara U20 / Jr. A SM-liiga - 18/19

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Coaching junior hockey
Juujärvi started coaching in the Kärpät junior organization in 1997-98 as an assistant coach for the U14 team. His first head coaching position was with the Kärpät U13 team in 1998-99. Moving up to the head coaching position of the Kärpät U16 team, his team won silver medals in 1999-00. From Kärpät, he moved to the Tappara junior organization. At the helm of the Tappara U20s, the team was crowned Jr. A SM-liiga champion in 2003-04. Juujärvi returned to Tappara U20s in 2017.

Coaching in the pro ranks
After his first stint with Tappara, Juujärvi moved to coach LeKi, a Suomi-sarja promotee, in its inaugural season in Mestis. Finishing in the fifth place in the 2007-08 regular season, his work with LeKi earned him a position as an assistant coach with Ilves in 2008-09. After three seasons in the Ilves organization, he moved to coach Mestis team KooKoo in early 2012. His stint with KooKoo proved successful, earning him a full range of medals: bronze, silver and gold. His time with KooKoo culminated in winning the Mestis championship in 2013-14 and securing the team a right to Liiga promotion. From KooKoo he returned to coach LeKi, developing among others the then 16-year-old Patrik Laine in 2014-15. After his latest stint with LeKi from 2014-15 to 2015-16, he worked as a Finnish Ice Hockey Association tutor coach before being hired to coach RoKi in February 2017.

Team Staff History
S Team League Role on Team Notes
1999-00 Kärpät U16 Jr. C SM-sarja Head Coach
2000-01 Kärpät U16 Jr. C SM-sarja Head Coach
2001-02 Kärpät U18 Jr. B SM-sarja Head Coach
2002-03 Tappara U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
2003-04 Tappara U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
2004-05 Tappara U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
2005-06 Tappara U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
2006-07 Tappara Liiga Dir. of Player Development
2007-08 LeKi Mestis Head Coach
2008-09 Ilves Liiga Asst. Coach
2009-10 Ilves Liiga Asst. Coach
2010-11 Ilves U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
2011-12 KooKoo Mestis Head Coach Replaced Ismo Lehkonen in January
2012-13 KooKoo Mestis Head Coach
2013-14 KooKoo Mestis Head Coach
2014-15 LeKi Mestis Head Coach
2015-16 LeKi Mestis Head Coach
2016-17 RoKi Mestis Head Coach Succeeded Petteri Hirvonen in February
2017-18 Tappara U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
2018-19 Tappara U20 Jr. A SM-liiga Head Coach
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