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2008-2009 Villacher SV Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S
Austria flag
481976Friesach, AUT6'3"190L
Austria flag
331991Wien, AUT6'2"187L
Austria flag
381986Wien, AUT6'1"201L
Austria flag
331990Villach, AUT6'1"165L
Austria flag
341989Wien, AUT6'1"198L
Canada flagAustria flag
501974Calgary, AB, CAN6'0"185L
Canada flag
441980Ottawa, ON, CAN6'1"209R
Austria flag
391984Klagenfurt, AUT6'3"181L
Austria flag
431980Zell am See, AUT6'4"225L
Canada flag
461978Williams Lake, BC, CAN5'11"179R
Canada flag
481975Swift Current, SK, CAN6'3"212L
Slovenia flagAustria flag
361987Jesenice, SLO6'1"194L
Austria flag
341990Deutschlandsberg, AUT5'11"198R
Canada flagAustria flag
521972Calgary, AB, CAN6'2"207L
Austria flag
331990Villach, AUT6'5"216L
USA flag
441980Springfield, MA, USA6'2"196R
Austria flag
331991Villach, AUT6'0"187L
Canada flag
411983Ste-Marie-de-Beauce, QC, CAN6'2"207R
Austria flag
351989Villach, AUT5'7"150L
Austria flag
421981Spittal an der Drau, AUT5'7"181L
Austria flag
331990Lienz, AUT5'11"181L
Austria flag
531970Villach, AUT5'9"187L
Austria flag
521972Villach, AUT6'2"194R
Canada flag
431981Lloydminster, SK, CAN6'1"203L
Austria flag
341989Villach, AUT5'10"179R
Canada flag
391985Sorel, QC, CAN5'10"194R
Austria flag
431980Lustenau, AUT5'11"183L
Austria flag
351988Villach, AUT6'1"203R
Austria flag
401984Villach, AUT5'10"187L
Austria flag
351988Villach, AUT6'0"205L
Austria flag
381986Villach, AUT6'4"234L
Austria flag
351988Klagenfurt, AUT5'8"172L

2008-2009 Villacher SV Staff

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2008-2009 Villacher SV Captains

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2008-2009 Villacher SV Demographics

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Villacher SV Facts

Plays in
win2day ICE Hockey League
Team Colors
Blue + White
Villach, AUTMap

2008-2009 Villacher SV Roster Facts

  • Austria flag22 players
  • Canada flag8 players
  • USA flag1 player
  • Slovenia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Villacher Stadthalle
Villach, AUT
4 500
Construction Year
A photo of arena: Villacher Stadthalle

Villacher SV Games

date home visiting score league
03/11/2024 06:45 PM UTCHC BolzanoHC BolzanoVillacher SVVillacher SV2 - 1 ICEHL
03/09/2024 06:30 PM UTCVillacher SVVillacher SVHC BolzanoHC Bolzano6 - 1 ICEHL
03/07/2024 06:30 PM UTCHC BolzanoHC BolzanoVillacher SVVillacher SV6 - 1 ICEHL
03/05/2024 06:15 PM UTCVillacher SVVillacher SVHC BolzanoHC Bolzano2 - 4 ICEHL
03/03/2024 05:00 PM UTCHC BolzanoHC BolzanoVillacher SVVillacher SV5 - 2 ICEHL
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Villacher SV History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024ICEHL482217-54160139801.676Quarterfinal loss
2022-2023ICEHL482716-41178147901.884Quarterfinal loss
2021-2022ICEHL472414-63180147871.852Semifinal loss
2020-2021ICEHL1053-2038302023Quarterfinal lossGroup info
ICEHL40922-5493135411.0310-Group info
2019-2020EBEL1043-213027252.51Playoffs CancelledGroup infoInfo
EBEL401715-53122109641.66-Group info
2018-2019EBEL844-001818121.54Did not make playoffsGroup info
EBEL44829-52110158360.8211-Group info
2017-2018EBEL1035-112536121.25Did not make playoffsGroup info
EBEL441424-24112146501.1411-Group info
2016-2017EBEL1036-103537171.74Did not make playoffsGroup infoInfo
EBEL441518-65136133621.417-Group info
2015-2016EBEL1080-023415323.21Semifinal lossGroup infoInfo
EBEL442116-25120106721.647-Group info
2014-2015EBEL1006-04112960.66Quarterfinal lossGroup infoInfo
EBEL442217-41132119531.23-Group info
2013-2014EBEL1034-1231351015Semifinal lossGroup info
EBEL442316-32164139541.236-Group info
2012-2013EBEL1026-11213380.86Quarterfinal lossGroup infoInfo
EBEL442314-34171138561.274-Group info
2011-2012EBEL844-001618111.383Did not make playoffsGroup infoInfo
EBEL401519-60112101421.057-Group info
2010-2011EBEL542620-35180167631.174Semifinal loss
2009-2010EBEL542423-52162174601.115Quarterfinal loss
2008-2009EBEL542618-55183153671.244Quarterfinal loss
2007-2008EBEL1026-11294370.75Quarterfinal lossGroup info
EBEL361818-46109109421.176-Group info
2006-2007EBEL563014-48205161761.362Final lossInfo

Villacher SV Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2022-2023Champions HL615-00102630.54Did not make playoffsGroup info
2014-2015Champions HL624-001123613Did not make playoffsGroup info
2002-2003Cont Cup3012--71120.674-Group info
2000-2001Cont Cup3030--614004-Group info
1999-2000Euro HL622-202521101.673Did not make playoffsGroup info
1993-1994European Cup3120--181220.673-Group info
1992-1993European Cup3030--510004-Group info
European Cup2200--104421PromotedGroup info
1981-1982European Cup2011--67--13Eighth Final LossGroup info

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