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2023-2024 Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Russia flag
202003Kirov, RUS6'0"159-23/24
Russia flag
202003Arzamas, RUS5'10"154-25/26
Russia flag
182005Askino, RUS5'10"154L
Russia flag
212003Perm, RUS5'10"143RTry-out
Russia flag
202003Kirov, RUS6'0"163-23/24
Russia flag
202004Magnitogorsk, RUS5'9"150L
Russia flag
212003Luza, RUS5'10"165-Try-out
Russia flag
202003Perm, RUS5'11"165L23/24
Russia flag
Russia flag
212003St. Petersburg, RUS6'2"174R23/24
Russia flag
202003Kirov, RUS5'11"163-23/24
Russia flag
212003Kirovo-Chepetsk, RUS5'9"159-23/24
Russia flag
212003Perm, RUS5'11"172L24/25
Russia flag
212003Ukhta, RUS5'11"172L23/24
Russia flag
202004Moskva, RUS5'11"170L
Russia flag
212003Novopolotsk, BLR6'2"190RTry-out
Russia flag
212003Moskva, RUS6'2"170L
Russia flag
212003Moskva, RUS5'11"170L23/24
Russia flag
202003Voskresensk, RUS6'0"190L
Russia flag
202003Kirov, RUS5'6"146L23/24
Russia flag
212003Chelyabinsk, RUS5'10"161L23/24
Russia flag
212003Moskva, RUS5'10"159RTry-out
Russia flag
192004Kazan, RUS5'9"143L25/26
Russia flagUkraine flag
212003Donetsk, UKR5'11"168R23/24
Russia flag
212003Penza, RUS5'11"174L23/24
Russia flag
202003Kirov, RUS5'8"148-25/26
Russia flag
212003Kirov, RUS5'10"154-25/26
Russia flag
192004Naberezhnye Chelny, RUS5'11"172R
Russia flag
202003Inta, RUS5'9"154-23/24
Russia flag
212003Chelyabinsk, RUS6'2"181LTry-out
Russia flag
192005Kirovo-Chepetsk, RUS6'0"179L

2023-2024 Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Staff

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2023-2024 Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Demographics

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Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Facts

Plays in
Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga
Team Colors
Kirovo-Chepetsk, RUSMap

2023-2024 Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Roster Facts

  • Russia flag31 players
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Arena Information

Arena Name
1 800
Construction Year
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Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Games

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Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2023-2024NMHL44316-5216275741.681Conference SF lossGroup infoInfo
2022-2023NMHL40298-1216382621.552Semifinal lossGroup infoInfo
2021-2022NMHL401914-43102105491.235Conference QF lossGroup info
2019-2020NMHL481236-4595165290.67Did not make playoffs
2015-2016MHL44432-3591226230.528Did not make playoffsGroup info
2014-2015MHL541128-691472045419Did not make playoffsGroup info
2013-2014MHL561237-34126228460.82816th final lossGroup info
2012-2013MHL B44308-42159831002.272Bronze game lossGroup infoInfo
2011-2012MHL601539-24153269530.8815Did not make playoffsGroup info
2010-2011MHL531134-17122201420.7912Did not make playoffsGroup info
2008-2009Russia324127-41897614464Conference QF lossGroup info
Russia3562818-55185167991.775-Group info
2007-2008Russia324513-337210814465Conference QF lossGroup info
Russia3563612-442421461202.144-Group info
2006-2007Russia2521133811101188430.8312Did not make playoffsGroup info
2005-2006Russia25664061377185290.5215Did not make playoffsGroup info
2004-2005Russia25273941181190280.5414Did not make playoffsGroup info
2003-2004Russia2602029911125130721.211Did not make playoffsGroup info
2002-2003Russia2481322634101142551.1510Did not make playoffsGroup info
2001-2002Russia25683841598206350.6314Did not make playoffsGroup info
2000-2001Russia344338-21227901022.322-Group info
1998-1999Russia216853--4643191.192Did not make playoffsGroup info
Russia23241810--86122180.569Did not make playoffsGroup info
1997-1998Russia2247161--5280150.636-Group info
Russia2329194--85107220.696-Group info
1996-1997Russia25231138--182120701.352-Group info
Russia2321994--11582421.314-Group info

Olimpiya Kirovo-Chepetsk Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
2000-2001Russia320173-009539512.551Final lossGroup info

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