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2023-2024 SC Csíkszereda Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S CTRCT
Romania flagHungary flag
271996Miercurea Ciuc, ROM5'11"190L24/25
Romania flagHungary flag
232001Gheorgheni, ROM5'11"159L24/25
Canada flag
321992Toronto, ON, CAN6'6"205L24/25
Romania flag
Russia flagRomania flag
222002Chelyabinsk, RUS6'3"176L23/24
Romania flag
212003Miercurea Ciuc, ROM6'1"187R24/25
Romania flagHungary flag
251998Gheorgheni, ROM6'0"194R24/25
Romania flag
291995Miercurea Ciuc, ROM6'0"176L24/25
Czechia flag
361988Usti nad Labem, CZE6'0"187L24/25
Romania flagHungary flag
281996Miercurea Ciuc, ROM6'7"220L24/25
Canada flag
321992Edmonton, AB, CAN6'2"216R23/24
Romania flagHungary flag
301994Miercurea Ciuc, ROM5'11"176L24/25
Canada flag
321991Fort St. John, BC, CAN6'6"231L23/24
Hungary flagRomania flag
331990Lazarea, ROM6'1"203R25/26
Canada flag
241999Newmarket, ON, CAN6'1"194R24/25
Romania flagHungary flag
242000Miercurea Ciuc, ROM6'1"227L23/24
Romania flagHungary flag
331990Miercurea Ciuc, ROM5'7"176L23/24
Israel flagCanada flag
241999Tel Aviv, ISR6'0"192L23/24
USA flag
281996Fowlerville, MI, USA6'1"205R
Romania flagHungary flag
271996Miercurea Ciuc, ROM5'11"176L24/25
Hungary flagRomania flag
291995Miercurea Ciuc, ROM5'10"194R23/24
Romania flagHungary flag
261997Miercurea Ciuc, ROM5'10"170R24/25
Romania flagHungary flag
281996Gheorgheni, ROM5'10"172L24/25
Romania flagHungary flag
261998Gheorgheni, ROM6'1"185L24/25
Romania flagRussia flag
401984Moskva, RUS6'0"198L24/25
Hungary flagRomania flag
361988Miercurea Ciuc, ROM6'2"209L24/25
Slovenia flag
Canada flag
361988Bayfield, ON, CAN6'3"209L23/24

2023-2024 SC Csíkszereda Staff

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2023-2024 SC Csíkszereda Demographics

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SC Csíkszereda Facts

Plays in
Erste Liga
Team Colors
Miercurea-Ciuc, ROMMap

2023-2024 SC Csíkszereda Roster Facts

  • Romania flag15 players
  • Canada flag5 players
  • Hungary flag3 players
  • USA flag1 player
  • Slovenia flag1 player
  • Russia flag1 player
  • Israel flag1 player
  • Czechia flag1 player
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Vákár Lajos
Miercurea Ciuc
4 000
Construction Year
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SC Csíkszereda Games

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SC Csíkszereda History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
SC Csíkszereda
2023-2024Romania28235-0017954692.461Final loss
Erste Liga442114-36160139721.645Semifinal loss
2022-2023Romania650-103611172.831Did not make playoffsGroup infoInfo
Romania28189-10158975625QualificationGroup info
Erste Liga361312-65133124561.566Quarterfinal loss
Erste Liga40275-35195110922.31Champion
2020-2021Romania24165-1221362522.173Final lossInfo
Erste Liga362412-32171121711.973Champion
Erste Liga816-012029101.255ChampionGroup info
Erste Liga36315-5117594892.471-Group info
2018-2019Romania35246-3233180802.293Bronze game win
Erste Liga825-101923111.384Final lossGroup info
Erste Liga40268-42179115882.22Clinched Play-Off SpotGroup info
Erste Liga844-0030281622Semifinal lossGroup info
Erste Liga321512-23115101521.635-Group info
2016-2017Romania30208-1120366632.12Final loss
MOL Liga40828-1394185290.7311Did not make playoffs
2015-2016Romania40287-41304101932.331Final loss
MOL Liga481423-65133166591.237Did not make playoffs
HSC Csíkszereda
2014-2015Romania1072-107521232.33Placement game winGroup infoInfo
MOL Liga42429945101182250.68Did not make playoffs
2013-2014Romania-----------Final lossInfo
MOL Liga482019972140144761.585Did not make playoffs
2012-2013Romania121011018731312.581ChampionGroup info
MOL Liga482515835155140861.793Final loss
2011-2012Romania1072-105127232.31ChampionGroup info
MOL Liga35254-2416976832.371Semifinal loss

SC Csíkszereda Tournament Statistics

season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
SC Csíkszereda
2022-2023Cont Cup321-00116622-Group info
2020-2021Cont Cup000-00000--Tournament CancelledGroup infoInfo
HSC Csíkszereda
2013-2014Cont Cup311-014641.333-Group info
2012-2013Cont Cup303-0029004-Group info
Cont Cup220-00210631PromotedGroup info
2011-2012Cont Cup312-00914313-Group info
2010-2011Cont Cup303-00818004-Group info
Cont Cup321-001411621PromotedGroup info
SC Csíkszereda
2009-2010Cont Cup321-00196622-Group info
2008-2009Cont Cup321-00216622-Group info
2007-2008Cont Cup302-0151610.334-Group info
Cont Cup330-00317931PromotedGroup info
SC Miercurea Ciuc
2004-2005Cont Cup3030--634004-Group info
Cont Cup1100--172221PromotedGroup info
2003-2004Cont Cup3210--23541.332-Group info
2001-2002Cont Cup3030--913004-Group info
2000-2001Cont Cup3120--81420.673-Group info
1999-2000Cont Cup3030--430004-Group info
Cont Cup3300--435621PromotedGroup info
1998-1999Cont Cup3120--92020.674-Group info
Cont Cup3300--523621PromotedGroup info
1997-1998Cont Cup3030--420004-Group info
Cont Cup3300--223621PromotedGroup info
1995-1996Fed-Cup00-0-0000-1PromotedGroup info
Fed-Cup2020--420004Bronze game lossGroup info
1994-1995Fed-Cup2020--626004Bronze game lossGroup info

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