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2011-2012 HK Jesenice Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S
Czechia flag
421982Most, CZE6'0"179L
Slovenia flagCroatia flag
371987Ljubljana, SLO6'2"196L
Slovenia flag
321992Ljubljana, SLO6'4"203L
USA flag
371987Warren, MI, USA6'1"170L
Slovenia flag
351989Jesenice, SLO6'0"194R
Sweden flag
391984Malmö, SWE6'1"194L
Slovenia flag
351988Jesenice, SLO5'10"179R
Slovenia flag
341990Celje, SLO5'11"192R
Slovenia flag
331991Jesenice, SLO6'0"203R
Slovenia flag
281995Jesenice, SLO6'0"185L
Sweden flag
451979Kista, SWE6'2"198L
Slovenia flag
371986Bled, SLO5'11"181R
Slovenia flag
331991Jesenice, SLO6'0"192R
Slovenia flag
401984Jesenice, SLO6'1"198L
Slovenia flag
361988Jesenice, SLO6'0"176L
Czechia flag
381985Most, CZE6'4"209L
Slovenia flag
Slovenia flag
351989Kranj, SLO6'0"179L
Slovakia flag
341989Banska Bystrica, SVK6'2"220L
Slovenia flag
331990Kranj, SLO5'10"174L
Sweden flag
401983Piteå, SWE5'10"185L
Slovenia flag
371987Jesenice, SLO5'11"172L
Slovenia flag
341990Jesenice, SLO6'0"194R
Slovenia flag
441980Jesenice, SLO6'0"181R
Slovenia flag
311993Jesenice, SLO5'10"172L
Slovakia flag
421981Poprad, SVK5'9"196R
USA flag
371986Clinton Township, MI, USA5'11"181L
Slovenia flag
321991Kranj, SLO5'9"176R
Slovenia flag
321991Mojstrana, SLO5'8"159L
Slovenia flag
401983Bled, SLO5'10"179L
Sweden flag
371986Trelleborg, SWE6'2"207L
Finland flag
351988Käppäselkä, RUS5'9"185L
USA flag
401984Alexandria, VA, USA5'9"174L
Slovenia flag
321991Jesenice, SLO6'3"214R
Slovenia flag
321992Kranj, SLO6'3"194L
Slovenia flag
321992Mojstrana, SLO6'0"192L
Slovenia flag
351989Jesenice, SLO5'9"192L

2011-2012 HK Jesenice Staff

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2011-2012 HK Jesenice Demographics

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HK Jesenice Facts

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Red + White

2011-2012 HK Jesenice Roster Facts

  • Slovenia flag25 players
  • Sweden flag4 players
  • USA flag3 players
  • Slovakia flag2 players
  • Czechia flag2 players
  • Finland flag1 player
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    Arena Information

    Arena Name
    Dvorana Podmezakla
    5 800
    Construction Year
    A photo of arena: Dvorana Podmezakla

    HK Jesenice Games

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    HK Jesenice History and Standings

    season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2011-2012EBEL825-10193360.755Did not make playoffsGroup info
    Slovenia000-00000--Final lossInfo
    EBEL40624-3782146250.6311-Group info
    2010-2011Slovenia440-003341231ChampionGroup info
    EBEL541825-29161196490.9110Did not make playoffs
    2009-2010Slovenia430001154102.51ChampionGroup info
    EBEL541031-67148205390.729Did not make playoffs
    EBEL542124-361791975416Quarterfinal loss
    2007-2008EBEL1017-11244760.66Quarterfinal lossGroup infoInfo
    EBEL361311-8410094461.284-Group info
    2006-2007EBEL562423-54194192621.115Did not make playoffsInfo
    2005-2006Slovenia101000--11192021-Group info
    Slovenia12921--6525252.081ChampionGroup info
    2004-2005Slovenia121002--7121282.331ChampionGroup info
    Slovenia8620--4414121.53Final groupGroup info
    2003-2004Slovenia6312--2314101.673Placement game winGroup info
    Slovenia4121--5730.753Final groupGroup info
    IEL16590114143181.138Final loss
    2002-2003Slovenia12840--4329201.672Final lossGroup info
    Slovenia141220--10920241.713Final groupGroup info
    IEL161230016832372.312Final loss
    2001-2002Slovenia6510--239162.672Final lossGroup info
    Slovenia141112--13122241.712Final groupGroup info
    IEL14830036344271.934Bronze game win
    2000-2001Slovenia6501--3116172.831ChampionGroup info
    Slovenia141211--11422251.792Final groupGroup info

    HK Jesenice Tournament Statistics

    season tournament GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
    2005-2006Cont Cup3120--8620.673-Group info
    2002-2003Cont Cup3120--5720.673-Group info
    Cont Cup3201--36551.671PromotedGroup info
    2001-2002Cont Cup3111--611313-Group info
    Cont Cup3300--155621PromotedGroup info
    2000-2001Cont Cup3120--111620.673-Group info
    1999-2000Cont Cup3120--211020.673-Group info
    1997-1998Cont Cup2110--75212-Group info
    1995-1996Fed-Cup2110--912213Bronze game winGroup info
    Fed-Cup1100--54221PromotedGroup info
    1994-1995European Cup3120--92620.673-Group info
    European Cup3300--177621PromotedGroup info
    1993-1994European Cup3021--52010.334-Group info
    European Cup3210--191141.332PromotedGroup info
    1992-1993European Cup2110--1115212-Group info
    1988-1989European Cup3030--320004-Group info
    European Cup2200--116--1PromotedGroup info
    1987-1988European Cup3030--516004-Group info
    1985-1986European Cup2020--717--13Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    European Cup2200--159--1PromotedGroup info
    1982-1983European Cup2020--715--12Quarterfinal lossGroup info
    1981-1982European Cup2020--513--17Eighth Final LossGroup info
    1978-1979European Cup2020--1122--1716th final lossGroup info
    1977-1978European Cup2011--812--12First round loss
    1973-1974European Cup2020--614--1316th final loss
    1971-1972European Cup4220--1524--7Eighth Final Loss
    1970-1971European Cup4220--2817--9Eighth Final Loss
    1969-1970European Cup2110--612--1316th final loss
    1968-1969European Cup2020--711--1216th final loss
    1967-1968European Cup6411--3121--6Quarterfinal loss

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