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2017-2018 SK Riga 16 Roster

# N Player ASCA Born Birthplace HT WT S
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT5'11"161L
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'1"163L
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'1"179L
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT5'11"168L
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'3"183R
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT6'0"176L
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT5'11"190L
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT6'4"212L
Latvia flag
232001Riga, LAT6'0"170L
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'1"192L
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT5'6"165L
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT5'11"176L
Latvia flag
232001Riga, LAT5'9"185L
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'0"185L
Latvia flag
222002Daugavpils, LAT6'0"172R
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'1"205R
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'2"183L
Latvia flag
232001Riga, LAT6'3"194L
Latvia flag
222002Riga, LAT6'0"165L
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT5'11"157L
Latvia flag
222002Ogre, LAT6'0"187R
Latvia flag
212002Riga, LAT6'0"183R

2017-2018 SK Riga 16 Staff

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2017-2018 SK Riga 16 Demographics

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HS Riga 16 Facts

Plays in
Latvia U17
Team Colors

2017-2018 SK Riga 16 Roster Facts

  • Latvia flag31 players
Affiliated Team(s)

Arena Information

Arena Name
Rigas Sergeja Zoltoka vidusskolas ledus halle
Construction Year
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HS Riga 16 Games

date home visiting score league
03/16/2024 12:20 PM UTCKJT Haukat U16KJT Haukat U16HS Riga 16HS Riga 165 - 3 U16 SM-sarja
03/15/2024 03:20 PM UTCKJT Haukat U16KJT Haukat U16HS Riga 16HS Riga 164 - 1 U16 SM-sarja
03/03/2024 01:35 PM UTCKiekko-Espoo U16Kiekko-Espoo U16HS Riga 16HS Riga 166 - 2 U16 SM-sarja
03/02/2024 11:00 AM UTCHIFK U16HIFK U16HS Riga 16HS Riga 162 - 1 U16 SM-sarja
03/01/2024 04:30 PM UTCJokerit U16Jokerit U16HS Riga 16HS Riga 164 - 3 U16 SM-sarja
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HS Riga 16 History and Standings

season league GP W L T OTW OTL GF GA PTS PPG rank postseason
HS Riga 16
2023-2024Latvia U17-----------Champion
U16 SM-sarja------------Group info
2022-2023U16 SM-sarja330-00174931PromotedGroup info
U16 Mestis21210-00179246331PromotedGroup info
U16 SM-sarja1675-406150291.815-Group info
Latvia U17------------
SK Riga 16
2021-2022Latvia U17------------
Russia U1632229-013412170.229-Group info
2020-2021Latvia U17------------
2019-2020Latvia U17------------
Russia U1628915-2287115331.186-Group info
2018-2019Russia U16615-00182730.54-Group info
Russia U1620315-024683110.556-Group info
Russia U161173-0153302224-Group info
2017-2018Latvia U1830215-3113867702.333Semifinal loss
Russia U1619136-0011644392.055-Group info
2016-2017Latvia U1828252-1019048772.751-
Russia U16281111-429486431.545-Group info
2015-2016Latvia U1824157-1198584822No playoffs held
Russia U162812133--7977270.966-Group info
2014-2015Latvia U1824193-0212658592.461Champion
Russia U163620133--168121431.195-Group info
2013-2014Russia U163615183--11999330.927-Group info
2012-2013Latvia U1820152-1210546492.451Champion
2011-2012Latvia U1818106-118885211.172-Group info
Latvia U1820144-1113769452.252-Group info

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Average Height, Weight, Age Per Season

2023-2024View roster5'10"150 lbs15.52
2022-2023View roster5'10"150 lbs15.31
2021-2022View roster6'0"172 lbs15.70
2019-2020View roster5'11"168 lbs15.58
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